Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BS REPORT: Dear allthegames9. NO, 'insider' never said a word about Tomb Raider exclusivity...just for the record. Excuses and Makeup

Turns out MisterXmedia, his handful of willfully ignorant followers were wrong anyway.  Which just further proves my point that they go out of their way to credit him whenever they can.

Rise of the Tomb Raider exclusivity 'has a duration'.


MisterXmedia and his more dedicated fans are trying to give 'insider' credit for leaking Tomb Raider as an exclusive title for the Xbox One.  While they just chose not to dig into it any more you guys know that is not how I operate.  So as I usually do I did a little bit of digging and I can conclude that like so many other claims.  This bullshit.

Let me explain.  Below is an image capture by a community member which was sent to me.  In it someone mentions that they "recall" Insider saying that Tomb Raider may be exclusive.  Did he ever say that?  A search says no.

Here is a simple SEARCH if you do not believe me.

This is exactly how that clown operates.  He speaks as vaguely as humanly possible and then when ANYTHING to support what he said comes up he claims full credit for it. 

Not only that, but the next two people who reply to him as well have completely manufactured a story to support what the allthegames9 has said.  So what is the real story?  The Exclusivity of Tomb Raider was ONLY outed by Microsoft on their own site.  HERE IS PROOF that someone on MisterXmedias site even posted!  Of course they ignored that entirely.

You are going to have to click on the image to view it in full-size, but at no point did 'insider' say that Tomb Raider was going to be exclusive.  The first mention of it was then a community member pointed out that it was listed as such on Microsofts official website.  That was the FIRST time.

So this notion that 'insider' was right is absolutely bullshit on every single level.  They are just propping up a false-prophet as usual and trying to give the clown credibility in the wake of a long line of inaccurate information.

It is incredibly easy to find facts if you just choose to look for them.  I did literally 10 minutes of research on this in order to determine that the claims of these fools on his site was absolute bullshit on every single level.  It was a community member than mentioned it first and they pulled it from Microsofts site.  This was not leaked by 'insider' in any way, shape or form.

Shame on bababrooks and GotYourPancakes.  You guys are pathetic.  Next time do an ounce of research so I don't have to call out out like this for spreading bullshit lies.  Hate me all you want.  I would have called you out over there, but your censor-er and chief said I am not allowed to.

And yes, he DOES censor the message on that site.  I have proof of that as well.  Where did these comments go? (it appears that other people can see these comments, but I cannot.  The comments were not deleted, but I stand by everything that does not have a strike through it.)  These certainly were not FUD.  Yet this guy was absolutely shredded.....for having an opinion.  What a horrible SDF prick!


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