Monday, August 25, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival of Leaks. August 25th, 2014. PSN DDoS was an inside job. Insider weasels out of being wrong and Microsoft WILL be at TGS despite Phil Spencers own words.

This is getting comical.  Actually it is getting more than comical it is just flat out pathetic.  MisterXmedia was wrong about everything at E3.  He was completely off on everything for Gamescom and he has missed the entire mark by making predictions for Microsoft at TGS which is now NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  Enjoy!

Here is the PDF version for public record in case he tries to play revisionist history and change the things he says.

Insider Daily. Will Sony use DDoS attacks on PSN as a reason to get more money and implement DRM?
"Insider: Sonys drm.. is stuffing up :)
Misterx: See how it will became the best thing for Sony gamers :) Will be fun. More details? Silent implementation or announce? :) dates?"
What exactly are you referring to as far as DRM?  The Playstation Now system?  How would you like them to deliver old games?  Ship them out to you?  Calling a feature of the system DRM just because it needs to be connected to the internet is a little bit....pathetic.  The entire content delivery of Playstation Now is based on streaming games from the internet.  It is literally not possible without it. 
"Insider: Rental nightmare drm.. the error code for ps4 is fail to load ... new update has been hiding in the dashboard. Big troubles coming."
It is a new service and it is going to have hiccups.  ALL new services do.  Even EA Access has had its issues.  Remember when Battlefield 4 had to be removed temporarily?  Of course you remember.  You just opted to not say anything because that wouldn't work to further your sick agenda against Sony.

Insider: No tgs phil has officially announced via his twitter account .. but Monday there is an xbox internal brief on what is happening. . We are all in shock on this end... This is leading to a x14 event in November .. but we were all briefed that tgs would be a key event. There was going to be significant announcements.

Will let people know more when I do.. but something major has happen.. evem major nelson would haven't know ether
First, let me get this out of the way.  HAHAHAHA!  Do you not realize how pathetic you look?  Really, it is getting to the point where you absolutely reek of desperation.  Let me elaborate:

E3 was supposed to have "megatons" as you so idiotically put it.  I think it is safe to say that those never happened at E3 since--well, they never happened.  You then concoct this ridiculous story that stuff was dropped at the 23 59/60th hour because Phil Spencer felt it worked better for his grand plan to crush Sony.  Ignoring the fact that Phil Spencer, nor Microsoft, think that way lets just pretend that what you said is true.  Do you honestly think that dropping something at the absolute last second would service Microsoft and hurt Sony in that big of a way?  E3 is currently the largest stage to make waves in the gaming industry.  If Microsoft dropped anything from E3 and pushed it to Gamescom it would serve little purpose.   

Misterx: seems DRM errors have been fixed. Why you sure it will appear again?
"Insider: You will see that they have to patch all games going forward.. the patch is unique for every game .. they are and will lock the games to the console.. with playstation any where option.. there test the design now . User id"
Does this mean that when there are day-one patches to PS4 games, as there have been forever now, you are going to claim they are enabling DRM?  Because that would be complete bullshit considering games have been getting day-one patches on both consoles for a very long time now.
"Insider: The funny thing about this big ddos attack it is fake its a fear campaign for the industry to implement there drm or serial license locking of the game console.. told u mrx... I don't support this blanket approach from sony ... there going fail at tgs when they announce this.. expect your psn account has been compromised... its a shame that the ponys will be spoon feed any lies .."
Do you have any facts to support what you are saying here?  Do you have any proof that this was fake?  Otherwise you are just making baseless, and slanderous, claims that Sony did this to themselves to further some secret DRM agenda.  I already know how this will go, but I do have some evidence to prove that it was not Sony.  Meet @LizardSquad:
It is funny how facts and public information work; isn't it?  I know, I know.  These guys are liars and just trying to grab the spotlight right?  Well seeing as how know what.  Fuck it.  Tune in tomorrow when I shred MisterXmedia's entire point considering there is concrete evidence showing he is full of shit.  Something so damn stupid deserves its own post.  BS REPORT incoming!
"Insider: The whole tgs fiasco is the most bizarre turn of Avents ever that I have experienced via ms ... I can not comment on the facts that are on the table... I can honestly say the plans are sealed .. there will be something along the lines of Nintendo direct from what has been said but I am not sure on the substantial parts.."
I guess I would be caught off guard too if I was so convinced of my own lies and then reality happens.  Microsoft would not plan a major stage-show at TGS and then cancel it.  There is no reason for that.  There is not logical benefit to planning a show with the possibility of it being dropped.  It is more likely that you had no damn clue what you were talking about from the start.
"but there have been two open session's for developers the last six months. And ms like the bign directs and there very favored over in japan.. at this point and leading up too tgs more information will be coming our way.. official and none official. . I personally think this move is very much a terrible decision but as I have no say in the direction that xbox is going all I can say is Phil's decision is not what I would have done even tho ms are talking x14/15 events I think its a huge mistake not to show the gaming momentum approach. License agreements will be green lit in November which would give ms the ability to talk about backwards compatibility reprogrammed logic and why only kinect voice functions have only been able to be used with first party on axi bridge .. all I can say is hang in there bloggers because something is coming I just can't say what that is and you know the reasons :) but ms will have a presents at tgs. But my lips are sealed. I hope phils right."
Translation.  Keep coming back until November!  The ol' carrot on the stick move.  Nice work.

Oh will they?  Did you leak that?  Or are you just repeating your own version of what Phil Spencer said in that he will be at Tokyo Game Show?

Another post, another swing and a miss.  Another fail.  Nice work MisterXmedia.  


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