Sunday, August 24, 2014

BS REPORT: Microsoft were saving some amazing announcements for TGS at the conference they're not going to have!

Wow, this is amazing!  Remember all those tidbits of inside information we have gotten in the last few months about all the great things that were going to be happening at E3, then when they didn't happen at E3 we were told to expect them at Gamescom.  Then when Gamescome came and went we were told that things were pushed off to Tokyo Game Show?  Do you remember that?  I certainly do!
"If your a gamer you know which console to get the xmas. And the change is starting people actually want to play horizon 2 ssod halo.. the big shift will happen at tgs. Watch the increase in Japanese specific developers on board ... if a company is dropped from the stock exchange and rated garbage its look down on.."
Here is another great example of him hinting at some sweet ass news coming at TGS:
"Will bc happen @ gc thats the question. I saw the twitter pic interesting xbox@gamescom14 ... September/November was the real release date window. Bc would be a good added feature so would argumented reality concept. These are all planed at some point. Ms been very quiet of late.. in my eyes any thing can happen. I just know everything is tied down so I cant say yes or no... tgs will be different from my end. :) I can't be every where .. and I ant repeating e3 fiasco again ... things change dynamically its just the way it is of late .."

Ah, what the hell.  Here are some more:
"Tomb rader rise of gardens exclusive but pc version next december tho but not going to be coming to pa4.. check the pre e3 list :) like I said port beg a quick release for squares unnounced tgs title."
..and another...
"Insider: Source says real time cloudgen demo. Not sure if stage tho. Gc. Two big demos coming. Qb is a technology marvel with output to highest resolution on a console game todate. .. I can not verify this gamescom information as I will not be their. Have other stuff on that is more tgs bound port begging to west should begin :)"
 ..and another...
"GC rumour is the first showing of new final fantasy not sure which or what.. just heard sq will have a big presentation. I couldn't question enough about it.. but they also so have a remake for tgs live." 

All this sounds like the words of someone leading people to believe there are some pretty big things coming at Tokyo Game Show.  The amount of times he tells people to expect big news at TGS leaves absolutely NO possibility for Microsoft to NOT have a keynote address of any type.

Well, it turns out MisterXmedia/WTF/'insider' has proven himself to be utterly full of shit--yet--again.  This DualShockers article pretty much just bitch-slapped MisterXmedia's entire agenda:

Microsoft Won’t Have a Tokyo Game Show Conference This Year, But Phil Spencer Will be in Attendance

I am not even going to go on about this any further.  The title alone just knocks the entire house of cards down.  There is no major announcement on stage for Microsoft seeing as how there will be no stage.  All this talk about major games coming for the Japanese market and that they are going to be trotted out on stage in an effort to retake the Japanese market....well, that was bullshit.

Damn, this must be getting pretty embarrassing for the ol' MisterXmedia faithful.  Sorry guys.  Enjoy those funky tasting cheerios because Microsoft just took a massive whiz in em'.


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