Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Insider is "hinting" that other publishers will have a subscription type service as well.

Well hey, would you look at that!  The EA Access program has come out and magically the insider has information to share in regards to other publishers.  Is that not exactly how the guy has operated for--well, ever?  This is a textbook example of why there is little reason to believe this guy is connected on the inside in any way.  There was never a single mention of this sorta thing.  At least not prior to EA coming out and saying that they have a new program called EA Access coming out exclusively on the Xbox One.
Fast forward and now MisterX and his insider have all types of information to share when it comes to games programs like this.  If you have begun to blindly follow MisterXmedia this may get you into a big frenzy of excitement because the notion is pretty exciting; however, to someone who perpetually skeptical of anything the guy leaks I can say this absolutely smells of fertilizer.
Why does the very first mention of this program, or programs to come, only happen after the EA Access program was revealed?  There are a million cryptic ways one can hint at an EA Access like programming coming and since he appears to know about others coming as well I would imagine if he is who he says he is he knew about EA Access as well.  That's not unreasonable--is it?
This whole insider thing on MisterXmedia's part has gotten really quite shameless on his part.  To just about anyone with a sense of reality it is easy to see how the guy just forms new insider information based on the news of the day/week and then passes it off as a leak or news.  There may be more of these Access style programs coming down the line, but I can assure you that MisterXmedia did not just leak that to you.  If a program like that is successful there WILL be more to come.  It is capitalism.  There is a pie and everyone wants a piece of it.  Just because he thinks he's said it before others does not mean he leaked it.  And for the record; MisterXmedia was not the first person to suggest that other companies may try to do the same:
It is not hard to do even a minimal amount of research and realize that this insider just forms his new information based off of the current news of the day.  It is how he's done it for a long time already.  I will say that he is good at repackaging it and presenting it as insider knowledge though. But that is expected when you've been honing your skills for over 4 years now.  Don't buy into this crap everyone!

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