Friday, August 8, 2014

BS REPORT: MisterXmedia gets bitch slapped by facts yet again. This time in regards to Ryse 2 and IP ownership.

Just in case there is an attempt as revising history over on the site the entire post is referring to the post which I have saved as a PDF for accurate record.  Here is a link.

This week MisterXmedia's insider "leaked" that Microsoft and Deep Silver are working on what is presumed to be Ryse 2 in one of his usual posts:
"Insider: Ryse coming to pc .. I heard this last week but never believed it. Would the blog had expected this as true if I had of told you mrx.
But now ryse 2 is definitely real.. and that source was correct.
Then I better say that halo 3/4 is also at some point coming to pc also. Pc porting is not my expertise. Bloggers ... the good news is crisis definitive is coming to x1 also.
Insider: Well deep silver are definitely sharing development with ms on ryse 2 or unannounced project :). I was also just told that x1 build was running on sdk @4k via a trust worthy person can't say if native or upscaled but texture resolution was 4k. . Graphics are not that improved over x1 other then 4k resolution support. They did say possible 60fps in multi player. Pc specs are going to be very high. .... now they did say stuff about x1 sdk and there own engine optimization. something @ gamescom about 4k.. I dont believe just yet but I will wait. Rather then let people down. Keep it in your minds .... I know hazard dx12 resolution is a game changer but nda and timing. Devs need more time to adjust."

What happened next is nothing short of classic.  Mind you; this was just over 24 hours after insider declared that "ryse 2 is definitely real..."

Eurogamer has a brief interview with Cevet Yerli in which he plainly says the following:
"Eurogamer: We've heard you had the option to do Ryse 2 with Microsoft, but they wanted ownership of the IP, but you didn't want to let it go. The collapse of that deal seems to be one of the things that sparked the financial problems Crytek has had. 
Cevat Yerli: No. We have a good relationship with Microsoft. We are constantly looking at what we can do together. We are not 100 per cent happy with Xbox One sales right now. So we want to wait till the current gen and next gen catches up. For Ryse 2, we aren't saying it's cancelled. It's our IP. It just has to wait for the right timing. And the right timing means higher installed base across next-gen. 
Eurogamer: Does it have to be an Xbox exclusive, or can you release it on PlayStation? Can you find another publisher, or does Microsoft have to publish it? 
Cevat Yerli: No. We can do whatever we want with it with whoever we want."
The is the exact opposite of what insider was saying.  Not only does Microsoft not own the IP for Ryse, but Deep Silver is very much not working on it.  There is no Ryse 2 in development at this time.  I do not know what insider thinks he heard, was told or saw, but he did not hear it correctly--or more likely, he made it up. We've established already that MisterXmedia loves to play pretend.

As usual I can already see where the wiggle room is though for him to talk his way out of this.

"Well deep silver are definitely sharing development with ms on ryse 2 or unannounced project :)"

I can already see the writing on the wall.  "I guess it was not Ryse 2.  It was something else they were working on.  It looks like it is medieval though.  New secret IP based in medieval times that is unannounced!"

Despite how comical it is getting at this point we can just consider this another in a long line of absolutely false bits of information being put out by MisterXmedia and his insider.  It is really a shame that people choose to believe anything this guy says, but wouldn't you know it a lot of people do.  I have been poking around over there more lately just because with Gamescom rolling up on us there is always more going on.  The one thing that brings me great joy is to see that more and more people are starting to outwardly express their skepticism.  There is hope for some yet!  As always we would welcome anyone with open arms.

Enjoy that ban Hasmeh. Sorry buddy.  As you know that sort of skepticism talk is not allowed on that site as per MisterXmedia's own words.  We already know that this sort of speak WILL be censored on his site.


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