Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What the feck internet?! EP05: Do you even know why you hate Cliff Bleszinki anymore?

It is back!  My oh, so beloved post series entitled What the feck Internet?!  What exactly is bothering me this time you are probably wondering.  Well, yesterday I wrote a post about why so many people seem to hate Cliff Bleszinki.  I ultimately came to the conclusion that there are reasons to be irritated with the guy, but there is no rational reason for the outright hate the guy seems to be receiving.  When he announced that he is coming back to games development yesterday that sparked a whole slew of internet idiots freaking out because he is apparently just a horrible human being.  Thus--What the feck internet?!
Dear internet.  Your hatred for Cliff Bleszinski has no merit.  There--I said it.  Whatever you hate him for you have no reason to do so.  Yesterday I posted the announcement that he was coming back to the XboxOne subreddit.  As expected it became a popular posts and as you would also expect it brought out the ridiculous haters from the corners of the internet as well.  Take this guy for example:
Reddit user Cowboyfantastic apparently hates the guy because he is condescending.  OK, lets look into that a little bit.  Does Cliff Bleszinki act as though he is superior to you?  Yes, without a doubt!  When it comes to developing videogames though the man is superior to you /u/cowboyfantastic!  Do you realize that?  He is doing something that you have not.  He helped create on of the most popular gaming franchises in years.  Have you done that?  My assumption would be no.  So if he acts as though he is superior to you in the games industry it is only because--he is superior to you in the games industry.
He reminds you of Phil Fish?  (He reminds me of the guy who made Fez.) How so?  Because he seemed like he was arrogant?  Do you know the full story behind Phil Fish?  Because I am guessing you--like many others--never took the time to actually understand what was going on and you just hopped on the hate train like the rest.  Phil Fish gave an unpopular opinion when he was asked about Japanese games today.  Was he blunt about it?  Oh, hell yeah!  He was very blunt!  Regardless though he gave his opinion.  He thinks Japanese games are terrible nowadays.  That is what he said.  Hardly a crime and hardly him going out of his way to bash the Japanese.  Hell, I do not like Chinese food.  That does not mean I hate the Chinese and that is essentially how gamers took it.  So I am sorry Mr. Cowboyfantastic, but you have no point to make.
It gets even better!  The second guy to reply states "...Cliff is legitimately a pompous asshole in real life."  Since this is the internet and people can say whatever they want I am going to pretend for a minute that both of these guys have in fact met Cliff Bleszinki in real life.  How in the hell can two people have such polar opposite impressions of the guy?  A legit good guy and a legit pompous asshole?  What the hell?!
I am pretty certain the the internet isn't even sure why they hate the guy.  I just had a conversation with a guy on Reddit where he said the following:
What the feck?!  Do you not like the guy because he spends his money on nice cars?  How in the hell can you hate someone for buying nice things?  OK, I will admit that Reddit is a bit of an echo-chamber when it comes to gaming, but you are still seeing people with ridiculous justifications for hating the guy.  Not only that but they are throwing that out there like it is perfectly OK.  That is more pathetic than anything.
In essence people seem to hate Cliff Bleszinki because:
  1. He is successful.
  2. Has nice cars.
  3. Has a hot wife.
  4. Speaks bluntly.
  5. Has his own opinions.
  6. Is proud of the projects he works on.
  7. Hold himself in high regard.
  8. Is narcissistic to some degree...who ISN'T!?
Seriously, those are all TERRIBLE reasons for the amount of hate the guy receives.  To that I say.

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