Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Thank you Kingfatness. Let my my reply be publicly known.

So I am going to adopt a policy here for my blog in an effort to be as open as I possibly can .  That is ultimately what people want isn't it?  I do get some emails on occasion from folk who either agree or disagree with what I do here on my blog.  So in the interest of being public about what is going on I am going to address/reply to any emails publicly on my blog unless you specifically ask me not to.  I think that is fair.  We don't need to hide what we are doing on this site because there really isn't anything to hide.  So here goes.  Enjoy!

"Thanks Doll! 

When I saw your post about Cliffy B, it made me think. I remembered you getting banned but it seemed you ha an axe to grind...so i dug up my post copies from my email. After reading some I decided that I HAD to ask some questions. 
The first cracks for me was the 'dual GPU' that was flatly refuted by Penello. Then the info at the GDC in March that was supposed to supply a ton of info...once again nothing happened. A TON of E3 info was wrong and there was no accountability - no questioning of info from the Insider. The whole "wait until (insert next developer, games conference here) and everything will be proven" was getting tired. You got CB to flat out deny his rumor and he squirmed out of it by dragging up 7 month old concept art from a Kotaku article..and others actually started questioning it. Seemed like as good a time as any to list off some 'inconsitencies' with h predictions. 
Now he was right about a number of things too, the XDKs, the apps and paywall, the updates...but was wrong on a lot. He flopped on the Shenmue and on his E3 megatons and non-megatons. 
So, I think "The Insider" does have some inside knowledge - I really do. But it isn't to the degree he lets on. The whole setup is very Wizard of Ozish. I do believe X and the Insider are different people. But I personally think he has a few names he posts under."

Hello kingfatness,

You are correct.  I was banned from MisterXmedia's site and it was more or less for questioning some of the things that were said from the sites alleged insider.  I wouldn't say I had an axe to grind at all.  I had been reading that site for a while.  I have made it known countless times both here and in the comments section of his site that I was incredibly skeptical about what this alleged insider was leaking.  It all seemed to ridiculous to be true and as time as gone on we've been shown that most of what he said is in fact untrue.

So, an axe to grind, I personally wouldn't call it that.  You can call it what you like.  I just look at it as I went back through some of his earlier posts and found some crazy ridiculous things that he has said.  I then chose to point them out.  I chose to do that because it seems that for every one thing that he appears to have been at least partially accurate on he has 5-10 that he predicted and completely struck out. Yet--he gets a pass on all those.

Also, to clarify.  I had been doing my MisterXmedia carnival of leaks series long before I was ever banned from his site.  So it isn't like I was banned and then went on a vendetta against him.

The dGPU thing was the most flagging thing.  When he spent so much time going on and on about that a lot of the people who tended to believe that it was true found that as a pretty big shock.  As you can imagine!  It was pretty obvious that he was in panic mode after that because he immediately discredited what AP said and turned it into a whole different thing.  The Dual-GPU stuff.  That way he could say that AP was right, but he was being coy and just hiding secret power under the disguise of calling it something else!  Very clever actually.

When AP addressed it a second time though that was the final nail in the coffin for most people.  At least the rational ones, but behold!  Yet again he used the same defense.  It was still there they are just calling it something different.  Something new!

GDC was quite funny in that so much of the lead-up to the it was built around what we were going to find out.  The thing that people ignored is that GDC is not a conference for consumers.  It is for developers.  Lucky for MisterXmedia he was able to contort just about anything that was said in an effort to cover his own ass due to the fact that most people on his site have zero knowledge of developing games.

E3's hilarity is pretty well known so I do not have to get into it too much, but it is safe to say that was a massive strikeout for MisterXmedia's site as a whole.  Just look at the comments before and after.  The hype was through the roof and he was seeing almost 2,000 comments on each post.  Post-E3 he is getting about 600 and that is with him leaving posts up longer before making a new one.  He is on about a once a week schedule right now it seems.  Or every 6 days at least.

You and I will differ here, but I think that MrX's alleged insider isn't one at all.  I think it is more along the lines of throwing as much shit at the wall as you possibly can and eventually something will stick.  I tend to think that is exactly what he has done.

Your message to me has inspired me to write a new article though.  I think I am going to put together an in-depth look at how MisterX, or any insider for that matter, get to appear to be right so often when in reality they are completely wrong 90% of the time.

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