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MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. August 4th, 2014. Let the Gamescom and Access "leaks" begin!

This post is would get way too long and I apologize in advance.  I think what I am going to do is go through the post line by line and then break it down into separate posts later on in the week if I have time.  There is just too much here that I cannot ignore.  

I guess a week off left MisterXmedia with a lot of things to say.  Most of which, as per usual, is nonsense.  Lets dig right into this meaty pile of fertilizer though!  Enjoy!

In case anyone is wondering how these posts work the yellow highlight is what I am addressing and the blue highlight with bold is my commentary on the highlighted text.  If I put red highlight in bold that is just my lazy way of seeking input from someone directly on that part.

Insider & Mistercteam Daily. Latest AMD 2014+ tech docs show what we talk here for ages
Insider: Now who works for who... can't wait intill mrx has his own web sight .. cos then it is even . And with 10x the logic.... bunch of phoneys right there.. by late December thoes two will convert

(Neogaf owner with Neogaf moderator Bishop or how Neogaf don't hide its Sony bias anymore).
This is not bias. This is two people who work on the same site hanging out together and one guy being a fan of Sony in some way, shape or form. In the regular not insane world we call these guys friends. What if the guy on the left were wearing an Xbox hat?  You don't get to claim an entire site is bias because one guy in a picture who happens to be either the owner or moderator is wearing a Sony hat.

Misterx: Several blog readers mentioned more noice recently from Xbox One. Also Crytek situation seems they not gonna sell it as you said.

No HW talk from us for the whole system lately. Lets recap some things.

1. Beefed up CUs means 1.3Tfx2...as their is more ALUs inside each CU. That is right? Some Amd beema apu photos show that is possible.

Nope, nope, nope. We've already established from the900number that your logic is wrong.

2. ALUs inside each CUs is also wider means DP performance for 1.31Tfx2  - their 128 bit means the can store and execute 2x64 bit operands at the same cycle(compared to 1x64bit for Old Gen apus)  That's is right? 1.3TFx4 already.  CALLING THE900NUMBER?

3. So we can see it as 12x4CUs. 12x2CUs for GFx and 12x2CUs for compute(calculations). Compute CUs are like CPU but inside GPU..HSA....that is right?

3.1 Those CUs are highly parallel, can access each other threads.

3. Stacked memory cube of xx amount....500gb/s internal bandwidth with processing (like CPU). They can process and modify data stored in that memory without using main cpu, compute CUs and main DDR3 memory. Fore processing it uses ARM cores.

Amount of 4gb or 64mb?

4. ESRAM is just a cash mem for CUs in that case. Not framebuffer mem. 32mb is low for 4k rez.

5. FPGA..that is a programmable arm cores for processing inside memory cubes. Every game program thouse CPU arrays and memory cube acts as a game needs.

also have their eSRAM cashes of 17Mb...

6. Move engines quickly transfers results form/to memory cube to/from main memory and/or frame buffer ESRAM.

Everything above is invalid as far as I am concerned simply because MrX has proven right out of the gate that he does not understand this stuff enough to be speaking on it.  So I choose to ignore everything from that section on principle.  If someone, more techy than I, wants to tackle that and make sense of it please feel free to make a guest post, but I am not going to rebut something that even he gets wrong.

Can you correct the errors?
Inisder: Read between the lines on crytek... they are not going to tell you who invested in them.. but they are moving to publishing rolles.. :)

My next goal for my site is to find out who Crytek's investors are. If that list does not include Microsoft directly MisterXmedia is in for a major backlash.  There is no reason why Crytek would feel the need to hide Microsoft funding them.  They are only not revealing who is doing it because they are themselves a private company.  At some point we will know who the investors are.  That is going to be a huge day for the reputation of MrX.

