Thursday, August 14, 2014

Madmax_23, you stay classy. Now he retreats back to MisterXmedia's site calling me a cunt.

Wait, wait, wait.  Let me get this straight.  Madmax_23, the guy who came back begging ME to unblock him so he could keep talking to ME now spouts off on MisterXmedia's site like I did something to him?  

At one point and time he was so concerned about getting his word out that I even gave him his own post to say what he wanted to say.  Maybe he wasn't prepared for the totally unfair onslaught he received from the people of this community.  I guess I do feel for the guy.  He's never had to refute facts before.  I would have my pride damaged pretty badly too

You can click on the About Me section at the top of my site and see him come asking for me to unblock him.  Since I am sick and tired of all the secrecy and bullshit from misterXmedia I decided to have a public conversation with him.  I gave him that and he still ended up running away because having to defend himself and being accountable for the bullshit he says is not something that he was used to.  Well I am going to put his words out there for you all to see once again.  If he is going to say stuff like this he's not going to be coming back over here pretending like it never happened.  You can ignore this post outright if you like everyone.  I mostly wanted it for the record.




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