Saturday, August 30, 2014

BS REPORT: State of Decay coming to the Xbox One was most certainly NOT a correct prediction by MisterXmedia's 'insider'.

I popped onto Reddit a bit ago and was greeting by the great news that State of Decay would be making it's way to the Xbox One in 2015.  When the initial excitement died down I quickly did what I have been doing for the last 3-4 months and that is try to figure out in what way was MisterXmedia going to try and spin this as a prediction that he got right.   Less than a week ago MisterXmedia went on to talk about an zombie game that is coming to the Xbox One.

Let me get out ahead of the bullshit this time and tell you that other than his prediction being about zombies and State of Decay being a zombie game the additional details show that these two things are in absolutely no way connected to one another.  You do not get to ignore all the other details he put out there just to say that he was right about it being a zombie game.

First, zombie games are god damned everywhere at this point.  DayZ, WarZ (Now, Infestation), H1Z1, State of Decay, Left 4 Dead series, Resident Evil, Zombie U and many many more.  They have been coming out for the last 5+ years on an almost constant basis.  So to throw out a prediction for a zombie game is almost as much of a lock as saying there is an American football game being developed for the console.  It is an absolute non-prediction.  All he did was talk about something that is essentially a certainty and play it off like inside information.

Second, his quote was as follows:
"Insider: There is a few title's in development that are using world physics or knowledge of nature. Iv seen a few games in development phase. One was a zombie game .. and it uses a real world time. I was shown the world changing over years you could get lost because of the dynamic changes. World physics is not 100% cloud dependent tho. But the online cloud processing was 60ms in test in lab 20ms. They use one of the data move engines to process "pim" information and a form of synthetic object render. There using geometric meshes that do not need to be processed with textures. Parametric. That is cloud based online. But it works in tandem with offline and also by mixing it with procedural geometry synthesized directly on gpu or coprocessors. 2 of the data move engines are specifically design to handle this.. I don't like talking about the cloud stuff in till ms have directly addressed the white elephant in the room. It will do more harm then good. Because people must see that 160ms and 700kb connection will services for world physics. Data packets are streamed in like a video is streaming the information is directly linked to dynamism. Crunchy numbers server side is very important.."
Look at everything else he's said in addition to the fact that is is going to be a zombie game and that tells you that he knew absolutely NOTHING about State of Decay coming to the Xbox One.  State of Decay on the Xbox 360 did not use cloud computing in any way.  It did not have any sort of a dynamically changing world either.  Nothing about the zombie game that is currently known to be coming to the Xbox One reflects the information that 'insider' put out there.  None of it.

So what is is defense going to be?  I can tell you right now he is either going to take credit for this and leave off all the other stuff--OR--he is going to try and say that Undead Labs are integrating the cloud with their game because they are close partners with Microsoft at the moment.  I have multiple emails out to people working at Undead Labs in hopes of getting any sort of information on this, but with PAX Prime going on I would say a lot of those folks are currently out of their office.  I will update you when I hear any new news though!

For now you can go to MisterXmedia's site and laugh at all the people who are guaranteed to give 'insider' credit for this since they will only hear zombie game and claim he was completely right while ignoring all the additional details he put out there.

Bottom Line, the prediction he made about a zombie game with all those physics and such coming was absolutely not true and it has yet to come true.  State of Decay has no resemblance to the zombie game that he described in the quote I posted above.  Any credit that he tries to take in regards to predicting State of Decay is...BULLSHIT.


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