Friday, August 15, 2014

Community Spotlight: Other Tidbits

I was sent this post without any name given on it so I am going to post it as is, but under the community spotlight tag as I have in the past.  In the future if people send me something just throw your name in the subject line so I know who sent it in.  All great information though.  I love what this community is doing here.  Keep up the awesome input everyone!  Thank you so much!  Enjoy!

Neither of the emails are for posting – it was just because you wanted the info.

In all honesty, it just isn’t worth it. The whole site seems to be filled with a bunch of douchebags who attack any outside opinion (or logic) that is posted. Gasby07 pretty much got lit up and attacked like he stomped on their consoles all for stating his opinion.

Smash has turned into some kind of hyper active sphincter ready to crap on anyone or anything that contradicts “The Magician” (I refuse to call him an Insider) and has got to be one of the biggest turds on the site now.

Snipped June 10th post
100% huhn? Well unless they saved it for a non showcase date, it didn’t happen – but none of these idiots hold him accountable – so why bother? Hell, they will give him credit for predicting things he never predicted.

Snipped from June 12th post

Maybe I missed it but not 1 of these came to pass – NOT 1!!! I’m sorry, but if none of these gets announced how in the hell do they let him slide? Wait until TGS…then wait until the GDC…and thn, wait until E3 – how in the hell do they not all rebel and just
Make up their own live journal site – they already have log ins!! They are willfully ignorant and stay or (and this one is the worst) know the truth and stay AND bash anybody for telling the truth.

Ugh…im going to bed


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