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MisterXmedia carnival of leaks September 11th, 2012. MisterXmedia fake-leaks WiiU RAM and is wrong about the WiiU GPU as well.

This post brings me great joy.  Mostly because it is one of those where MisterX and his insider were wrong about SO much.  Not only that, but they pretended to leak information that was long rumored over 6 months prior to them saying a single word about it.  Enjoy!
Insider Daily: previous post detailed
Insider: ....I would like to answer to all your questions.....but....there is no 100% real answer and a very harsh level of control.

., kit is not official hardware....that is a mock target...MS not shipped this...they ship only software...100% Durango alpha order to win api war...MS invested big dollars in api tools...because many people don't understand how to code on a low hardware they do a job for them.......PS3 have bottlenecs - ram and gpu...PS3 has alien coding style most developers just don't get. Xbox has evolved with PC and every new development in SDK brings evolve in graphics...Skyrim is an example...PS3 gets massive strain in development times...Uncharted and Last of us puch ps3 to the limit..Xbox has the abilities to shash the competition, overdue this...but it all comes to time and MS needs xbox look good later in this game compared to next gen or not...thing have changed...and this could also be changed...ive seen different next gen specs 5 time already....Ms have really gone and taken as much hardware from every known cpu/gpu tv company and 4k screens to test what could be built and sold at a price that is not ingrate for the consumer or going to fail from every day on demand connect use.

Nintendo has updated there wii u spec's a lot more then what Sony and Ms had first believed.. when the word back at e3 got around that big n had dropped the 5000 series for a 7000 series gpu both sony and ms were forced to with hold unveiling there next gen console as they both had 6000+ cores with better hybrid tech based 2nd gpus in there system.  yes both had decide to not show....

....Now the shocking thing out off all this is Ms and sony have both gone back to change things.. Sony has changed there specs in there console, While Ms have decide to change 70% of the gpu/cpu specs.. And now the so called "bad news" ms will most likely not have to delay the 720 past September 2013.. I know there is a 8 weeks trial and there is all the top engineers working day and night to get the wafers tuned to a usable specs in the fab facility. now the new chip is an absolute monster....

Well it looks like you could not have possibly been more full of shit with this.  The WiiU never had anything even close to what you claimed it did.  Source.

20nm wafer yields will only be for the main gpu.. the cpu/apu will be biased heavily on Richland specs.  so yes x86 cpu cores now officially  8 core 4 threads per core ... The original 360 soc compatibility chip has been dropped as the 8000+ will be extremely powerful... so forward compatibility via emulation is going to look amazing. and the extra costs have been put towards the upgrade.  But on the down side ram maybe downgraded from 8gig to 6 gig. As sony are now only shipping with 4gig and wii-u 2gig but even this could change..  This is info circulating around...and we can not be 100% sure...It is extremely powerful for a console.....And I think it would have to be clocked very low in clocks due to heat issues and power consumption. But the big question is do I believe it "YES" it makes sense to do this.....

Here is rumor and speculation from almost 6 months prior where people are talking 2GB of WiiU RAM.  You did not leak this. 

Misterx: 1. how much more power full xbox next now compared to sony?
2. So MS they changed their plans and wasted 1 billion dollar on canned architecture?

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