Friday, August 29, 2014

Community Highlight: The900number asks the question. Does MisterX have an exit strategy?

After reading Dollmytee's last posts and the "news" at MisterX's site a question came to my mind: "How will this all end? MisterX can't keep going forever with all that BS."

But first, let's take a look at the history of MisterX' site which has been around for quite a long time:

Back in the days before the XB1 and the PS4 were officially unveiled, a lot of rumors were flying around about what kind of hardware the new consoles might include. One day, a guy named "SuperDAE" leaked the specs of an XB1 devkit which confirmed the x86 based architecture of the XB1.

Within a few hours or a day, MisterX copied and pasted all of these rumors including the SuperDAE stuff to his Livejournal and gave credit to his "Insider" for providing it. A lot of people were unaware of this copy & paste job and believed that his "Insider" was the original source. At this time, his site gained a massive amount of followers. There was already a lot of crazy speculation going on in the comments section, but since there were no official specs around this was expected and normal.

Fast forward to the day where the XB1 was finally unveiled - and it turns out that the PS4 has more powerful hardware:

MisterX absolutely loses his shit. He goes on a rant how MS fucked up and will lose the console war with a weaker machine.

He refuses to believe that his beloved console might not be the powerhouse he wants it to be. He's sure that there is some hidden hardware inside the XB1 which makes his dreams come true. This is where the crazy stuff really starts.

In the next few months, he makes up a countless amount of ways how the XB1 will eventually become more powerful. In no particular order, this included:

dGPU, faster GPUs, clock speed increases, upscalers, the cloud, a "local cloud", HSA, stacked chips everywhere, ARM coprocessors, FPGAs, and much more.

A lot of this info is backed up by his "researching assistant", MisterCteam. This armchair scientist obviously invests a lot of time in gathering the latest IT and semiconductor news and finding crazy ways to apply this to the XB1. Even if it's all pure BS, making up this BS on almost a daily basis must be very time consuming.

Fast forward to the present:

Not a single one of his theories turned out to be true. He's become the laughing stock of (almost) the whole gaming community. Some of his crap was even debunked by MS employees or developers. But he keeps going.

He's running a house of cards built on lies and - at least to me - it seems to start crumbling. After censoring the hell out of his comment section, people like Dollmytee appeared and called him on their own platforms. And some of his followers started to listen.

It's obvious that Dollmytee's blog is scaring him since he's already posted some angry comments here. He's getting called out more often on his own site and the stuff he posts is crazier than ever.
So my final questions to you, dear readers:

Do you think he'll keep going forever? 
When will he stop? 
How will it end?

Looking forward to your comments!



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