Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just so we are perfectly clear. MisterXmedia was NOT right about a 3rd party exclusive. He named specific games which did NOT include Tomb Raider.

When Rise of the Tomb Raider was announced as a Microsoft exclusive game an hour ago my immediate thought was that MisterXmedia was finally right about some of the things he leaked.  I want to clarify, with proof, that no he was not right and in fact he missed the mark yet again.  From my hasty research I am pretty certain he never mentioned anything in regards to Square Enix.  He mentioned Capcom and Resident Evil though.  

Insider: Crackdown was a target render with in game assets and cloudgen technology for destruction and weather simulation effect events. Dont worry just like ssod the game looks better then its trailer in motion and all with in unreal 4. There is going to be a new conker 100% now. Battle toads also never made it to the show and resident evil was ment to be the exclusive 3rd party game which follows closely with code veronica story but also more of a reboot also was no show well apart from an accidental leak which I hear was abolished from the face of the internet. All up I think e3 was still a successful event for ms. Sony like all ways show cgi trickery uncharted 4 does not look that good ingame from the small demo we saw but if rumors are true the game maybe spred access project morphus and fans will not be happy render cgi was a dead give away but as were not a sony discussed web sight who praises sony cgi renders I think this is best to watch the down fall from a far .. feel sorry to the loyal ones over that side there really not going to be happy when they find out where the project is heading now morphus needed its killer app :)

He did mention an Xbox One 3rd party exclusive title, but it was to be announced at E3:
Insider: Cyberpunk is the word.. I still dont know myself but big smiles all across .. It could be any of these six tho from what is getting said ill know 1 hour before the show... but the final final announcement nobody will know they have been told to keep 15min of blank time at the end. there is also a mid section with blank time 10min. But from all reports the show will go over time considerably.Half life 3. Left for dead 3. Shenmue 3.. cyberpunk. Resident evil/ monster hunt
These are games tho that are some time out so its not a game you will play till late 15/16 so its more of a homage to the fanse .. this is inregards to 3rd party exclusive tilte. 

I did a very quick search and I can say that at no point, as far as I have found, did MisterXmedia ever mention Microsoft locking up a major AAA 3rd party exclusive and he NEVER eluded to it being from Square Enix or even an establish franchise.  I welcome any additional information, but as far as I can tell this was absolutely NOT predicted by MisterXmedia.


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