Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The difference between these guys, and me, is that I never claimed to be of any importance...

It is really interesting to me that this site, which banned me, take such issue with me countering their points on an external site.  Then they continue having at length conversations about me for the things I say.  It is almost like they care a lot more about me than they let on.  At one point I am called MisterXmedia's biggest fan--yet at the same time they are talking about me who they allege to me a nobody.  '

Anywhoo.  Here is the conversation.  I figured I would link it here before the censorship begins.   Enjoy!
Just seen the post by bababrooks about the dollymtree blog.

That guy is one sick puppy. Taking time to go through each entry, get the names and then post them online via his blog to show what?

It seems the sdf want to sanitise the web in name of PS so there can only ever be news about PS and its ever magnificent grandeur. Just waiting for them to come up with 11th commandment, "thou shall only have playstation and await greatness"

Behaving like thought-nazis.

Edit: Well that comment has now been deleted.

Edited at 2014-07-08 03:24 pm (UTC)

Sorry hasmeh..I deleted the post as I thought it might be a bit political!

I'm not very happy that that guy has posted a link to my journal (+600 names from here) and I doubt misterxmedia will be that pleased either!

Dirty stinking rat bag!!!!!

No problem. Thanks for letting me know.

I use a different name for every forum or website. Never use my xbox gamer-tag anywhere other than on my Xbox One.

So what did this person get...... A name, for use with what, lol..... Some sad people out there who think they are someone. Sad really.

As for visiting this journal, its nothing to do with trying to prove I made a right choice. I know I made the right choice. The Xbox One is not about brute force its about ingenuity and offloading.

There are always going to be people who are hurt because they know the 'inferior' console is providing better gaming experiences because its not stuck in the past.

My reason for visiting this journal is because it has a great community that respect each other. A few people commenting on this journal have a PS4 some have the Xbox One and some have both.

Couldn't agree with you more. This place is my safe haven for all gaming news and Xbox tech talk (although 99.9% is well over my head).
I don't really bother posting as I enjoy reading all the guys posts from smash, Ricardo, parasite, mrx, mrc, insider and the rest of the guys.....

Game on brothers and sisters

All my friends(allowed to post users) can be seen in my profile here. Not a big secret.


Sorry MisterX, you missed rest of the post. He mentions that blog is not really active and none of the users take part in the discussions. Thats why i mentioned he has gone through entries and checked names.


He is wrong. As daily unique users a far far more than 650 asked to post comments readers.

Far more lurkers than posters. Global stats pct apply here too.

Sweet.... I'm on the list ;)

he seems like our biggest fan :)

there is 32 pages of mostly copy and paste info from your journal (ridiculing the vast majority of the info). He has also linked each one of your friends that has made any post. Looks like an SDF insider/ to me!!!!

The blog is called the real misterxmedia and you will be delighted to see he has a youtube video about you also.......lucky you!!!!!

I think he is a dangerous stalker bro....he is obsessed lol!!!

Edited at 2014-07-08 05:52 pm (UTC)

There was a guy on IGN months ago who was obsessed with this blog and always talked trash about it. He had a whole bunch of insults about it in his signature for posting.

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