Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MisterXmedia Carnival of Comments. August 26th, 2014. Oldmanconnor thinks that 'insider's' claims are completely ridiculous. Ban incoming?

This comment was brought to my attention just a few minutes ago regarding MisterXmedia, his site and the claims he is making that are flat out slanderous against Sony.  MisterXmedia seems to believe that that DDoS attacks that have been acknowledged by @LizardSquad are an inside job perpetrated by Sony in an effort to push a DRM policy.  Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but you can read it all for yourself right HERE.
""Insider: The funny thing about this big ddos attack it is fake its a fear campaign for the industry to implement there drm or serial license locking of the game console.. told u mrx... I don't support this blanket approach from sony ... there going fail at tgs when they announce this.. expect your psn account has been compromised... its a shame that the ponys will be spoon feed any lies .."
The quote you see above is the main focal point of it all.  He is accusing Sony of carrying out the DDoS attacks all by themselves.  It makes me quite happy to know that there are free-thinking people on that site though after reading comments like the one that was just linked to me in the comment section of another post.  Let me break this down exactly like I have done in the past with the Carnival of Leaks posts:

So let me get this straight - Insider is suggesting that Sony has orchestrated the whole DDOS issue themselves as a way to trojan horse in some heavy DRM? Really? Seriously? I'm sorry but I cannot contemplate this being true.

BAM, that is exactly what he is suggesting.  Not only suggesting, but really he is insisting that is what happened.  There is zero evidence to support that.  In fact--there is only evidence showing that is not the case.  The guys who are a part of @lizardsquad have flat out taken claim for it on more than one occasion now.

Large companies change their policies all the time - sometimes to the apparent detriment of customers. These changes are not always popular but you don't other see large multinationals damaging their own business to accomplish such changes. The risk associated with such a strategy is too huge to consider. Can you imagine what would happen if they got found out? The regulatory bodies in the UK alone would tear Sony a new asshole - let alone the fallout globally. The damage to reputation and share price would be catastrophic.

Precisely Oldmanconnor!  This sort of thing does not happen.  MisterXmedia like to claim all the time that Sony hide behind lies and brainwash, but outside of the resolution of Killzone there is absolutely nothing to support what he is saying and has said.  I have read nearly every single post on his site at this point I have yet to establish credible evidence that Sony are practicing any sort of lies-and-brainwash type crap.  It is just not happening.  Talk like that generates click, but that is about all it does.  Kudos on you for being willing to call shenanigans on this sort of crap.

I think it is what it looks like. Some nerds going out of their way to show up the piss poor security of the PSN in an effort to get Sony to buck their ideas up.

You are right.  That is exactly what is going on here.  It is some idiot internet geeks who just want some attention.  Same as Lulzsec a few years ago.  I would not be shocked if they were not the same folks to be honest.  Or at least the leftovers of that group that didn't end up in jail/prison.

As for MS at TGS this looks odd. Insider has either been genuinely caught out by an unexpected decision from the higher ups at MS or was speculating to start with. Given the opportunity that X1 has for Japan it does seem strange that they are not taking advantage of the good momentum.
Here is my theory.  Insider didn't know.  He never knew, he has never known and will never know what is going on inside the walls of Microsoft.  He is a fraud.  He has been wrong so much that any reasonable person cannot possibly give him credit for being right about something when he is.  The times when he is right it is him declaring that he was right about something in a very loose way.  Example.  He never predicted Rise of the Tomb Raider.  I dug into his words extensively and he never once said a major 1st party title was coming at Gamescom.  He said one was coming at E3, but are we really going to give him credit when it happens 2 months later?  When is the cutoff?  You know full well that at some point there would be a major first party exclusive announced for the Xbox One.  How long after he says that does he keep to keep saying he was right?  If it happened a year later would you still give him credit?

I'm waiting for the BC thing to go with my 1080p patch for BF4 and Titanfall whilst admiring the piles of PS4's that were supposed to melt into failure at launch.

He said basically ALL launch titles would be getting patches.  Remember that.  Not a single one has actually happened to date.  Forza was supposed to get new DX12 integration as well if I recall correctly and that never happened either. 

On a positive note I'm buzzed for FH2 and GTAV. These cannot come soon enough and I'm currently having a blast on Wolfenstein.

As are we!  FH2 looks incredible and I am a huge GTAV fan. 


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