Friday, August 15, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. August 12th, 2014. Backwards compatibility is coming at GC...or TGS...err September...I mean November.

With Gamescom being such a big deal I wanted to wait until it was all over before I went back to worrying about MisterXmedia and his constant flow of fertilizer.  Since the bulk of Gamescom is over I figured I would through out the latest Carnival of Leaks for his August 12th, 2014 post.  I want to preface this post by pointing out that he has changed it numerous times and I completely lost track of what he may have stealth changed in the last 72 hours.

It was brought to my attention that he went on a tear banning a few folks from his site for saying things that did not fit the mold of what he wants going on over there.  While I do not know who those people specifically are I would like to extend an invitation to any of them to come on over and express their viewpoints here free from censorship.  That being said.  Without further adieu.  ENJOY!

Insider: This 400milion lose getting reported well hate to tell everybody.. but ms had a 500million dollar budget for first release windows and 600milion for second part. So they only lost 400milion and that was for launched and marketing round 1. Xboxlive and other stuff has made way more back. Xbox360 end of year 100milion. Say 70million on live x 70mx 45$ = :) I guess sony didn't loose any money on marketing.

This is already old news that has been clarified by multiple major news outlets. C'mon insider, the rest of us are on the next page. Pay attention!

Insider: I
nteresting ... hmmm ea may be bringing the vault access to 360.. because word is there not happy with sony and there outburts of negative response towards it.. And the fact it was an official attack in the press...

While I believe with every ounce of my being that you made this up entirely I do think it is possible one day.  If it does happen I will give you credit MisterXmedia for being the first person I know of to publicly throw out the idea, but I do not believe for a second that you have inside information on this.
Now bc its the biggest problem with a solution. I cant say that you will see this today. Everybody knows its coming tho but Ms have every inch of there team tied down nothing solid is getting out inless they go all in I know ;) ... the emulation is only happening due to the xbox one dedicated audio xbox media decoder. If you understand xbox360 development you understand the importance of cycle ops. Mhz of ppc vs mhz of x86 shouldn't be a bench mark when comparing x360 to x1 cpu ... x1 is 10x technology leap but its 1000x better in every way. Low end jag this is not :) the lofu was designed on ppc architecture .. as so is xbox 360.. tlou is forward compatability .. but the devs had time to enhance textures and shaders.. they ported the engine to x86.

Since that entire paragraph was basically a load of crap--and you know it is--I will just address the first part of it in which you stated that we will not see BC announced at GC. I am certain that you, on more than one occasion, said that we will see it announced at either GC or TGS. Time is running out for you MisterXmedia. Soon you're going to have to answer for being completely wrong on this and I am excited to see how you weasel your way out of that one.

Yes it was alot of work .. but ms have been forward porting for 4 years now... Microsoft will not kill the 360 it is bringing in huge dollars from live revenue. Adding bc in this time will bring over many 360 fans and letting games with gold be accessed via x1 will curve the edge of x1 retail releases going games with gold.. there is a huge libraries from og to 360. But don't be disappointed your still getting free stuff :)

This whole paragraph is utter nonsense.  They are bringing BC to Xbox One in order to get Xbox 360 players to buy an Xbox One.  There is no way that is true.  Microsoft are a business and they are not going to invest big bucks into BC JUST to get them to come to Xbox One.  They are going to develop new exclusive content that will draw them to the console.  
Will bc happen @ gc thats the question. I saw the twitter pic interesting xbox@gamescom14 ... September/November was the real release date window. Bc would be a good added feature so would argumented reality concept. These are all planed at some point. Ms been very quiet of late.. in my eyes any thing can happen. I just know everything is tied down so I cant say yes or no... tgs will be different from my end. :) I can't be every where .. and I ant repeating e3 fiasco again ... things change dynamically its just the way it is of late ..

Your are absolutely shameless. So now that you are wrong you are going to say the "real" release date was supposed to be September/November? All you are doing is buying yourself yet MORE time for that to potentially happen. The ridiculous thing is that I am not even saying BC is not going to happen. Microsoft themselves have already stated that they are looking into it so you did not leak anything there. You are just repackaging news as usual. All you are pretending to do it know when it will release. You touted TGS or GC for the time it will come out, but it is obvious that you are going to be wrong so now you throw September/November out there so you can still claim to be right if Microsoft DOES get it done by then. You are a shining example of even a broken clock being right twice a day. So pathetic.

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