Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Impressions of Quantum Break after its debut at Gamescom 2014.

I am writing this post late at night after only getting to listen to the audio of the Gamescom stream at work today.  I decided to sit down and actually watch it since audio does not do any justice to the great games that were announced today.  Naturally the major game that caught my attention was Quantum Break so I wanted to give my first impression for you guys and want to hear what you fine folks think as well.

From what I gather based on the short gameplay footage the game is very much a unique and original idea which is much appreciated by myself in an age where shooter after shooter just tries to emulate the latest and greatest.  The whole idea of stopping time in its tracks to save people and proceed forward is absolutely amazing.  The console warriors are going to try to diminish the game for anything that they possibly can, but I can tell you right now that there is no way they can criticize the graphics of Quantum Break.  They are nothing short of amazing and next to Ryse could be some of the best of this generation so far.  I would be guilty of being a fanboy if I didn't say Infamous: Second Son was also in that list as well.

Since this was a very specific part of the game we are obviously not privy to the entire basis for the games storyline though and that is really the only thing that I would be worried about at this point.  Splits in time and all that is great, but the story of the game is ultimately what matters.

Long story short.  Remedy and Same Lake have done an incredible job on the game if you ask me and other than wondering about the story I am really excited for the game.  That is my two cents.  What do you guys think about it?  Having finally seen gameplay do you think it will live up to the hype that has grown and grown over the last year?


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