Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BS REPORT: MisterXmedia is playing revisionist history! The blatant hypocrisy is almost shameful at this point.

It is really cool to see how someone acts when you start calling them on their bullshit.  At one point and time MisterXmedia was banning literally anyone who did not profess their faith towards his agenda.  He want so far as to even flat out post a comment saying that people with different opinions than he has are not allowed to post on his site.  That is not joke.  The proof is in the screenshot below:

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"All doubers should not post here their doubst as this place for the same the same minded people first and all others second.


Got many PMs to clear this place from doubters as they make this place less enjoyable.  Agree with them."
That was posted on July 6th, 2014 on his blog.  The comment was quickly removed when people caught wind of it.  It showed that he is not willing to listen to people or have an actual discussion.  What MisterXmedia wants and has been facilitating for years now is an anti-Sony/pro-Xbox propaganda machine.

Fast forward just about two months and it seems he has forgotten his own words because his tone sure has changed a lot.  Not only is he not banning people, but he is actually saying he encourages people to have discussions.  Yeah, I am serious.  Take a look for yourself:

Sometimes we need posts like this is referring to the people who are flat-out saying he is basically full of shit.  Since he knows that just about everyone who gets banned for voicing their opinion though ends up in the comment section here he is now doing everything he can to keep those people around.

I sort of admire the guy for swallowing his pride and letting people call bullshit on his nonesense, but at the same time it is incredibly pathetic and it shows that his little house of cards is awfully shakey right now.  Especially when you consider that 2 months ago people like the ones he is referring to were being instantly banned from his site. 

Hell I had an entire posted entitled BS REPORT: Hypocrisy from MisterXmedia. Rails against NeoGAF and N4G for removing posts/comments...then does the same thing!  If you have not read it yet.  I strongly suggest it.  This guy it talking regularly out of both sides of his mouth.  He doesn't want your opinion on his site if you do not agree with him, but he strongly believes in the 80/20 rule where 20% of people and discussion should be critical of what he is saying.  That goes against everything that he has said and done for the last 2-3 YEARS not to mention just the last 2-3 months when he really ramped up his pension for banning dissent.

Seriously, lets just call this all for what it is...BULLSHIT.


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