Tuesday, July 8, 2014

To anyone from MisterXmedia. You're welcome to come here and comment with facts to refute anything I say.

Just for the record I want to state that anyone from MisterXmedia or any site for that matter is more than welcome to come here, since I cannot post there, and refute anything that I write.  All I ever have done is ask questions and call bullshit when it has merit.  It is not trolling to ask questions and just because I question things that the man says does not mean I am pro-Sony.
I would ask the same questions if I payed closer attention to the Sony brand, but at the moment I do not own a single Sony branded piece of electronics.  My point is that I am not anti Microsoft or anti Xbox One.  I love them post.  I am just asking questions about stuff and was promptly banned for doing so.  I was going through and questioning MisterXmedia on this blog long before I was ever banned for it so to say that I was banned and then started in on the guy is false.
So.  If you want to say something directly to me I do not delete comments here and I do not censor anything.  I operate on full disclosure and if I have made a factual mistake feel free to call me out on it and provide evidence to prove me wrong. It is time to stop this victim complex.  Feel free to call me out right here on anything I say.  I have a thick skin and am a genuinely nice person.  I assure you there will be a civil discussion on anything you have to say.

In case you are wondering if I am only against MisterXmedia here are other people I have called out for bullshit as well:

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    1. Fun fact:

      I didn't write this. It was copied and pasted from MisterX's blog.

      The one I DID write was openly posted in an effort to test what is allowed to be put on his site. So no, I am not a troll.

      The only thing I am guilty of doing is presenting facts. hardly trolling.