Also memory cube has 3 different terms.. I I cant answer every question out of the blue this stuff is extremely complex and due to the extreme nature of the custom hardware approch there isn't even accurate documents in developers hands. They did this to protect there large investment.
Yes the gpu is dual threaded. The cpu can issue 2 64bit threads every pass on each core. But due to cpu not having direct read write pass to main esram at this piont due to dx12 sdk not ready they can effectively increase this by offloading. To the 4 cu / data move engines/ on the cpu. Although I am told they have there own cach "esram" there more to do with cpu advanced acceleration. But the cpu can connect directly to the axi bridge via the memory controller. More when axi information leaks this year.
Cpu+gpu = hot / master
Axi bridge = guest / slave fpga chips.. there is 4 systems of processing within x1 ... c++ amp and dx12. Now the memory cub will have to be on the guest/slave. Because there is alot of unknown hardware in thoes blocks.. I do know the sdk support will comes available soon..
12cu on gpu each cu = 16ex
I dont know the 4 cu ex count but I heard it was 6 or 8 per cu but there programmable. Then you have pim elerment with the cach but data move engines will use this extensively when the axi bridge fpga is avaliable its all about the right data in the right place.
The power you are all looking for lies in the guest/slave .. this is future proof. Then you have external cloud but that is a few years away yet.
Misterx: What expected to be the first demo for HMC and FGPA?
Demo stuff has been seen all ready nda behind closed doors... meteors. They showed online and offline processing. But we all know better.. :)

Demo stuff for cloud computing? You mean like Crackdown 3 which we've already seen? We saw the demo at GDC 2014 as well. I am not sure how you consider this to be a juicy reveal when the general public has already seen it as well.

The x1 was made for raytracing as this is the evolution of gfx visually.. and raytracing hardware requires an axi bridge.. gears of war 5 will use raytracing ... halo 5 will use raytracing in lighting.. the metal shader and lighting atmosphere is 2 fold qb.. and qb uses a few tricks that should be a dead give away. I really don't want to spoil the suprise just wait till next month please :)
Lucky for me I have had great luck reaching out to developers to get answers on this sort of thing. Looks like I will be sending emails/tweets to BlackTusk and 343 studios in the near future.  
Misterx: What is axi bridge? Why its so special? Is it just a bus? Or it is a bus with some proccessing/logic?
Its a buss that interconnect hardware .. it also has an absolute massive bandwidth . Numbers have been chucked around in conversations. Mrc would know..
Think fpga arm stack 50 coprocessors. New memory its also why you need to look at hot chips diagram. Right in front of your eyes. Every body is driven by t.f but 1.8 is not going to be enough for full raytracing even @ 720p and that is why ms has this in x1.

Iram technology is based of edram the evolution of xenon slave chip. Only this time the whole chip communicates via memory buss controllers. Each 64kb is addressable to an alu.. and each data move engine can move code to cpu gpu axi fpga cu or arm. Via the design... old engines could only be read write address cpu/gpu. Its all about knowing where to place the code in memory. The system is dynamic. Iv been told each data move engine can process 48gb/s of data in and out of memory. The original figure of 28 was only read.and old sdk. Write can also be labelled as processing .. but in dual mode if you are not optimum in branch code you can stall the system... it will be some time before xbox one architecture is fully accessible due to the master slave system application. Its more then parallel processing or branch prediction. Its even more then coherent hsa .. because axi bridge is the game changer. Games will look better and better from this point on as devs learn the system. game on

I have realized many think you are from Microsoft. And being confused when dates come off.
Insider: I dont have control over any official changes.. you can see when dates were off.. if you read the Microsoft news you would notice that internally things were changing in management. Teams moving around.

Its best to be a myth then to be come real and have to leave.
Look at the community they know how cool it is to have a blog and a place to hang out free speech.... even troll's know this. The envying would be painful :)

You missed the time to post on the good news mrx ea access ... better ad sega ubisoft epic 343 black tusk Activision squire. There going to have there own blades os segment for old console emulation. Good times ... more good news only hours away too :)

This may sound cynical as hell, but I now hope that EA Access completely flops because the only way other companies were going to follow suit is if EA Access was a big hit. Insider seems so confident that it is GOING to happen and I strongly disagree with him. There has never been a publisher program like this before and now magically Sega, Ubisoft, Epic, 343, Black Tust, Activision and Square Enix are all going to do it? I call shenanigans. There is no way all those companies are simultaneously coming out with the same type of product.
MIsterx: Sorry, what I missed to post ?

Insider: Out of the bad news from crytek restructuring comes good news even tho the majority is not so good.. I have heard from a source not 100% rlght now.. but ms have indeed purchased ryse I.p they also have invested in a project with deep silver.. not saying its ryse 2 .. as I can't verify that.. but I can say that crytek will be able to move forward with the hunt.. and also publishing agreements with ms .for future .. not sure we're this leaves the engine .. but its not looking good.. soon as I hear more you will know.. I can not verify this information intill end of August. More soon

Let me get this straight. Microsoft have purchased Ryse IP.  They are currently working on a project with developer Deep Silver.  Microsoft and Crytek have inked new publishing deals with Crytek for the future as well.  The CryEngine is up in the air.  Well, seeing as how they are still wanting to make games my guess would be that they are still very much in support of their own engine.  Who am I to assume something so silly though right?

