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Reply from community member regarding my recent post.

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> Not trying to start shit, but this is the sort of thing I was banned for. I asked a 1st party developer about the whole temperature testing thing being done and it is completely false according to a halo developer. You can share it if you want, but I know that the crowd of people on MrX aren't going to receive it well. You just seem like a pretty level-headed person so I wanted to share.

I go to the misterx blog to learn about games and listen to the great people who post helpful and thoughtful comments regarding there enjoyment with the Xbox one system. I don't dive into all the Hardware talk.
DX12 will help the xbox one hardware because its obvious it was built around it. The system is all ready achieving the 1080p 60fps nonsense with the newer sdk and there not even using DX12 yet....

(DirectX 12)

XBox One is the biggest beneficiary; it effectively gives every Xbox One owner a new GPU that is twice as fast as the old one.

Significantly improve the graphics performance.
Stardock founder and CEO Brad Wardell said DirectX 12 will bring multi-core processing to the Xbox One.

“The results are spectacular. Not just in theory but in practice (full disclosure: I am involved with the Star Swarm demo which makes use of this kind of technology,) Wardell wrote. “While each generation of video card struggles to gain substantial performance over the previous generation, here, the same hardware will suddenly see a doubling of performance.”

“Xbox One is the biggest beneficiary; it effectively gives every Xbox One owner a new GPU that is twice as fast as the old one,” he added.

The Secret Sauce

Microsoft was able to achieve the performance breakthroughs through two major changes to DirectX 12:

Parallel rendering
Most of the performance gain is a result of DirectX 12 making full use of multiple CPU cores.

Not only is DirectX 12 more efficient in its own right but the interaction with the GPU is evenly spread between each CPU core.

DirectX 11 is barely being utilized by the other threads.

But on DirectX 12, the situation changes dramatically:

AMD, Intel and NVIDIA have all praised Microsoft’s DirectX 12 and expect SIGNIFICANTLY improved performance from the new software stack.

One downside to using DirectX 12 on graphics cards that so far relied on DirectX 11 is that they’ll be “pushed twice as hard as previously,” generating more heat in the process.

There is a downside for all this power. DirectX 12 games will be the first games to fully utilize the powerful graphics cards gamers have been buying for the past few years. DirectX 12 won't require a new video card for GPUs that already support DirectX 11. As a result, that GPU will be getting pushed twice as hard as it previously was which means more heat on cards that might have only barely been cool enough when they were only being commanded by a single CPU core. We expect to see many marginal video cards setup to experience over heating issues as DirectX 12 suddenly pushes these cards beyond what the IHV had anticipated.

In addition, while DirectX 11 was a relatively plug and play experience for developers, DirectX 12 puts a much greater emphasis on developer control. Developers can and are expected to manage conflicts and low level pipelining to make the most of the new platform. This is a good thing for experienced graphics developers but will put less experienced developers at a disadvantage.

This I believe is why the system was built to be able to stay cool. Hence why the power brick is external. Bigger fans, lots of ventilation, etc. If your to naive to understand Microsoft has the capabilities to monitor their system with the added heat that will come with directx 12 or games that push the system harder THATS on you.

The Xbox one DOES have sensors that tells it whats its internall Temp is. Thats a Fact. Your wording to the developers is wrong hence the response you got. When directx 12 is implemented they will want to know how the higher temps will effect this system. So of course there monitoring it! Now how they do that or how they monitor that i dont know. BUT... (There are temperature sensors in the hardware.)

However i don't understand your hard-on for bashing misterx. Its obvious he hurt your feelings and you feel the need to act like a child..Might i ask your age? Don't lie. The majority of people on that site don't listen to the hardware theories and they simply don't understand or have the knowledge to comprehend the tech inside the Xbox one. They might be right or they might be wrong. but its not the majority of people who go to that site trying to prove anything. Just a handful.. Maybe 5-10 posters. So please all your doing is hurting the gaming industry. Grow up and enjoy your gaming on whatever system you have. Game On.

Xbox one For the Win.

Thanks, Madmax.

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