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MisterXmedia Carnival of Leaks. August 11th, 2014. Ryse 2, EA Access and Activisions super-secret project only insider knows about.

This post from MisterXmedia caught me by surprise .  I was not actually expecting him to post something so soon with Gamescom just 24 hours away, but ever so often MisterXmeida (aka WTF) will throw me for a loop.  In this post he goes on about EA Access, Activisions non-existent similar program and then he tries to safe safe on Ryse 2 which he failed catastrophically in trying to leak information about.  Enjoy!

Insider & Mistercteam Daily. Pre-Gamescom Talks & Part 39 of The Research
06 August 2014 - 09 August 2014

 Ea access will have new releases early next year. Fifa 2015 will be added to the vault. The games on offer are only there because it is in beta ... BETA ...

EA Access was always going to get new releases.  This was already stated by EA and countless news outlets.  What you just said is not inside information.  It is repackaged news.  "FIFA 2015 will be added to the vault." well, of course it will be.  All the games will eventually end up there.  It has nothing to do with BETA.  I have no clue what you are trying to leak here.  All of this was already known....

Yes cod ghost could be added to a vault with Activision ... and it will be next year.. they all ready have had this service in the think tank... DRM fiasco.. and the reason EA have moved forward first is because they see the value in it and are not pro sony..

Yes, I am sure the reason why EA chose to make a major financial business decision is because they aren't pro Sony.  I have to ask.  Are you mentally ill?  That would be the poorest business decision in history.  It has nothing to do with the fact that Sony TURNED THEM DOWN.  They approached Sony to have it on their console!

People can questions any thing thats free speech. And its good but they need to use logic ... 

The level of hilarity, hypocrisy and irony of this coming from MisterXmedia's site puts me almost at a loss for words.  I am just going to go ahead and leave this right here......

 Let me get this straight.  "Insider" wants people to question what he says, but the stipulation is they people need to use logic.  What about getting first hand irrefutable facts?  Does that fall under logic or does that someone get stuck in your very wide description of FUD?  You are seriously one of the most hypocritical people I know on the internet.  This is quite hilarious at this point.

Activision know that access is a major win for ms and xbox brand. And activision know that the sdf will hire games @ 5$ so thats a win for them.. There will be a lot of information coming about access and the vault new additions.. question that come may next year put this in stone mrx and who ever sent that email cos you can send them back and see if they replie nope I dont think they will.. :)

Uh, what?  I am not entirely sure what you were even saying here.  Am I to believe that there will be more stuff coming to EA Access?  That would fall under my "DUH" category.  Then you go on to say that Activision are already working on an EA Access like program which they have come out publicly and said it is not in the works.  As far as I can tell you are just wrong on all fronts here and covering your ass by saying they are lieing--for whatever strange reason they would choose to lie.
Insider: Inregards to gow5.. they are protyping engines just like 343 did with mcc. They have gow 1-2-3 running under this engine. I know for fact will see gow cc before gow5. Although they are working on a conceptual trailer. Not sure when it will be shown tho I ant privileged enough for that one sorry at this point in time...

Seeing as how all other Gears of War games were made on the Unreal Engine and Microsoft have had a great partnership with Epic I would say it is more than likely going to be Unreal Engine.  Are they prototyping different engines at the moment?  They may be, but based on what Kevin Dent has said there is absolutely no way you would personally know that so I have to assume you are making it up completely.  So you are saying they are going to make a Gears of War complete collection?  I am pretty certain I mentioned that on Reddit about 6 months ago already.  Do I get credit for this leak?  Because otherwise you are just speculating on something that is quite likely to happen and claiming it is a leak.  
The halo 5g game footage has been seen by lots of people. There is more in the wild then some really know nda.. I never gave up the lot yet :)

Yes, I am sure 343 industries are just running around showing highly secretive game footage to anyone that wants to watch it.  There is more in the wild than some really know?  But of course it is under NDA?  That makes absolutely no sense!!! If it is in the "wild" as you put it then it is not under NDA or an NDA has been broken.  I hope this isn't your lame-ass attempt to capitalize off the alleged leaked image that appeared on Twitter yesterday because I already saw that.
Also I didn't know the ssod news had leaked. White xbox one. With price drop. But I was under the assumption that this would be announced at tgs.
But I couldn't verify this 100%.. if 1080p update is not announced at gc then it will not happen :( so much debate internally over upres .. access is the future and is the way forward for family share. And there will be retail alternative still..

