Wednesday, July 2, 2014

MisterXmedia versus Cliff Bleszinki day 2. Let me address what happened yesterday.

Yesterday I happened to read MisterXmedia's latest post on his blog.  It was titled "Insider Daily. First exclusive details of new Cliffy B game. Insane graphics."  The title was quite eye catching; which I assume that was MisterX's goal.  Following the events of yesterday the post has been renamed to "Insider Daily. Capcom are asking too much money from Microsoft for their exclusives."  That alone should tell you that there is some truth to the claims I have made both yesterday and in the past, but let me explain further because the changing of his sensationalized title isn't the only interesting development stemming from my brief conversation with Cliff Bleszinski on Twitter.

In case you are not up to speed on what is going on I would invite you to read my post from yesterday where I proved all the claims made by MisterXmedia regarding Cliff Bleszinski's future games to be false.  I didn't really set out on a mission.  I just read the article and opted to try my luck at asking Cliff Bleszinki directly on Twitter if it was true or not.  Which when I got an answer from Cliff somehow made me public enemy number one over at MisterXmedia because I have gotten a staggering amount of hate messages in the last 24 hours.
OK.  First lets look at what the initial claim was of MisterXmedia.  That seems like a proper starting off point.  He leaked/claimed the following:
"Cliffy has been shipping around a new game.. post apocalypse game.. escape one city for the freedom of another. I got told it was looking insane gfx wise . The game transitions from 1st to 3rd to 2d ... stealth and beauti with platform elements. It just felt fresh and new.. Ms are very interested in the project.

Please not this peace of info i received 2 days before Cliffy B said this. For non-sayers :)"

Alright so the information he alleges is that:
  1. Cliff is working on a new game already.
  2. It is a post apocalypse game.
  3. Someone has seen it first hand and told insider about it.
  4. Its graphics are insane.
  5. Everything else is built atop a house of cards which exists on the basis of someone having seen this game.  The transitions, the stealth, the platform elements.  All of it.  I am lumping this in together.
So the first questions are really Does this game exist? or--  Is Cliff Bleszinski working on a post-apocalyptic game?  I figured what the hell I will just ask him.  
Based off of the reply I got and the question I asked It is easy to conclude that #2 is categorically false.  Which would also mean that #3 and #4 as well as #5 are in question.  There are folks who may have seen A game that Cliff was working on.  So again I figured why not just ask him.
With that the entire house of cards comes falling down.  Cliff Bleszinski may be working on a game.  It is verified that is is NOT post-apocalyptic.  No one has seen it first hand, thus there is no way to know what the graphics look like.  Which also means that there is no way for anyone to know about all these other game elements.  

SO the definitive conclusion to everything that MisterX has said thus far is that it is without a shadow of a doubt false or entirely fictitious with an emphasis on the latter. 

That is the extent of what was known yesterday.  Now let's get into everything else that transpired after I made that post.  All I set out to do was find out if the claims made yesterday were true or false and that is what I achieved.  I got the truth directly from the source and I asked a follow-up question to close the door on any possibility that there was a different game someone may have seen.  That brings us to the new reply/update from MisterXmedia.  For the sake of making this easier to understand I am going to break this down piece by piece.  Let's get started.

"Insider: Yeah yeah .. I bet he has 100 and 1 ideas right now and post apocalyptic ant one... funny how our conversation was days right before he outted yes , triumphant return to the majic world of game development. "

I too am sure he has many ideas as well.  Unfortunately for you the point you tried to make was that it wasn't just an idea.  You made it sound like it was an established project that was already in the works.  A project which you claimed people have already seen.  Your conversation with whom?  Cliff Bleszinski?  If you spoke to him directly he would certainly be able to narrow down who you based on his conversations in the last few days.  Which makes me assume you have never spoke to him at all in your life, much less the last few days.  Moving onward.

