Monday, July 28, 2014

MisterXmedia's Insider Daily gets shot down again. "Environmental field tests" for console temperature are not possible according to Halo developer.

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  What better way to start off a new week and obliterating one of MisterXmedia's insider rumors?  I can't think of a better way to be honest so I am going to go ahead and do just that.  Remember back when MisterXmedia claimed to know what Cliff Bleszinki was up to?  Remember how I just decided to send a tweet directly to him and quickly found out that MisterXmedia was full of it?  Yeah--that has happened again.  Let me elaborate.
Insider Daily.Microsoft have started XB1 acoustics and temperature tests before unlocking more power.  That is the post I am talking about.  In said post MisterXmedia claims the following:

"I got told something that left me a bit confused. In regards to xbox architecture tho .. but its impossible to know with 100% input from the crew.. there are internal testing going on right now... and those testers are you people.. there doing thermal and cooling acoustics and temperature test.. maybe a few temperature test on a set few games I here forza and I also hear the beta of destiny is playing a roll. Iv been told forza 5 doesn't even get the fans going enough to be audible. It all has to do with environmental feald tests for the architecture. There testing for head room and how high temps can get and there gating of with dark silicone tech. These test have something to do with November sdk. There will be new sdk in October also which will have people smiling but November/December is the time to be ready..... gameon !!!! :)"

Lets ignore for a minute that he said internal tests and the testers are us.  Which makes no sense.  He then goes on to say environmental field tests which leads anyone to believe that they are tracking data from our consoles and sending it back to Microsoft.  We know the Xbox One can track certain data, but can it track the temperature of my system and relay it back to Microsoft?  I was curious so I decided to reach out to a few people and to my surprise I got a response.  It wasn't from Phil Spencer, but it was from a higher up at a first party studio.  343 industries executive producer for Halo 5: Guardians Josh Holmes.

I am almost certain that if this information gets back to MisterXmedia he will find a way to say that they wouldn't tell us if it had that sort of technology, but as usual I am going to trust a major first party developer over some anonymous blogger on the internet any day of the week.  In the event that this does garner the attention of the folks on that site I am going to do my best to reach out to Josh Holmes again, but he's obviously a very busy man so it is hard to get an answer out of him in a timely manner--if, at all.

I wanted to know one thing mainly.  Can my Xbox One relay the temperature of my system back to Microsoft.  This has never been mentioned before and in order for "Environment Field Tests" to take place this would have to be the case.  So, I asked. 

That reply from him leads me to believe that he absolutely know the Xbox One does not have the ability to track your systems temperature for the purpose of sending that data back to Microsoft for any Environment Field Test as MisterXmedia put it.  I would like to think that a first party development studio, especially the first party making HALO, would be very much in the know when it comes to this sort of stuff.

So as it stands right now I think it is safe to say that once again MisterXmedia is completely making this shit up.  They may be testing temperatures, but no part of it is being obtained by you the console owner.  Microsoft are probably tracking a lot of data, but your consoles temperature isn't one of those things.  Not only that, but according to Josh Holmes it isn't even possible.

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