Saturday, August 23, 2014

BS Report: A Tale of repackaged news as BS insider information regarding Undead Labs and zombie games.

I have been talking about MisterXmedia's pension for repackaging already known information as an inside leak.  His latest post was absolutely no different.  Not only that, but the fact that people believe this to be inside information is just downright pathetic.

"Insider: There is a few title's in development that are using world physics or knowledge of nature. Iv seen a few games in development phase. One was a zombie game .. and it uses a real world time. I was shown the world changing over years you could get lost because of the dynamic changes. World physics is not 100% cloud dependent tho. But the online cloud processing was 60ms in test in lab 20ms. They use one of the data move engines to process "pim" information and a form of synthetic object render. There using geometric meshes that do not need to be processed with textures. Parametric. That is cloud based online. But it works in tandem with offline and also by mixing it with procedural geometry synthesized directly on gpu or coprocessors. 2 of the data move engines are specifically design to handle this.. I don't like talking about the cloud stuff in till ms have directly addressed the white elephant in the room. It will do more harm then good. Because people must see that 160ms and 700kb connection will services for world physics. Data packets are streamed in like a video is streaming the information is directly linked to dynamism. Crunchy numbers server side is very important.."

When I read the above quote from MisterXmedia (AKA WTF) I couldn't help but feel sorry for all the folks who are actually silly enough to read this thinking they just got some inside scoop.  Let me explain:

Insider said Microsoft are working on a zombie game.  While it is exciting I assure you we already knew about this over 6 months ago.  Undead Labs signed multi-title agreement with Microsoft back in January. So I am going to declare this the repackaged information I have mentioned countless times before.

So there is blatant proof that we knew about a zombie game being developed long ago.  The rest is the usual window dressing he likes to slap on to make it sound more "insider-y."  The thing is though that what he is saying is at least PLAUSIBLE in this case.  I refuse to say it is true or that it is happening, but I will say that in this case his claims are at least PLAUSIBLE--at best.

This is from the article linked above:
"We cannot begin working on Class4 without a greenlight from Microsoft (who owns the IP, as part of the bargain that led to the funding and development of State of Decay) and a mutually agreeable contract," Sanya Weathers, director of community said.

"We have to agree on where we think the technology is going to be in a few years (since the game will take a few years to develop); we have to agree that we have the same goals; and we have to agree on how we'll collectively run and support the final game."

As you can see; right in the article itself that the game is very dependant on where the technology is going to be almost two years into the future.  Anyone who isn't a complete idiot knows that.  In the last two years Microsoft have referenced cloud-computing and all that stuff extensively.  They've spoken about the ability of the cloud to give gaming world a dynamic feel.  They've spoken about the ability of the cloud to make a world naturally evolve.

So, all that being say, you will have to excuse me if I find it laughable when he tries to tell anyone who will listen that Microsoft are developing a zombie game that is using that cloud.  Considering Unlead Labs is on a contract directly with Microsoft and they are in the same damn town I would say that the use of cloud is extremely likely.

Do not believe everything he says.  Even when it appears to be true it is often just repackaged information that we've known about for a long time.


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