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MisterXmedia Carnival of Leaks. August 15th, 2014. Ray-tracing is in Halo 5, despite a lack of credible proof. Poor Ryan at IGN and more power coming soon!

I know that I just posted a Carnival of Leaks this morning, but we never truly know when MisterXmedia's fingers have the urge to spew some bullshit.  It just sort of happens and I normally post it as soon as I see it.  I did hold off on the recent one due to Gamescom, but that was a special scenario.  Anywhoo.  Here is his latest fountain of steaming fecal matter.  Enjoy!

Insider Daily. Why future GPUs will need less ROPs. The evolution of the GPU in one simple example
09 August 2014 - 13 August 2014

Part 40. Why future GPUs will need less ROPs. The evolution of the GPU in one simple example.
by Insider

Insider: Also inregards to mrc new post.. the problem with the industry and the hardware cycle. Software was all ways going to be catching up. So many examples of Pacific names. Things are bound to get confusing especially when other companies get purchased or dissolved. The reason ms never targeted the highest end of gpu. Is they didn't need to. They know the problem with graphic stacks memory bandwidth off load and logic fpga and they also have mulit contractual obligations and agreements with vendors. xbox one was designed not for today but tomorrows problems. There is a licence agreement that has hold xbox up from launch world wide and it had nothing to do with kinect.

Oh, thank you for that enlightening information. There is a global licencing agreement keeping the console from being sold worldwide until September of this year? Lemme guess, that licencing agreement is under NDA though since no one has ever heard of it?

Smart people know that soon as kinect was out of the box they could have lauched the next day ... but the problem lies with in a licensing agreement.. you dont go to the trouble of nda on this level and have different levels of access to the point of some devs getting 720p while other games are clearly 1080p and with 20x the lod. 7 million x1 is better then zero and sony with 12 million. The hold up is to do with fab design specifics.You may be able to ship the product but you will not be able to use the Pacific part . Hence gating off.. but you have hit the nail on the head with reprogrammed logic and pim. There is still more unknowns due to fpga and programmable logic. People also forget what dark silicone in tails when it comes to gatting up.. or unlocking and reprogramming hardware at a silicone level.

There is absolutely ZERO credible evidence that Microsoft are gating off any part of the Xbox One console. NONE. Not one shred. It is all hearsay on your part and your 'evidence' is just you saying so while linking some slides that were never confirmed by anyone other than you, or mistercteam and even you two clowns are GUESSING.

I think an easy way to explain this to none technical peoples.. 

Just think of 50 or so containers. :) now think what if we can only fill say 10 containers, at this time Because we only had access to 10.. we have been using these 10 so we know how much we can fill them we have got good at it. Were filling them getting every use from them. Then one day we get another 10 then another ten but the same way we fill them has become to time consuming there is to many constraints /stalling / leaks in memory. . What if we didn't have to fill them separately. What if we had them fill them salves. So we have 20 fillling over there in the slower stream (ddr)cpus/gpus/fpga/rpl and then say we have another 18 filling over there filling ( axi bridge )fpga/rpl/ then the the last 12 filling in the (esram) gpu/cpu/fpga/pim/rpl suddenly we have total control of where the data is streaming. We get that good because we know were everything is. Then we find that the axi and esram is faster we can get 4 x the amount done while ddr fills up. Were not stalling were not memory leaking. There is no confusion no constraint. So we move the contents that is needed first to the fastest containers first by doing this smart approach and think through the logic programing were stuff is needed first we never get a problem.. we call this method basic optimization dx12. Now say we only had 16 rops and we were having problems getting our target render texture out puts..meaning our quality of pixel and maximum fill rate was not going to look good @1080p. But our system is running really good so good we have spare cycles or spare compute shaders and we are not bandwidth bound no leaks or stalling. We have over head so now we can fill a rgba32f or rgba64f pixel format @1080p because we can bypass or parallel. Cu and rops. Not only that 50 of these containers can be reprogrammed for specific tasks. So if your games is lod or lighting bound or you wanted to raytrace voxels just knowing your system and what data needs to go where is key... not the best analogy but this is about as basic as I can think and even then its still based on basics. :) but it also explains how things are achieved on a complex system. We cant really bring in upgating or clock gating spu cu . Acceleration and accelerators pim/data move engines. But I sure some body will get the basic idea of learning optimization.

