Thursday, August 14, 2014

BS Report: Phil Spencer is a liar! MisterXmedia knows what the Xbox One is capable of and he said 4K is going to happen.

Ok, now that I have removed my tongue from my cheek after writing that title let me get down to business.  It seems every time MisterXmedia opens his internet mouth some executive type person is quickly there ready to stuff their foot right in it.  This time Phil Spencer's tweet about 4K is the one showing how little MisterXmedia (aka WTF, aka 'insider') actually knows about the Xbox One console.

As a quick side note.  In writing this post I ran across something else that Phil Spencer has said and he doesn't think people like MisterXmedia are good for gaming.  He's talking about the negative impact that fanboy's like him have on gaming.

Anyway.  I digress.  Phil answered a direct Tweet in regards to 4K resolution happening this generation on the Xbox One.  Phil bluntly said:

Source - Gamingbolt

Alright now that we know the situation from Phil Spencer.  And just for the record to any doubters.  There literally is not another person higher up the Xbox ladder than you can get an answer from on this.  The guy is in the know on absolutely every single thing relating to the entire Xbox brand.  If you cannot trust or believe the word of Phil Spencer then there is no fact from anyone at Microsoft that can be considered legitimate.

All that being said.  These have been the claims from MisterXmedia for almost the last 3 years now:

Exhibit A: The belief that Xbox One has the proper power to make 4K happen.
The first one is a very short quote referring to the power that they believe to be in the Xbox One and they are stating that it is the proper amount of power inside the Xbox One to achieve 4k resolution.
"Misterx: Without Tiled Resourses(TR) with all speciall hardware Xbox One have:
- It is 4-5TF
- with console level optimization = 8-10 TF compared to modern non full HSA PCs.

With TR and full HSA efficiency it is hard to calc with current metrics as TFlops will be the same but game scene could consist of 3-4 times more objects on screen.

So in TFs it will be 4-5TF x 3-4 = 12-16 TFs but that is wrong calc to do but why not if we want compare polycount this system could render.

That would equal to 2-2.5 times faster than current top 6TF GPU cards.

When thouse cards will also use TR and full HSA they could also multiple their 6TF by 3-4 to imagine polycount to todays metrics.

That is the power needed to make 4k games possible."

Exhibit B: 'insider' claims that there are developers working on 4K games RIGHT NOW.
This one just proves yet another lie on behalf of MisterXmedia and his 'insider'. The comment itself actually comes from a community member by the name of Dwayne Batchelor.  One can assume that since he posts inside information he agrees with it though.  This bit not only invalidates Dwayne Batchelor, but casts even more doubt on the credibility of MisterXmedia.  It comes from back in December of 2013 claiming the following:
Dwayne BatchelorXbox 1 is future tech.
Ok gunna update my conversation with old friend who works @ Microsoft.. They said what is coming will blow our minds said that Xbox 1 is much more powerful than PS4 ...Due to the whole drm issue us gamers got screwed out of the cloud and that ms had to update XB1 for offline when I mentioned second stacked chip they smiled and said everything will come out but in stages also that steam box is why we don't know much yet..Told me that they are making 4k games right now..They laughed and said why would XB1 come with a 4k cable also said 8gig of nand flash is not for snapping apps..They did not confirm or deny second chip answer with no answer ..They said why no xray said if it where true and they found it they would not be able to disclose it I found that interesting.. They said cloud compute is real and when revealed will blow our minds and sony fanboys will b left feeling stupid said they r not informed. They told me to hold on info is coming soon to public... Personally I think the upgrades caused problems so games were rushed..I'm excited for the newyear and what awaits for XB1 remember jump ahead

Exhibit C: MisterCteam even props up the X'blog house of cards on the theory of 4K resolution.
This is from MisterCteam.  So now you have literally ever facet of his blog being built up around the consoles power and their justification for why it has to be true is because of 4K resolution.  1.3TF is not enough to achieve 4K resolution by their own admission.  We've got Dwayne Batchelor talking about knowing someone at Microsoft saying they ARE working on 4K at the time.  You've got MisterXmedia/wtf/'insider also saying they know it is happening and now you've got MisterCteam fortifying the belief in 4K.

V. Now Takes a look at MrX 2012 Insider daily specifically this
i want to post summary of it and remember he described what MS achieved on 2012
what we have on final X1 probably already more little bit than that
*) before read i give a hint so not confuse reading reverse fact he quote
*) exactly 1 year ago he already said Main SOC + GPU (yes we know the GPU is actually dGPU)
-the cpu tech ibm blue gene, he talk cpu inside the dgpu not main soc,
-he talk SMT it is SMT4, final SMT for dGPU as it is power based, probably SMT6 (power 8 is SMT8)
-the main soc gpu is modified 6670, --> Hotchips DX 11.1+
-about embRAM, not carried away with the capacity, but it is like we know
MainSOC will have eDRAM/SRAM, dGPU will have it too
-dGPU will have 2GB of DDR5 stacking, not know what the final will have.
-now this is exactly like i pointed out the coiltronics
he said MS max watt is 300W, and target for final 90W main SOC, 95W for DGPU
but looking at Wired seems MS already upped the dgpu to 130-150W
-The DGPU will have 1920 core that at early 2012, the final like i said will have 2304/2560 ALU
*) finnaly no wonder game like BF4, Wdogs, witcher etc --> use 1x or 2x7970
*) also why MS target 10 Year and 4K this is certainly a Beast

I am not even going to sit here and try to sway your opinion on the matter like I usually do.  There is nothing left to sway you towards.  If Phil Spencer himself doesn't see it happen it is probably not going to happen.  That is a very safe bet.  Since the entire house of cards over at MisterXmedia is propped up on the notion of console power and its ability to output 4K games I would say that the whole lie has come to a dead end.

Obviously MisterXmedia is going to continue with his charade and he is obviously going to have an answer for this post.  I am sure there is some secret reason that 'insider' knows and Phil doesn't as to why it will be happening and I am wrong, but for those of us in the reality world I think we can just about stick a fork in MisterXmedia because he is done.


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