Tuesday, July 15, 2014

MisterXmedia carnival of leaks September 10th, 2012. Xbox One will have 4.0TF+ graphics processing power.

I think it is time to start pouring through the old posts again.  Might as well find even more instances of where MisterXmedia and his insider were spreading absolute lies in an effort to appear as though they had insider information.  Here we go!  Enjoy!
Insider Daily: Nintendo forced MS and Sony to change their specs
Insider: ......



Don't put it on your blog please, but you can use main things:

8000+ gnc 2.0 "Venus XTX" based gpu 20mn
8 core Richland x86 cpu With 8000 core series hd apu 28nm
8 or 6 gig of ram
Reports are 4.00+ TFLOP of graphics processing power.
Misterx: ok, by my own words:

- Next xbox x86 officially

Nice "Leak" too bad this was written in 2011 where it was rumored already.

- Next xbox will be 4T+ in power. 5T reports are true.

How did this one work out for you?

- Next xbox will have 8 to 6 gigs of ram. Sony now target 4gb.
- Sony and MS had phone calls not to put next gen at E3 in order to delay it and make Nin look absolete. after Nintendo  changed their 5000 specs to 7000 series specs.
- MS changed 70% of their gpu/cpu design recently after that.
- MS should not delay xbox next
- Next xbox will be a moster for a console. the price should be around $450 but that is not a fact for now.

Updated: There is more detailes about this in next post. Click the next post button to go there.
Insider Daily: previous post detailed

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