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MisterXmedia Carnival of leaks. July 24th, 2014. Insider "Leaks" already known information and Xbox One doesn't have to answer to share-holders?....

Here we go!  New post straight from MisterXmedia.  I was about to post another from his archives for the day, but he graced me with a new edition Insider Daily so you're going to get that instead.  This one is quite hot off the press as I happened to look if he had made an update and it was just minutes old.  Guess I got lucky this time.  

Insider Daily.Microsoft have started XB1 acoustics and temperature tests before unlocking more power
Insider: A big chunk of Europe xbox division will be getting moved to xbox windows universal app and software division. So some position will be redundant. :(
I hear the boats ant sunk at crytek but some of the bloat is infected and heading to an id6 project.
The new guy wants xbox division moved away from prime Microsoft core device and rnd.. now my take on this is.. to manny cooks spoil the food. Xbox brand can sustain its momentum with out bloated core division ... I think phil is the best individual to lead the xbox division as a solo entity. There is a business fraction within ms who believe gaming is unproductive momentum for ms business enterprises. This will put the xbox division in control of xbox business. They want incubation and development in full force and this will also be a joint pc gaming segment. Unfortunately for pc gamers xbox devices are first in line. The xbox 360 forward compatibility will also be available in the next windows. Hence why tests of xbox 360 games have arrived on steam. There is early test that have happen.
OK now.  Let me see if I have this straight.  The entire Microsoft corporation has been consolidating into specific divisions for the past few years.  What insider just said goes 100% against what they have been doing for the past 2 years.  This is from July 11th, 2013.  Steve Balmer, then head of Microsoft, send out a memo to all employees.

(Here is the Link to the whole public memo. and Here is a link to the second memo entitled "Transforming our Company".)
Everything insider just said goes completely against what Microsoft has been building up and talking about for over 2 years now.  There is no way that anything insider just said can have any amount of truth to it unless Satya Nedella is willing to undo everything the company has been building.  Let me delve into this a bit.  This is from July 11th, 2013:
"In the end, we realized our strengths are in high-value activities, powering devices and enterprise services. And we realized we could bring those strengths together in a unique, differentiated experience that will delight consumers and customers.
Going forward, our strategy will focus on creating a family of devices and services for individuals and businesses that empower people around the globe at home, at work and on the go, for the activities they value most."
I do not get it!  Just YESTERDAY Microsoft announced that they are going to be uniting all of their products under one operating system so that developers can only code something one time and have it work across all devices.  Now today insider is here saying that Xbox is going to be moved out and even have its own RND team.  That is exactly what Microsoft did NOT say yesterday.  How can someone claiming to be an insider be so wrong with so much.  Microsoft and even Satya are in unifying mode--not splitting up and spinning off mode!  That is obvious by public facts!

There is recommended hardware for fc x360. Dx12 full gpu will allow this.. So people will make there own minds up on this as it is still some time yet. If capcom and crytek do come on board how does this drive market capacity. If the console with more 1st party win.. 
I think we have well established at this point that Microsoft is not actively pursuing Capcom or Crytek.  It has been over a month and we've heard nothing from anyone other that speculating gamers and fact insider people such as yourself.  Capcom is a publicly traded company and if there was any possibility of a purchase that information would have been put to the public when they voted on it.  Simply put--no offer has been made yet and I don't think we have to worry about it ever happening.

What is the community think do or dont.. would 343 black tusk rare capcom crytek and epic ur4.5 and a huge chunk of squire be an onslaught of first party backing. If all these companies come on board as 1st party with a new xbox division which is solely owned by Microsoft but as a residual body that is not effected by shares or corporate finance. It has free movement with out business control. Games for games on hardware for games.. one thing that I believe hurts all is suits... do people think the new ceo of sony is a hardcore gamer ? Ceo need to know there market be open to change not draconian ways. Gaming is really evolving now and xbox will really start getting momentum. Sales of xbox are different to sony. Sony include free promotional as sales. The last 2 months has been including promotional numbers 70.000 free ps4 with selected sony tv models. Ms do not include promotional give aways as sale figures. Which I wish they would. Well figures for xbox one are huge this month they can not keep up with demands.. and I will be honest I also hear the kinectless bundle has massive numbers. When halo mc collection hits this should be a killer app for this year and I dont think fh2 will out sell h2a. Intill ms have started shipping world wide then numbers are marginal. And japan has been a surprise I thought would not happen pre orders for japan are really crazy... tgs is going to put the xbox on the map. Expect rpg but no western release for a bit. 
Again, what you said flys in the face of what Phil Spencer and even Microsoft have said in the past.  They are perfectly fine funding 3rd party games rather than buying up studios for first party sake.  Killer Instinct was done this way, Dead Rising 3 was done this way, Ryse was done this way, Titanfall was done this way, Sunset Overdrive was done this way.  There is a whole list of reasons why we should not believe you when you insist that Microsoft are purchasing both Crytek and Capcom.  It just does not fit with anything they have done recently.
Of course gaming is evolving.  We are in a brand new generation.  That is not inside information.  It is painfully obvious fact!
Xbox one is doing well with preorders in Japan?!  Did you hear this from insiders at Microsoft or did you just do a quick Google search?  Because that is what I did and found countless references to this which are OVER a month old at this point. SEE.  HERE is a source.

