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MisterXmedia Carnival of Leaks. August 26th, 2014 Part 2. MisterXmedia gets new info from insider covering his ass. The DRM is real and Sony are totes evil!

This Carnival of Leaks posts is an addition to the original from August 26th, 2014, but since the "new information from 'insider'" completely moves the goal posts I decided a new discussion entirely was in order.

If you are not completely up to speed the original posts is called:

MisterXmedia Carnival of Comments. August 26th, 2014. Oldmanconnor thinks that 'insider's' claims are completely ridiculous. Ban incoming?


Small part of what i got today. Everythink will be in new insider daily.
Well, I am looking forward to whatever BS he comes up with.  

Insider: People on the blog ask your self what is DRM ?
What forms can DRM be before it is NOT classed as drm.

Most of us choose to just go by the public definition of DRM.  If it manages ownership or rights of digital is DRM.  PERIOD.  End of discussion.  There is no such thing as Good Microsoft DRM versus Evil Sony DRM.  It is all the same shit.

If sony lock a game via playstation share function to the console and allow said software to be installed on 4 other ps4 then they implement an 8 hour time that implys that the user must pay for the glorified demo to keep functionality or render the software locked... sounds like DRM
What are you even bitching about here?  I am completely unsure.  Are you bitching about DRM or are you bitching that the PS4 now has game-sharing?  There was absolutely no-one in the world that was upset about Xbox One's game-sharing.  They were just upset about having to check in with the console every 24 hours for DRM.  There is a very large leap you are taking here while ignoring some very key components to the point itself. 

If sony allow psn/ps4 to stream to vita tv but the games that stream must be digital based games only. Which force the purchase of a digital only copy of there game for streaming purposes. Sound like drm.
Yes, if they are forced to only use a digital game that would be DRM yes.  Streaming would require you to be online anyway though to so what in the hell is your point?  Are you saying Sony are evil hypocrites for not making streaming possible offline?  Do you realize how utterly stupid you sound right now?  

Sony share function will allow games to convert there disks to digital copy for use with share via serial license agreement which is unique per disk. You can not sell the game but share a full dl demo of the software that also will generate a unique serial license for said console. Which will only allow that demo function on that ps4 and then can only be shared with another 4 ps4 by a unique serial license.
Holy shit, that sounds almost like the exact thing that Microsoft were going to do--only they are not requiring the entire console to have a 24 hour check-in.  They are just managing the sharing itself via and internet connection when it is needed.  So you know what?--good on Sony.  They look like they are going to do game-sharing before Microsoft and they are going to do it as right as we could hope for.  

This serial license has a terms of use agreement that must be applied when sharing the vua ps share function. This agreement will straight that the holder of said licensed agreement does not own right to this game they are only leasing the software. Sorry dRM comes in man forms one thing if it sound like DRM then you can bet your dollars its DRM.. SDF guts who want to comment on the blog I hope you enjoy your playstation share function it comes with grave cost to your philosophy's. If it connects to a data sever you can bet in the next 12 months your going to have new terms ... its across the board but sony will sell it to the masses I just hope people see it for what it is..
Do you realize that literally every EULA from Sony, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Blizzard, Ubisoft, Activision, Steam, Apple, Android and majority of other companies you purchase digital items from insist that you do not own the right the game you are only leasing the software?  This is standard EULA verbage and you are trying to make it sound like Sony are evil for doing it which is downright pathetic.  I understand you have an agenda to push, but seriously lets not burry our heads in the sand to facts.
Also up date patchs you can blame dx12 and fpga for the delay why we ant seeing this implement right now most development studio in the big companies have been work very hard to port tools and backends resolution ant every thing but diablo is a res patch up date same as bungie same as Activision. Here is your code Bam ... :)The lack up 1080p update patches can be blamed on the fact that they were never going to happen.  At this point they are not going to go back and patch Dead Rising 3 and Assassins Creed Black Flag.  It is not going to happen, it makes no sense and there is nothing to be gained from going back and doing it.  Assassins Creed Unity is right around the corner and Dead Rising 3 is not exactly a hot ticket game anymore.  Capcom are not going to sit and patch an old game to 1080p 60fps just so they can check a box for the stupid console war bullshit you put all the fuel on.  Not to mention the game is not on the competitors console so it makes absolutely no difference what the resolution and framerate are!

And ms have been pulling trump cards over at gaf .. remember no dx12 for xbox one bam dx12 no 1080p for xbox one bam there it is ... also no ray tracing bam there it is :) . like I said people can come to the blog in sony pajamas for all I care but take not watch them sales drop by the way side its the only thing left be a real shame when the directs and the discovery marketing starts and they sale more in the land of the sun... I think people who are xbox fans should pull up a chair and watch the fallout this year.. this time its going to be real good..
God damit.  Stop with that nonesense.  Microsoft do not dedicate manpower to going over on NeoGAF and dispelling their bullshit.  They know better.  There is a reason why Major Nelson and Albert Panello almost never post over there.  They know exactly what it is just like everyone else who doesn't think it is a Sony Propaganda machine does.  NeoGAF is a reflection of the gaming community.  Face the facts.  The Xbox One is not the more popular system right now and that is reflected on NeoGAF just as it is reflected in the real world.  You can throw out anectdotal bullshit about your local store having PS4's on the shelf and sold out of Xbox One consoles, but that is absolutely worthless information.  The PS4 is outselling the Xbox One at this point over 2:1.  That is not a dig on our console--that is a god damn fact.  Stop taking it as an attack!  You're so pathetic man.

What is going to get real good?  You have been saying that for years now.  Time to put up or shut up.

Also quick update on the hack attacks the group that we're involved in testing net works were payed for test .. there was definitely a rog operation that took place. These tests are very common but I expect more bad to come then good.. there trying very hard to hit live now.. I hear sony is going to get another round or is in the process... hacking is not good for the consumer no matter what we are told.. payed net work intrusion tests are needed hence they go under maintenance times tho.. I guess the rouges know this.. psn 3.0 coming :)  
Wait, what the fuck?  So now you hear inside information from the online hacking community?! How in the hell would you know what a bunch of anonymous hackers are up to?  Sony sure as hell wouldn't know about it and the most you would know is what I know based on LizardSquad saying their bits on Twitter.

Also as a side note.  Congratulations.  You fucked up the spelling of the word ROGUE twice in two completely different spellings. 

For god sakes man.  Now you are saying that the people who took down PSN were paid operators which had a small group that went ROGUE and took it down?  Do you understand how ridiculously stupid that notion sounds?  A company doing something like that would be professional.  If a group of people from that company broke off and DDoS'ed PSN then Sony just made a fortune in lawsuit damages against that company.  That sort of thing does not go to private court and we will no doubt hear about it in the news.  This line of BS from you will be easily verifiable.   


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