CALLING the900number? care to dig into this?

MIsterx: How many "containers" devs have without DX12 standart optimization? 10?

Insider: 12 + 4 + 0 - 50 :)

sebbbi: More ROPs benefit ROP bound shaders. Usually pixel shaders that are very simple are ROP bound. Good examples are shadow map rendering, simple particle rendering (to a 32 bpp render target), simple foliage rendering, UI element blitting, etc.
Any alpha blending to (HDR) 64 bpp or higher bit depth render target is always bandwidth bound on all modern GPUs (including Titan and R9 290X). HDR blending is thus never ROP bound. Output to a 64 bpp render target (or MRT) with z-buffering tends to be also BW bound before it is ROP bound, assuming the shader reads some textures. Obviously these kind of shaders can be TMU (texture filtering / cache) or ALU (math) bound instead of BW / ROP bound. Or bound by some other parts of the GPU pipeline.
Modern GPUs are never ROP bound on 2d image processing operations (such as lighting or post processing), because compute shaders do not use ROPs. Obviously many launch window games still use modified old engines or need backwards compatibility and thus still use pixel shaders for post processing and lighting. Simple blur kernels for example can be ROP bound when executed as a pixel shader (compute shader is much faster for blur kernels for various reasons, but old code still exists).

@josefajardo: COMPUTE is free of ROPS... new engines, engines that do most of the post processing using compute and less with ROP's, is where XB1 will excel.

Misterx: To summarize it COMPUTE shaders could do wonders and they don't need much ROPs.
Halo 5 - raytraced look armor that are calculated on thouse 50 containers insider tell above ...

As we've established here when MisterCteam came over pretending to be AngryJ there is absolutely NO real evidence to support the idea that there is ray-tracing being used in Halo 5. Again, ZERO. It is all claims by you and MisterC saying it looks like ray-tracing. That is the extent of it. You are building a lie based on something that is hearsay at BEST.

50 MCUs on Xbox One...a stacked part with HBM memory...+ more

Not according to Albert.....TWICE.

Is it a dGPU/stacked GPU? NO.

You spent 6+ months saying it WAS.  Moving the goal posts much?
Is this stacked part involved in rendering and do tasks older non DX12 GPUs do? YES, it calcs shaders and do post-processing too. But can do much more if re-programmed. Every game will deside how to use thouse re-programmable units.

Could had we called it as GPU if it part of rendering pipeline 1 year ago?  The time when there were so little info on this 2014+ tech...


/end of part 40

Insider: I feel sorry for ryan @ ign... clearly the troll attacks have got to him over the last 12 months.. ryan has allways been the xbox voice of ign. I bet deep down he knows what this means a tomb rader with better gfx then uncharted 4. My advice is play along ryan it wont be long. .. I dont forget sony purchasing bloodborn. Deep down. I guess he forgot .. ms played nice now that sony has gone out of there way to attack xbox and start a troll tsunami on the Internet by money hating the industry.. bulling and even death threats its an appalling staight of affairs. . The industry needs ms to step there game up .. notice the dude bro element returning to ms ethics play ruff but play civil. Iv learnt something from people on this blog question every thing look for answers never be spoon feed and stick together as mates. We would never have gone out of our way to attack inless we were all faced with negative trolls but most of all violent bulling. Nothing wrong with humor. But sdf take this to a whole new level... I don't care if ryse is on ps4 and @ 10k the fact I enjoyed it on xbox one @ launch and did not have to wait 12 months.. remasted lloll :) :) but ill be enjoying qb/tr/sb/hmcc/h5/ssod/aw/fh2/fabel/ you get the point and yes I do have a ps4 wiiu because of there exclusives.. gaming is for life.. but id take x1 and wiiu people any day when it comes to fanboys there much more humble and can use there heads ... rant over