MIsterx: No looking good mean no engine rights exclusive to MS?
Ms have gone with unreal engine ... due to there push to support raytracing. .. and multi thread gpu

Insider: Gamescom.. if anybody is going your in for a surprise. For everybody who cant you treat it like e3 and you watch via xbox live event... I can not stress you watch this... ms are putting more effort into this then they have ever before.. :) e3 part 2 ...

Here comes the Gamescom talk as expected. Gotta build up that hype on the blog leading up to it.  Listen--there is nothing this guy knows now more than he knew leading up to E3.  He was so spectacularly wrong with almost all of his E3 stuff and now he is going to do it again.  It is almost troubling how people choose to believe this person and ignore how utterly wrong he has been in the past.

Misterx: I affraid to hype guys...:) You said earlier wait gamescon / tgs. Is not it enough? E3 was hyped but ended with no megatons...Are you sure want to post previos mail?
So you think the ea access is not good news.. I hear sdf are crying buckets over not having it .. you can expect more on this.. and other services.
Iv dropped plenty of hints and clues.. I was 100% right about cliffy he just spat the dummy. .. the game is set in post apocalypse world.. a world that has gone through great wars. When you see the game like I said think early unreal. And that nobody saw it is a lie... he just didn't want to loose face with investors. :)
I guess I am the dummy here?  Not sure how that one work's in X land.  All I did was ask the developer of the game first hand for an answer and got one.  There is nothing to this point to suggest that an arena sci-fi shooter would be a post-apocalyptic world torn apart by great wars.   You were 100% right?  I am pretty sure, based on facts, that you were about 0% right considering the guy shot down every single thing you said INCLUDING that there was stuff to be seen.  Call me a dummy, but at least I deal in facts from 1st hand sources.  There is no losing face with investors.  Not only that, but how do you know about inside information from an indie start up studio?  is that even possible?
But some news is hard to all ways check when you have to see it yourself. I can not be every where

Insider: http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2014/07/30/naughty-dog-ps4-didnt-have-a-working-ps4-engine-until-after-january-1-2014/
There is more information that can back up the ps4 and there tool set behing inferior. They have purchased an engine.

Misterx: Previos mail i meant about gamescon e3 part 2..not previous mail you thgought about. Maybe no need to hype guys again...dates our weak point...So Sony bought cryengine..that is big....and bad news as you said? Why to worry if xb1 is more powerfull?
Insider: No sony did not by cryengine.. they tried but investors said no. There stuck with what they have for now
First Microsoft was buying Crytek and now you are saying that Sony was considering buying Cryengine? That is basically contradicting your own inside information.  Why would Microsoft be buying Crytek, which NEVER happened by the way, but Sony be buying the Engine?  The company was never being divided up!  It was just seeking investors for a new direction.  Your blatant disregard for reality and facts are so scary at times.

Misterx: And by the way...only x-engine could save ps4 :)) with its metal layer, gpgpu already implemented and so on :)

See how  they use it with forzas and h2a on xb1...and that is on 1.31tf part only...Great investment they made 5 years ago...now it pays off.

Duck the haters and doubters...😞 Cheeling on a road trip to the Russian Tuscany this week.  Check the pic

Insider: X engine was a modified unreal engine. 3.5-8 with cals to metal. It had access directly to alu and logic in the edram and daughter die the gpu shaders could do 2x there read wright. :)
The sony guys got blocked.. there is a few games coming out from cryengine licenced companys. Sony is still able to licence the tech but at a large sum. :)
And under contract.
Ms sdk are miles ahead of sony now.. as your going to see very very soon.
Road trip is good. Lovely country mrx.
I am not exactly sure how a guy with so much MS information would happen to know the finer points of Sony SDK's at the moment. Not only that, but be able to give a comparison of the two when they are constantly evolving. It is strange to me.

