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MisterXmedia Carnival of Leaks. August 18th, 2014. Sony is approaching their DOOM, Sony are buying off devs and the Xbox One will be 14x more powerful than the PS4!

Well ladies and gentlemen.  It is that time again!  MisterXmedia has come out swinging this week with a brand new post on Monday.  This is going to blow your mind, but according to him all the games which came out at a lesser resolution on the Xbox One were bought and paid for by Sony!  That's right.  The Xbox One is so ungodly powerful that the Playstation 4 cannot even compete so Sony are physically having to pay developers to make games worse!  I couldn't believe it myself, but MisterXmedia's 'insider' said it is so, therefor it must be!

I hope you guys all enjoy this lately batch of crap as much as I did because this stuff it something else.  When convention season comes to a close he really has to step up his game with the B.S. in order to get people to read!  Enjoy!

Insider Daily. A lot of devs are angry with Sony & exclusive Q&A with Star Citizen, ACU, FC4 devs
"Misterx: So, middleware companies don't use DX12/XB1 architecture yet?

Do they want to say - "ohh, its too complex, I'll skip and stick to old paradigm with Sony and PC. i've invested a lot in it and need a return"?

If no, when mass adaptation is planed? In other words when first multiplat game will use DX12/XB1 architecture in full force and PS4s old engine at the same time that will lead to show XB1 is much version is much better? ;)"
Do you realize that games are more than likely just going to reach parity when DX12 becomes widely used on the Xbox One?  If they are struggling to match the graphical fidelity of PS4 right now why would they adopt DX12 and then just create the problem all over again?  That would make absolutely no sense for any developer.
"Insider: The sad fact about the industry at this point is the money!!! How can a game like forza quntom brake forza horizon 2 are all 1080p and look so good. But other games like diablo and destiny trial a simple golf game. all have trouble reaching the 1080p level.. yes it is nice to say they didn't have the correct sdk they didn't have resources. But why is it the games that are not 1080p over the last 6 months are games that are first to ps4 or market specific market contracted games between sony."
Well, for one you are about 6 days behind on your bullshit.  Diablo 3 is going to be 1080p 60 on the Xbox One.  I guess that means the Sony check bounced then?  Get a grip sir.  There is no way Sony are paying developers to gimp games on other systems.  That would be the single more idiotic way someone could ever spend their money.  There is absolutely no return on that investment and ONLY would hurt Activision Blizzard.

"And now we see the change parity is here there is no excuse if a studio after tgs and e3 is going to launch then they are payed to do so.. notice at gamescom sony wasn't on stage rolling with the same 1080p screaming jumping around."
I think Sony just stopped mentioning it since even the average joe-gamer is realizing at this point that it does not make a difference.  But, you keep spewing that sort of ridiculous crap.  It has been working well.  There is a scenario in this world where the developers just have a more difficult time reaching 1080p on the Xbox One.  It is not the end of the world.  For someone who has said countless times in the past that resolution doesn't matter you seem to care a whole lot about parity. 
"Phil even said quoted "the games on xbox are better to play and look at" sony know there develops know x1 is more powerful its design to be efficient at raytracing. Vox or shader. It has more comput units check the x -rays . There is 50 dsp process not including audio and an axi bridge dsp sclaer architecture that no console or pc developers have used before. Primary focus will come with dx12."
According to you Phil is also telling lies about 4K resolution.  You insist it is possible and is going to happen, but he says it is doubtful.  So what is the deal?  Is Phil Spencer a good source or not?  We've all seen the X-rays at this point and we can say for sure that the console appears to be exactly what everyone else has said at this point.  You are just insisting things based off of the unconfirmed hopes and dreams that your blog is built on.

"And 10 million consoles is nothing to jump around about when the xbox is not even in the whole 60 markets.. e3 next year will be different with xbox and ps4 arguments 1080p is gone out the window and this Christmas will see sales drive unlike anything seen to date."
 So what you are saying is Sony are doomed?  Is that because they are going to be broke from spending all their money on buying degraded Xbox One versions of games?  The 1080p argument will always be around until all games have 100% parity and even then there will still be talks about it because not all games are going to hit 1080p on consoles this generation.  Anyone who thinks the way you do is in dreamland.  Of course we are going to see more sales when the console launches worldwide.  Are you an idiot? Why on earth would you expect anything different?!
"They have limited edition consoles on shelves they have any thing ps4 has in the multi platform and on dedicated servers. The next update to the sdk will bring more and more smiles the November one will be the big big one for this year. As we can expect clocks to change "we found another 20% just sitting there. Whats the big game for ps4 this year destiny well I think people will flock to hmcc for value alone.. and most of all the big big blank checkbook just sitting there.. rare is back there bring back original members."
Holy hell.  Do I really have to even address this?  You just magically found power within the box?  You will have to excuse my absolute skepticism, but I have a hard time believing something that is so utterly unverifiable and more than likely bullshit.  Moving on.

