Wednesday, August 6, 2014

BS REPORT. MisterXmedia has been caught red handed. Irrefutable proof that he pretends to be other people to defend himself.

I think just about all of us have been skeptical for quite some time as to whether MisterXmedia and insider were the same person.  The grammatical errors, the general way that the two speak.  They all seemed just too similar not to question it.  Without proof it essentially was just his word against ours and since there was never really a way to prove that he was in fact both people outside of speculation it was more or less a dead issue.  It has been this way for almost 2-3 years now for most people.
Yesterday I had a post submitted to me by someone anonymously which broke down the comment section of a post MisterXmedia wrote on July 24th, 2014.  At the time I didn't know what to really make of it because it was just silly data. But I figured if someone put in the time to pull that sort of stuff and send it to me the least I could do is share it with the community.  That is what the submit content tab is for after all.  I threw up the post and to be honest I really had no clue what to expect.  I really didn't.  I was never expecting it to become a big thing.  I never expected to have MisterXmedia directly comment on it.  I never really expected any of what happened.  Then this morning happened...
When I woke up this morning I had a few notifications from Disquss, my commenting system, saying there were comments posted overnight.  A user by the name of "WTF" had posted a handful of comments.
Exhibit A: WTF's Comments:
Comment #1

Comment #2
Did you notice anything interesting about those comments?  They had a strange resemblance to the way MisterXmedia speaks--didn't they?  The broken English, the SDF talk and the the reference to me being against them.  It all smelled strongly of the things MisterXmedia has said in the past to not only me, but anyone who questions him.
It was then that I decided to go and see the back end information for the guy commenting under the name WTF.  
Exhibit B: PDF Save of entire Disquss comment thread: (This is 99% original.  The only editing was that I redacted the email and IP of other people.  This Email is already public information you will see in a little bit.)
What is the significance of the email address you might be asking?  Well with .ru on the end that sort of tells you the person is from Russia which would explain the broken English.  So we know that WTF is more than likely a Russian or at the very least that English is not his first language.  Also I had this 
Just to see what came up I wanted to go and do a Google Search of the email address.  I don't know what exactly to call it, but in MisterXmedia terms I believe they call it megatons.
Exhibit C: Screenshot of Google Search:

This absolutely blows my damn mind!  What are the odds that the FIRST thing which comes up when I search a random Email address defending MisterXmedia was a post from his site?

Click to Enlarge

Holy hell, is this for real?  Of course I clicked on the link which let me to the next PDF I've embdedded which is 100% unchanged.  It is a PDF safe of that page.  The link is HERE if you care to go look at it, but I wanted a PDF so if he tries to cover his tracks we know the truth for eternity.
Exhibit D: PDF of MisterXmedia's post from April 2013:
Now, before people get upset at my for revealing his email address, just know that it is already public information on his site.  He gave it to his massive community back in April 7th or 2013.  So I really do not feel all that bad in divulging it considering he's done so himself in this post. 
So there you have it.  Not only is WTF actually MisterXmedia pretending to be someone from his community trying to defend him, but he also left his email out in plain site for the world to see over a year ago.  He can go on all he wants about us being on a mission to destroy him all he wants.  Anyone with common sense knows that not to be the case.  However, when he has to pretend to be someone else it really goes to show the utter level of dishonesty this guy operates with.
What I find most ridiculous is that I have invited him and others to come over here and rebut anything I say for months now and only one person had the balls to come here.  Madmax_23 may not have been all the friendly, but at least he was man enough to come under his real identity so I give him all the credit in the world for that.
It is undeniably official at this point.  MisterXmedia DOES pretend to be other people and we can safely assume this is not the first time he has done it.  This makes me, personally, all the more convinced that this guy is a fraud and is leading all 300K+ people alone with an elaborate web of lies.  It proves he is not an honest person so what other lengths would he go to?
I sent him an email before posting this.  Just to show that I didn't try to blackmail him or anything like that and so he cannot make any accusations of something I did or did not say to him here is that screenshot at well.
There you have it.  That is all the evidence.  Here are the facts:
  • MisterXmedia, for whatever reason, despite my invites has refused to come over to this site.
  • WTF and MisterXmedia have the exact same Email address.
  • The IP address for the email is from Russia.
  • MisterXmedia is most certainly the same person as WTF.  Undeniable facts say so.
  • WTF left comments pretending to be a member of MisterXmedia's community.
  • Since WTF is MrX he technically threatened to ruin both MrZ and my reputation all because we ask questions.
It is undeniably clear and irrefutable that MisterXmedia pretends to be other people.  We have no idea of how many other people he has impersonated, but we safely assume that this was not his first time.  It is incredibly pathetic that the man has to resort to faking his identity like this.

Despite ALL of this I am once again going to invite MisterXmedia or anyone else who wants to to come and have a discussion with us.  If I am wrong about anything here I would love to know it and I welcome anyone to poke holes in what I found.  

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