Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kevin Dent provides some enlightening commentary on MisterXmedia's leaks regarding Gears Of War using ray-tracing.

This isn't so much a post where I will be proving MisterXmedia wrong, but I felt it was worth sharing because it does provide for some helpful insight from and industry guy regarding leaks and such.  I do not need to really preface much, but rather I will just show you the conversation itself.
It started out by me asking Keven Dent what he may know or who he may know that could give insight into whether or not Gears of War or Halo will be using ray-tracing in their games.  Since they are two entirely different studios it is obvious that one person wouldn't know the answer for both.  That alone makes me skeptical as to how MisterXmedia would know this sort of thing.  Unless insider is a high up person in Microsoft there is just no way that he would be privy to that information.  
Then Kevin Dent enters the picture and I am personally convinced that there is no way insider could know this.  It is possible that GOW or Halo or both are using ray-tracing, but in the event that information comes out I would say insider got lucky.  It isn't like the technology isn't known and it isn't as though 343 Industries or Black Tusk are the first people to ever touch this tech.  It has been around for a little while already.This chunk of Twitter conversation gets a little bit long, but the content is great.  You don't want to skip any of it.  Dent even takes a soft jab at  people like MisterXmedia which is rather entertaining.

Alright so there you have it.  Kevin Dent thinks that MisterXmedia and people like him really just need a hug.  Haha.

There are two very major questions and bullet-points to take away from this post.

  • Why would one person have detailed technical development information on two different first party companies?  Not only that, but how would he have information on Crytek, Cliff Bleszinski, Battletoads at Gamescom and so much more?  It is impossible that any one person would be willing to leak that much information and it is even more impossible that a person who does leak that sort of thing made it that high in the company ladder without getting caught for doing it.
  • As Kevin Dent said.  The better the company is run the less likely it is that there are leaks.  Not only that, but he flat out says that there is no way any of the rumors about Gears of War are true.  He isn't saying that they are or are not using ray-tracing in the next Gears of War game just for the record.  He is saying that whatever knowledge he has regarding ray-tracing did not come from Black Tusk and thus it is more than likely made up.
Those are the facts from this post.  I will let you make your own decision.  Based on what Kevin Dent said I would say there is more than reasonable doubt in regard to the truthfulness of Insiders recent statements.  What do you think? 


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