Insider: http://youtube.com/watch?v=hPL2ErQRIvs
"BOOM" new unannounced games and new reveals..
Like I said mrx :)

Misterx: Could not watch it on road. Bur yes, e3 part 2 minus PR hype.
Insider: This time and tgs will be silnet but deadly for sony.. ms have more stuff coming they could have announced ea access at gamescom but they have other .
Wait, WTF? Microsoft did not announce EA Access. EA did!  It is an EA platform which could possibly end up on PS4 one day.  The only thing Microsoft got to say was that it was console exclusive.

Misterx: BC/FC is comming this GDC if I understand your hints correctly.
I cant say if that is surprise. I have heard battletoads..

You also heard Battletoads at E3 didn't you?  There have been numerous hints from other major sources about Battletoads.  You've been wrong twice now on it.  So if if comes this time you get to say you were right?  I say you got lucky at the point.  Ever heard of the expression even a broken clock is right twice a day?  That really applies to you MisterXmedia.

Battleloads is remembered by small group of old gamers...not a big splash in my book.
Yes but it done by a side arm of rare and it opens the door for the war chest

This is your way of saving face so that whenever they release a retro title you get to say you were right. Regardless of whether it is Battletoads or not. Nice work, but we all see through that sort of thing.

Well...expectations set to low...if it will be more - good
I really don't understand MSs passive market strategy...They really want their MBA books to be written...
But it is really hard to fight the lie...Lairs have several options and could adapt...Thouse who tells the truth stick to only one story...
I bet Sony will continue to lie and brainwash even harder after Sony fans will start to ask questions about PS4 power, features...No matter what MS will show they will tell PS will show even better...just wait a little bit..Then 2016 will come and PS5 will be released with zero profit market strategy in order to low Sony fans anger...Sony brainwash will say - no problem to buy new console once in 3 years and many will follow...
Sony will try to set a new game console trend...less life cycle - "the better" for the gamers...Wasted 400 bucks? No problem here..you were entertained with the best of the best of the best...problems?
sheeps will follow thous excuses for sure...
The moral is: i don't see how MS could turn the tables with standard actions they do now..Their brand is almost a toast Their foundation is a mouth-to-mouth marketing and it could be 300% more effective...
If only MS have reasons to do so...support it partners and fair play...that does not work anymore when there is a lairs  in da house.
power play now or go home later in 2015-2016 when all efforts will be wasted and MBA standard market strategy will not work.
Insider: 13 country vs 70.. your to hasty when I told you xbox one was not ment to launch till 2014 September. Sony could sink any week now ... they have depleted every recourse they have.. the would have to sell 200 million ps4 to be able to stay in the aaa rating. When there is 90% loss in 90 % of there markets.
Its like with the last of us remaster.. rushed. So much is going go down over the next few months of the year that will set the record straight

Let's not forget that you also said the Xbox One was going to be announced at E3 2012 and that Cliff Bleszinski was going to be the big name on stage. You also once said that the Xbox One was going into production in November of 2012 and was likely to be released at E3 2013. You could not have been more wrong there. So now you are saying that the Xbox One was never meant to be launched until September 2014?! You seem to want to have it both ways, but the reality is that you are just completely wrong in every way.

Remember mrx I can not verify the ryse deal 100% yet. Its only what a source has said.. I do know that phil has been pushing it. And has had meeting with them.. large investment has been made. "This is my thought" = deep silver has a project in the works that will be announced I would think it is ryse 2. And the reason why. Deep silver are expanding into publishing agreements with ms.. 2nd party.
Also it has becomes apparent which website is not double checking there information .. dx12 will not help 1080p on x1 . Strange because the last sdk hasn't had any dx12 tools.. thoes benefits will arrive in October sdk. And dx12 has nothing to do with shader output performance ovet heads. It is aimed towards cpu and gpu thread processing overheads. And extra and offloading and the start of fpga gpu off load. I guess they don't understand that fpga can be reprogrammed to be a shader engine rendering pipeline special task engines / lighting physics shaders. Before this year is over things will be different in the console space. Id hate to be sony after pushing there hidden agendas. They cant hide all there comments. Notice how sdf media mouths are disappearing from the scenes.. I wonder why that is :)
I really do not understand how this man works regardless of who he is. There are major deals like Microsoft purchasing the Ryse IP from Crytek that he can talk about willy nilly before there is even 100% verification, but then there are deals like EA Access which he claims to have known about that he never once said or hinted a single word about at any point. It is almost as though he is making up the content to support the news of the day!

MIsterx: Sony is short of money and have stopped to pay internet commentators I guess...:)

I liked Remedy quote about "you will be speachless".
Yes it will

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