Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Community Spotlight : Xbox_theone says it best when explaining the hypocrisy against Xbox One.

I want to preface this post by sayin--I did not write it.  It is a comment from MisterXmedia's site by Xbox_theone.  Yes, the guy whom I have disagreed with publicly on more than one occasion.  But, I have always said and I stand by it, that I have nothing against anyone in that community.  I have made enemies because I choose to ask questions and people find that wrong.  I still hold the ability to point out when someone is right and in this case I do think that xbox_theone makes a great point about how Microsoft gets drug through the mud regardless of whether Sony is doing the same thing.  He is a little more heated in saying what he said and he totes a bit of the MrX blog speak than I would write personally, but just realize his overall sentiment pretty much hits the nail square on the head.  Enjoy!

"If I could summarize in a word my feelings towards the whole Tomb Raider exclusivity thing, that would probably be HATE. As a gamer, I absolutely hate the cancerous PlayStation community and the biased gaming media, and that's all Sony's fault.
I owned a Sega Saturn back in the 90's, and man, how I loved that console! But Sega was facing at that time a new rival, the brand new PlayStation, made by Japanese giants Sony.
And what did Sony do to quickly gain market shares and sell tons of consoles? They've secured exclusivity over SEVERAL videogames, that's what they did. And their business strategy eventually killed my beloved Sega Saturn, just because Sega fans couldn't play games like Winning Eleven, Metal Gear Solid (Konami), Tekken, Dino Crisis (Namco), Final Fantasy and Chrono Cross (Square), among tons of others, in their favorite gaming console.
Did anybody talk about Sony being anti-consumerist back then? NO. Did any gaming magazine attack Sony's way of doing business? NO. Did anybody claim that Sony's practices could kill the gaming industry or take Sega out of business? NO. Did Sony, after all, do anything wrong acting that way? NO, in the eyes of the gamers, the gaming media and the companies at the time, that was just business.
But what about nowadays?
Can Sony seal agreements with 2nd and 3rd parties to secure exclusivity over new IPs? Of course they can! They can have exclusives like Deep Down (Capcom), for example, that Xbox One owners may never play in their favorite gaming console! There's nothing wrong with that and exclusives are the videogame business's soul, in the eyes of the gaming websites and PlayStation fans.
Can Microsoft seal agreements with 2nd and 3rd parties to secure exclusivity over new IPs? Hell, NO! As consumers, Sony fans should be able to choose playing games like Ryse (Crytek) in their favorite console! By doing that, Microsoft is being anti-consumerist and ruining the gaming industry - that's why they deserve to be hated with all their money! Let's all make petitions yelling at the developers that, if their games won't go multiplats, we'll boycott their games from now on!
Can Sony seal agreements with 2nd and 3rd parties that secure exclusivity over already famous franchises? Of course they can! Games like Final Fantasy (Square Enix) and Metal Gear Solid (Konami) deserve to remain eternally PlayStation exclusives, because they have a solid fan base and if Xbox gamers really want to play them, all they need to do is buying a Sony PlayStation, that's a perfectly normal thing in gaming business and they have to deal with it.
Can Microsoft seal agreements with 2nd and 3rd parties that secure exclusivity over already famous franchises? NO, never! That's the most Satanist behavior a publisher could have, and games like Tomb Raider (Square Enix) should be offered to every single gamer in the world, no matter what their gaming platform is! Consumers should be allowed to choose in which console they will play their favorite games, and let's all boycott any developer that make exclusivity agreements (timed ou permanently) with the evil Microsoft!
You know what? I blame all the PlayStation fans for this scenario. Sony's ruining gaming industry with propaganda and lies, and people who continue buying their products do nothing but support their behavior more and more. With the biased gaming media protection, SDF efforts and millions of consoles sold, they feel untouchable and believe they can do anything they want, because no matter how harmful to consumers is their strategy, people and media continue defending them.
Please, Mister X, keep this place, whatever it takes, an oasis for people who love games and, because of that, can't stand Sony-related things anymore."  ~Xbox_TheOne


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