Saturday, August 9, 2014

Community Highlight - Kingfatness has done some digging into TGS, Gamescom and the giant pile of contradictions from MisterXmedia.

Good morning everyone!  Community member Kingfatness did a bit of digging into some of the predictions MisterXmedia has made leading up to Gamescom.  I will not say anything on the matter other than "It is getting DEEP."....the bullshit, that is.  Enjoy!

“Insider: People have to understand there is going to be another 2 big shows and this year tgs is going to be bigger then e3 in some regards. Remember xbox is launching in japan. There will be 8 announced games that were not at e3 and there aaa games. Megatons have to spread out.   Gdc is not just qb. And like I said this e3 was hard to nail from my own eyes to sauces cos up to the day mear hours before the show things got changed .. fallout 4 got moved . Doom 4 no show and it has advertised beta. Beyond good and evil 2 has to wait because ubisoft want it on wiiu as well as ps4/x1. Phil decided to give 3rd party partnerships major respect it has pain off.. sony had 3 games and an india that are exclusive all the rest are on xbox 1. I told you from the start things would change due to moving targets and fallout 4 team didn't want to show there game they want it to be a megatone so 100% expect it at gdc” (June 10th Post.)"

• Please take note he kept misstating ‘GDC’ for ‘Gamescom’. This is evident by his comment about Quantum Break and the early announcement by Sam Lake that it would be pushed to Gamescom.

• So games that were inferred to be there per this post: Doom 4, Beyond Good and Evil 2, 

• Games 100% guaranteed to be there is Fallout 4 per this post. 

“Plus the biggest let down was fallout 4 exclusive to pc/x1 it didnt even get announced at the end. And its due to Ms getting the witcher 3 on stage demo which was only placed mear hours before the live briefing. Bethesda wants it there way I guess they even pulled the doom 4 teaser trailer. I should have tampered my expectations I guess but I would definitely get excited for the next two conferences. And keep your eyes on the 16th...Sorry guys missing from the show and due some time this year in announcements some way out
Shenmue 3
Halfvlife 3
Ltfd 3
Gear of war 3
Banjo 3 rare 2nd party
Conker bad nights. Rare !! Orginal conker team getting reformed.
Fallout 4 gdc tgs qukecon announce this year
Ever online tgs!! Mmo
Final fantasy 7 in crisis core in form of gbike design :(
Resident evil 7 tgs !!!
Mistwalker rpg tgs !!!
Lollypop chainsaw 2 tgs !!!
Capcom mh4/5 tgs !!!
Phantasy star mmo tgs!!!”
 (June 12th post)”

• Fallout 4 is now going to be an XB/PC exclusive

• Sidenote (and he never answered me): What does the Witcher 3 have to do with Fallout 4? Sony wen over by 30 mins, why wouldn’t MS just go a little longer? 

• All of the games listed will make it either to Gamescom or TGS.

“Half life 3 and shenmue 3 are not ready to show tgs is definitely the place shenmue bomb will drop . resident evil 7 reboot tgs. Monster hunter next tgs.” (June 12th, Post)

• So he now, in the same post, now confirms that Shenmue, Resident Evil 7 reboot, and Monster Hunter next will be at TGS. 

“Insider: No body got the deal "yet" so next week when photos of phil hit the net of him with yo.. I guess that means Ms brought sega.. Sega have had prototypes in different formats all based around ryo. Nothing set in stone. Carney and sega go way back.. cliffy was just f@#king with neogaf.. expect more. Last thing I heard about any game gossip before chicken gone kill me ..”
“Gfg next month will be x aaa retail game .. don't be surprised.”
“GC rumour is the first showing of new final fantasy not sure which or what.. just heard sq will have a big presentation. I couldn't question enough about it.. but they also so have a remake for tgs live.” (July 1st post)

• ...wait, just two weeks ago he just guaranteed that it would drop at TGS – whatever.

• We are in Aug. GFG so far has not been a AAA game title – maybe it will change.

• Square Enix announced their games already there were no unannounced FF games

“Gamescom.. is going to be good for x1 fans.. 1 huge aaa game to be announced. That I have heard. Roumor has it .. there could be a sega game announced .. I waa told not next gen ryo .. but a blue hedgehog.. this could change to tgs.” (July 14th Post)

• ...ok now it is 1 HUGE aaa game to be announced. No mention if it is exclusive, or
technically which platform. 

• Sega will announce a game. Why he didn’t just say Sonic boggles the mind. Who wouldn’t think Sonic with that description?


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