Monday, August 4, 2014

Dear NeoGAF, the Xbox One has not seen a price cut. The $399 console was a new SKU.

I popped onto Reddit this morning and saw the link to NeoGAF in regards to an alleged price cut for the Xbox One system.  While I question in general whether or not that is actually true there is one major thing that people should realize before they jump onto the Microsoft is failing bandwagon that the internet likes to perpetuate.

Alright.  For those of you who do not have a clue what I am talking about there is a thread on NeoGAF talking about the Xbox One having it's price cut on the official Spanish site down to 349€.  If this is true that would mean that the Xbox One now comes in cheaper than the PS4.  The biggest question though is whether or not this is even true.  It came from NeoGAF so I would take this with one gigantic block of salt considering the track record of people on that site.

Here is the image in question that has sparked this whole rumor talk.  (If you want to see more detail you can click on that image to view it in full size.)

The common thing that I see being mentioned on the thread at NeoGAF is that "Xbox One is getting another price cut already!"  It is worth mentioning that if this is actually true, which I doubt, this would be the first price cut to the Xbox One system since it was launched.  The $399 system was not a price cut as people seem to keep repeating.  It was a new SKU that removed the Kinect and thus made the system cheaper.  That is all that was.  Microsoft recognized the outcry of people who didn't want to pay for the Kinect because it was a feature they had little interest in.  Thus they removed the Kinect from the system and started selling it at $399.  That is why you can buy the Xbox One for $399 now.

So, when you see people such as Zalman from NeoGAF saying in surprise that the Xbox One is getting another price-cut already you can feel free to ignore him because the Xbox One has yet to see an official price cut to it since it launched back in November 2013.    Not only that, but this is a great example of the level of ignorance going on at NeoGAF.  I personally do not have a problem with NeoGAF in terms of who people say they are bias.  I do however find that place ridiculous in the level of willful ignorance that they choose to perpetuate while simultaneously claiming to be a major source of gaming news and information.

Thankfully you all know better and wouldn't buy into the false notion that the Xbox One is seeing multiple price-cuts.  See, facts are fun!

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