Thursday, August 14, 2014

BS REPORT: MisterXmedia knew all about Tomb Raider because its 100% exclusive....except it isn't 100% exclusive as per Phil Spencer...

I am going to start saving every post as a PDF and linking it as a source instead of copy and pasting it.  I realized that all I am doing is giving him back-links by doing that.

Here is something interesting that I ran across in my perusing of MisterXmedia's post from the other day.  Mind you, this was when the world was all but assured that Tomb Raider was 100% exclusive.  Every hint that 'insider' drops eludes to the notion that he knew 100% that the game was never coming to Playstation.  Funny though.  The game is only a timed exclusive and now no one is mentioning how he was wrong about that.  

He was praised for predicting Tomb Raider would be exclusive.  People gave him credit for that even though I proved that there is zero record to back that up.  Then just to capitalize off of the news he comes out and writes what I will show you below acting like he knew all along that it was going to be announced.  He talks in absolutes as though he knows the game is forever exclusive to Xbox One.  24 hours later it turns out he was wrong and there is zero mention of it anywhere on his blog.   Let me show you.  Enjoy!

Exhibit A:
Insider: Like I said no bc at gc.. it is coming . And quntom brake hhmmm 1.3 tf know you truly know something big will be announced before years end... but I hope you like the sneak peak at halo 5 disruption map.. nice raytracing lighting and the metal shaders are crazy. And pre loading I answered that a while ago but there is the official answear and the ssod "white xbox" not the call of duty version that others were thinking offical.
Tomb rader rise of gardens exclusive but pc version next december tho but not going to be coming to pa4.. check the pre e3 list :) like I said port beg a quick release for squares unnounced tgs title.Was a good gameacom. Games and games.
Take note much more is coming.. there going to take sony's word directly at tgs on there soil.
Cloud physics demo is coming .. I think will hear something about that very very soon :)

Exhibit B:

Insider: There should be work in progress pictures hitting soon. Thoes models are in game.. and they are still fine tunning new comput assets.. raytracing light voxels. The game is absolutely amazing..Tomb rader rg will use a halo5 modified engine..
Xbox does rt lighting better ..
I really do believe cloudgen was going to show a demo ... but it may be behind closed doors sorry if that is the case.. I tried hard to be all over gc but I couldn't be.. and I expect tgs to be extremely difficult for all insiders out there to nail the final show this year.. because I just got told there is more deals going through like tr ... lets wait till later to say something. Or I might leave a hit. Later tho. Sony will fight back but its going to cheat.. they only found out at gamescom that tomb rader is exclusive there having to edit there gaming trailer :) because its not on ps4 any more... :) :) :) .... I told you ms are not playing nice guys I highly doubt any more sony suits will give ms people drivers to shows :)GAME ON.
'Insider' said that "Tomb rader rise of the gardens" is exclusive. That is is getting a PC version next December.  He then emphasizes that it is NOT going to be coming to PS4.  That is irrefutable evidence that he is playing it off as he knows for sure that Tomb Raider is fully exclusive.  In Exhibit B he goes on to say that they only found out about the exclusivity of the game at Gamescom and that it is not on PS4 anymore.  He doubled down on saying he knew it was fully exclusive.

Fast forward to the next day and that is a dead subject.  No one has asked a single question about it.  It was never brought up.  Never addressed.  How does 'insider' know that is is not coming to PS4 when it was said by Phil Spencer himself that the exclusivity agreement has a duration to it?  

I would love to see MisterXmedia try and explain himself in regards to all this, but--we know that isn't going to happen.


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