"Dudehuge doesn't like to not have control over his world and I admire the man.. But deep down I bet he is smiling. I just hope he can match the glory of gow days.. cos I hear there also opening doors over at black tusk for him as a guide.. But will see .. I wouldn't snub the man... he is in my books a legend in this industry. Next time I shouldn't spoil things."

That first part is a bit of a throwaway statement considering we can assume all creative people like to have control over their work.  I don't think anyone would like someone the likes of MisterXmedia leaking their game details before they get to.  Especially someone like Cliff Bleszinski who is coming out of pseudo retirement.

No one is snubbing the man.  You can think of him however you like.  You didn't spoil anything though.  Everything you said was proven false and you've not provided any proof that you knew about Cliff Bleszinski coming out of retirement before he made the public announcement on Twitter.

In reality this insider is taking claim for something that Cliff Bleszinski just openly said was 100% false.  He then doubles down on something that he has provided zero proof of.  Him saying he knew about the announcement 2 days before, but saying it the day after it happened isn't really any different than me doing the same thing. 

"Sorry Cb :("

There is nothing for you to be sorry for. You've not outted Cliff or any of his work. He's already said that publicly. You're just taking credit for something for the sake of....taking credit for something.

"Insider: And to note Cb has been showing stuff behind doors.
But its not like he is going to say hell yeah... small studio big concept. And its pc apparently at this time. But next gen is on the cards."
That is all fine and well, but he's already said there is nothing gameplay-wise that anyone could have seen!  You are right that he isn't going to say hell yeah, but he did say hell no to the notion you presented.  When you were proven to be completely full of shit all you've done was move the goal-posts and make a different argument entirely.  We are all sure he has shown some concept stuff off behind closed doors, but that was never your argument!  You said he was showing off a post-apocalyptic game and it already had gameplay elements as well as polished graphics.  He flat out said that was "..bullshit"

"And people can say what they want.. I am sure if you dig on your owns you will find concept art. The engine is unreal 4 he has a lot of concepts."

You're again changing the discussion to something different.  He is a designer/artist.  Of course he always is working on new concepts--even in retirement.  As I have said though that was not you're initial point which I proved false.  Unfortunately my 5 minutes of time with Cliff Bleszinski are up so I couldn't get an answer on whether his new game is going to use the Unreal 4 engine, but there are a few reasons why it is easy for you to claim that.

First, that is what he has used in the past.  Second, it is rumored to be very powerful.  Lastly, his new game is going to be a PC title from all indications so he is going to more than likely use the most powerful option available in order to make his game the best it can possibly be.  Nice try though.  I really hope to get an answer from him at some point.  At that point, if it is Unreal Engine 4, you will have gotten lucky.  You didn't leak a damn thing.

"Take it as you will.. as your going to have to wait for a release. He does like metal on apple devices.. I know he also has a project for mobile also.. that could be alot more feather alonging..
I wonder who the publisher will be :)"
Um, no shit we are going to have to wait for a release.  This time yesterday you were acting as though you had all the information and now you are throwing a tremendous amount of shit at the wall.  Are you going to say that what you saw initially was a mobile game?  The GFX were insane for mobile?  Is that going to be your out so you don't have to admit you are full of shit?  
At this point you have no leg to stand on in regards to Cliff Bleszinski and what he is working on.  You are changing the entire set of facts from your initial statement and claiming you are right which is insane.  No wonder people have a tough time proving you wrong when you are because a lot of times it isn't even clear cut what you are claiming.  Fortunately this time I was able to get a direct answer from the source that you were spreading lies about.

That is what happens when you get an ego and start thinking you can say whatever you want and people will believe you.  You might be able to ban me for asking questions, but that doesn't mean I will not ask questions elsewhere.  Unlike the crew over at MisterXmedia I deal in facts and truth.  I do not make claims with out having evidence to back it up.

You could learn a thing or two from me MisterXmedia.  Shame on you and "Insider."


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