Misterx: Sounds like Xbox division had been sold...not a good feel...or maybe lost in translation...So Phil will fund itself by his own only? Where he will get money? That 20bilkion check? No hardware RnD for gfx means DX RnD come to end too? No Xbox One infinite time? Xbox One is last console?

Nnnooooooo ... xbox is still Microsoft product.. But now it has its own rights within ms.. this is a huge step forward. It put the product in the same category as windows.. ms are going to really spend big on the brand. And a true gamer will lead the business forward ... he doesn't have to get the minority of the share holders.. its is free of corporate hold..
Newsflash MrX.  If the Xbox brand is still within the walls of Microsoft it will always have to answer to shareholders.  If Microsoft as a corporation are spending money on Xbox it is ALWAYS going to be part of the shareholders information which they are privy to.  There is no such thing as what you are claiming.  Xbox is not being spun off into its own internal company.  What you are saying is completely ridiculous.  I have emailed some people I know about this and cannot wait to see how full of crap you are on this.
Misterx: Oh, sorry, misunderstood your words. Interesting what others will say.
How is your summer? How is your work? Have fun or in stress? 
People still wonder about how you could know that much info on hardware, tech and games. Well hope you paid well. 100k would be ace for such a complex work. What USA game devs salaries are?

You cant put a price on happiness. When I ant working I travil hobbyists is gaming / technology. . So what would you do.. thats right exactly the same thing.. of course I cant be every where. And I do have to take 3rd party info.. and that sometime can be wear the cookie crumbles :) half the time I dont put things out there.. and a few times there right.. but cut throat bloging is like a death note.. but you understanding mrx :) 100% mrc is heading its good to see others contribute rather then deter. Amazing bunch of peoples on the blog. The minority are really smart individuals. 

I got told something that left me a bit confused. In regards to xbox architecture tho .. but its impossible to know with 100% input from the crew.. there are internal testing going on right now... and those testers are you people.. there doing thermal and cooling acoustics and temperature test.. maybe a few temperature test on a set few games I here forza and I also hear the beta of destiny is playing a roll. Iv been told forza 5 doesn't even get the fans going enough to be audible. It all has to do with environmental feald tests for the architecture. There testing for head room and how high temps can get and there gating of with dark silicone tech. These test have something to do with November sdk. There will be new sdk in October also which will have people smiling but November/December is the time to be ready..... gameon !!!! :)

This entire paragraph just smells of pathetic desperation.  First you admit you're confused about it, then you go on about how you know exactly what is going on.  The November SDK will unleash more power is what you are falsely saying.  I am also going to completely ignore your dark silicone tech comment because we all know it is completely bullshit and always has been.

This new SDK coming in October will have people smiling?  How so?  The SDK has nothing to do with the gamer.  They will see better graphics, but that happens EVERY SINGLE GENERATION as time goes on so it is expected regardless of any SDK coming out.

All you have done is claim Microsoft are collecting thermal data from us while we play games like Forza and Destiny for the sake of seeing how hot they can run the system.  I am pretty sure they could do that testing all on their own internally since every Xbox One system operates the same.

The amount of times you try to play off throwaway information as inside information is getting really pathetic.  Everything from new SDK's to Japan preorder numbers are already known information.  All you do is throw a date on it and when you are wrong you just claim it was pushed back to cover your ass.  This is how you have always operated.  There WILL be a new SDK the question is just when.  If it comes in October you get to say you were right.  If it comes in November you will make some excuse that they combines both updates.  We all know your game already so you can stop.  You're pathetic.

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