Gamescom is all about quantum brake lets face it
Your going to be speechless :)

I hear sony are going to have a cgi teaser with a snall demo .. but the live demo of qb is going to prove there is more to this.. HOW!!!! :)

Insider: Engine2.dill hhmmmm not going to say a word on this ... sorry can't ;)

Misterx: Sorry, did not understand you..can you say more what you mean?

Insider: Valve ms relationship is back on.. but that is as much as I know or will say.mrx a source says gaf got a leak source 2 engine.. but in my books they will play it down.. :)

I will be digging into this as much as I possibly can. I feel there is little possibility of this being true, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt and dig into it as best as I can.

Misterx: Oh...Valve licensed DX12 HW then,,,
Of couse you could not miss 4 gen leap to stay alive in AAA

Insider: There haven't put it together yet.. but thats enough on this subject lets wait :)

Insider: Ryse coming to pc .. I heard this last week but never believed it. Would the blog had expected this as true if I had of told you mrx.
But now ryse 2 is definitely real.. and that source was correct.
NO, it is not real! The head of Crytek came out and said it was not real. Not only that, but Deep Silver are not working on it!

Then I better say that halo 3/4 is also at some point coming to pc also. Pc porting is not my expertise. Bloggers ... the good news is crisis definitive is coming to x1 also.

Insider: Well deep silver are definitely sharing development with ms on ryse 2 or unannounced project :). NOPE I was also just told that x1 build was running on sdk @4k via a trust worthy person can't say if native or upscaled but texture resolution was 4k. . Graphics are not that improved over x1 other then 4k resolution support. They did say possible 60fps in multi player. Pc specs are going to be very high. .... now they did say stuff about x1 sdk and there own engine optimization. something @ gamescom about 4k.. I dont believe just yet but I will wait. Rather then let people down. Keep it in your minds .... I know hazard dx12 resolution is a game changer but nda and timing. Devs need more time to adjust.

Misterx: great info. I don't care about PC - as consoles is more enjoable way to play for me as i don't want to look at small PC screen, fight drivers bugs/perfomance mambo-jombo and hear bad sound.
Insider: Source says real time cloudgen demo. Not sure if stage tho. Gc. Two big demos coming. Qb is a technology marvel with output to highest resolution on a console game todate. .. I can not verify this gamescom information as I will not be their. Have other stuff on that is more tgs bound port begging to west should begin :)
But its better then not giving information out. So take gc information as is ... I can't be every where. :)

Insider: Voodo vincd what did you all think.

Phil Spencer has already said in interviews that he is not ruling out a return of the old games such as Voodoo Vince you ass. Again. Stop trying to repackage things as inside news. So, to answer you question; what do I think? I think you are full of crap as always.

Insider: I can only say disruption is good.. :)

Insider: I can not verify the ryse 2 deal .. other then what I have been told.. deep silver have an unannounced title for xbox one.. my personal belief is this is ryse 2. The project is all so in very early stages. 

What in the hell are you talking about!? YOUR quote from above "But now ryse 2 is definitely real.. and that source was correct."  Do you even read your nonsense before you post it?  How do you give a definitive answer and then turn around and say you cannot verify the Ryse 2 deal?  Either Deep Silver, as you said, are working on it or it is not real.  PERIOD.  Seeing as how Crytek CEO came out and said they are not working on it there is no way in hell that any of what you say in regards to Ryse 2 can possibly be true.  Give it up on this one.  You are completely busted!
The facts are stacking up in our favor tho. ryse 2 is not dead but crytek do hold I.p over ryse 2 at this point in time with news in main stream media.. And ms and crytek do have a good business approach when working together. Iv told you what I know. Things do change but iv heard that crytek and ms we're all ways going to launch ryse on pc.. now I also think its to soon to announce another ryse. Specially with hf2 coming... as iv said before deep silver have alot of projects on even a film project. Things take time. The pc was a smart move and raises cash flow for devs to get payed for there work. Crytek needs the revenue. And everybody who ant sdf know how amazing this game graphically is. Put 4k on any pc game and the master race will be shacking at the nees. Expect big numbers from ryse in that market.

YOU JUST SAID DEEP SILVER WERE WORKING ON IT AND DEEP SILVER IS NOT OWNED BY CRYTEK!  What in the hell are you even talking about anymore?  Seriously.  I think we're done here.  This has crossed into ludicrous.  


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