Insider: Thats ridiculous 2 hours for 49gb download .. I wonder is sony timing the download in that to :)
But honestly not a single real time demo was had... and ready at dawn. Looks like the last of us.. don't ride the ryse on ps4 not happening just yet.. :(
Mrx I wonder why microsoft didn't show 1st party or second party.. dx12 axibridge...i told you the next sdk is big big news ... id wait 3 months more for the extra good stuff.. sony have nothing left to show. They have announced all there first party stuff now.. tgs GAMEON ... e3 next year those sales will be past parity. .

What in the blimey hell are you talking about? There are still about 5-6 studios from Sony that we have no clue what they are working on. Sony has showed everything? Are you serious?

Insider: You said: "Tomb rader rg will use a halo5 modified engine.. Xbox does rt lighting better .."

This is absolute fiction at this point. You are just throwing that out there based on nothing. Why would they not use the Modified Crystal Engine that they used for Tomb Raider Definitive Edition?  You do not know which engine they are using anymore than I can reasonably assume they would use the same modified cyrstal engine.
PS4 does some sort of raytracing too on its 1.8TF?

Insider: Xbox one can do a lot of things ps4 will not be able to do.. but these effects gfx elerments take time.. as learning new streamin and parallel computing offload. Most middle ware companies still haven't moved over to learning the xbox one architectures.
There all into testing esram and sharing what works best and balancing the architectures..
Ps4 will be able to voxel ray path. And it was used in killzone 4 for lighting... but your going to find it used flat shading and sub surface scattering but the game never took it to the shader/ pixel level.
Im still shocked to think that drive club is still not released ... there trying to complete with forza 5 and horizon 2 ... but there going to run into cross game development when gt comes around. Then when forza 6 comes around your going to really see a gfx jump and the way we play the game. Forza 6 will have had a 3 year cycle..
Sony is trying to find development time by spoon feeding trailers. There doing well with sales but there in a lot more countries.. the megatons are coming. Ms have a lot of I.p in the work we will start to see years end. But ms all ways shows games that are soon to release .. halo5 is showing gamers the development cycle and providing that x1 is more powerful. There also heavily invested.

Insider: Mrx I dont like quoting people out on the blog but I have to say this... tomb rader rg = aaa xbox one unannounced exclusive for gamescom. . Yes this is the aaa game that I was referring too... you guys have to some times read between the lines.. no disrespect and I dont expect you to buy that for a dollar ether :)
I gave clues to this way back before e3

You...shameless....piece...of....crap.  Seriously.  I looked through every single pre E3 post and there was at NO point a post in which you predicted a AAA game from a 3rd party going exclusive.  Not only that, but THUWAY of all people even mentioned it before you did.  You did not leak a god damn thing.  I completely proved you wrong on this already.  You've no leg to stand on here.
MIsterx: LOL at new big games for xbox 360
FH2, the Crew, new Tomb Rader. X-engine strikes back? :)
You said long time ago(back in 2011) - X-engine is so powerfull and will surprise after 2013..

Insider: :)

Actually he didn't say a damn thing. This was from 2009 where people are talking about it. Sorry, but 'insider' was 2+ years late to the party.  Nice try though.

MIsterx: So, middleware companies don't use DX12/XB1 architecture yet?

Do they want to say - "ohh, its too complex, I'll skip and stick to old paradigm with Sony and PC. i've invested a lot in it and need a return"?

If no, when mass adaptation is planed? In other words when first multiplat game will  use DX12/XB1 architecture in full force and PS4s old engine at the same time that will lead to show  XB1 is much version is much better? ;)

And you've finished off with nonsense. Congrats. :)


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