Friday, August 1, 2014

Community Highlight: Kingfatness went to San Diego Comic Con and got some footage of Forza Horizon 2. Take a look!

I am always interested in having community members share or submit content for everyone to see.  This site is meant to facilitate any discussion you want to have or show off anything you want to share.   Feel free to contact me either through email or one of the many other avenues I have provided on the site if you have something you want to share or show off.

The video you see below was taken by a community member by the name of Kingfatness on his recent trip to SDCC!  Aside from being one lucky bastard and getting to play Forza Horizon 2 he was also able to record a few minutes of game footage that he wanted to share with you all.

(Full disclosure, he sent this to me almost a week ago now, but because I suck I totally forgot to post it.  I was being selfish and hording it for myself.  Sorry about that!)

I do not think that anyone was worried the game wouldn't look spectacular.  Even having been filmed the way it was it still shows a game that looks as flashy as we expected it to.  Thank you very much Kingfatness for the footage and feel free to share your work on the site any time you would like!

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