"Ms have a target now in the industry 10 years is along time .. and don't forget xbox 360 support is coming and there still making games for a platform that will see 100+ million sales. Sony had nothing for ps3 and unfortunately vita is dead. It will become the psone handheld we allways wanted or a wii stream device.. the market has been slow for ms but changes had to happen and they did.
If your a gamer you know which console to get the xmas. And the change is starting people actually want to play horizon 2 ssod halo.. the big shift will happen at tgs. Watch the increase in Japanese specific developers on board ... if a company is dropped from the stock exchange and rated garbage its look down on.."
Who the hell ever said the Xbox 360 was not getting support?  I am 100% certain that Microsoft stood on stage and flat out said they are going to continue support for the Xbox 360 into the future.  Furthermore, what the hell is your point here?  You are repackaging something we've all known and trying to say it is inside information that support is coming.  Support has never left.

We should watch for an increase in Japanese specific developers?  Oh you mean when the console is officially launched in Japan!?  Yeah, I would say we probably will see an increase in the amount of developers in Japan seeing as how they've now got a product to develop for.  Are you really trying to play that off as insider information?

"xbox brand has had to prove its self to Japanese culture they did not drop out from the market the kept pushing. Big big change coming. Id hold of till xmas to jump to the conclusion that sony has won . Rant over. game on !!!"
I would hold off until the end of a generation before saying who has won.  You know, since the generation is allegedly going to be 10 years long. We are 10% of the way into it at that point and you are already willing to declare a winner?  That is just as stupid as people saying PS4 has already won.  Congratulations, you're stupid on two fronts now.  Not an easy feat.

"Insider: Cd project have had to decided not to support dx12 sdk .. they needed the update before july they how ever will use the added cycles from the last sdk.. there will be no hardware level msaa ether. The beta testing and size of the game would mean they need another 6 months to use the features of dx12. There confident that x1 version will please fans.

The game is finished but the rest of the development time will be used to optimise and fix bugs.. there aiming for 1080p 30... but there is a good possibility this game could ship at 900p with 60 fps as the pc version will be aiming for 60 also.. sony are pushing for 1080p unlocked frame rate.. but cd project are frame rate first guys."
Oh, you mean CD Projekt Red are touting the same line as just about every other developer on the planet?  That they want a stable frame rate over higher resolution?  How very enlightening of you to share that information from within the walls of that company.  So we can add that to the list of companies you have direct inside information from.  You seriously are the most important person in the gaming industry.  And for such dog-shit English too!  You must really have a tremendous amount of talent to nail that job down!  Congratulations 'insider'!

"So expect a parity with this game.. they have had a few issues with there engine with the sram approach. They have a there own middleware but it is a proto approach. I will say the game looked good.. got to see the ps4 version don't worry the x1 version looked cleaner and had more draw distance sony had a blurry texture thing going on and there was the fog effect .. I also noticed that there is a little more movement in the environment. Still time to optimise code.. if your a true gamer then this is in you top list. Also I asked if there could be a 60 and a 30 options.

They said they were looking at it. I also asked about a patch up date to dx12 they said it would be pc first then x1 if they went this way. But there waiting for dx12 updates for cycber2077 they want to get it on show @e3 so there main focus is retool and keep moving... but who knows I asked what I could.."
Stop, just stop.  You're embarrassing yourself at this point. You had enough time to sit down and analyze both version?  So you were recently hanging out at CD Project Red then?  Also two weeks before that you were hanging out at 343 industries according to your claims?  Man, you must travel a LOT.

"Insider: A lot of developers are really angry with sony for not setting the example with there members. The death threats and violence and bullying for the indusrty. Its has left a lot of people angry. One major company is going to pull a project and make it a sole pc/x1 exclusive because of the negatives that sony have allowed to transpire...."
Oh, gee.  Which game is this going to be?  Do you HONESTLY expect people to believe that there is a developer out there that is going to pass up on 10 million customers just because some internet dumb asses were making threats?   That is the most idiotic thing I have heard you say in a very long time.  If anyone actually believes that shit I would have to call into question their mental state because that is some new level of stupidity then.  Companies do not make decisions like that!  If it were so egregious to the point where a developer was going to drop out Microsoft would be in the middle of a massive PR nightmare.  Holy crap man you are really reaching for the stars with this garbage.

"Insider: 10x more powerfull with last sdk.. dx12 by e3 2015 14 x more power full.. there only taking in gpu /cpu / ram based from last gen .. no audio offload. Axi bridge/ dsp. 50 coprocessor's Or esram or upclock or gating .. a tone has changed."

14x more powerful?...............OMG WTF ROFLMAO!  I think we're done here. 


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