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MisterXmedia Carnival Of Leaks. July 18th, 2014. Xbox Entertainment Studios closed to Phil Spencer could buy Capcom? WTF?

I've just noticed that the latest batch of MrX manure has been posted.  I am going to try to get my guy to rebut the numbers in the techy section because I do not understand it fully--well, at all. If he is willing to gloss over it and provide some input on it I will be sure to post that.  For now though you can see my usual response which I have been doing.  Enjoy!
Insider Daily. Satya Nadella impressed with Xbox One design. Phil has a huge amount of leverage now
Insider: The shack up doesn't effect the x1.. some marketing teams will be moving to other areas.. there is a few from services too. 85% are ex nokia employees. Still its never good when friends or family are made redundant. But 150000 people and only 50% of these people are contributing to the company.
Ms are not calling xbox a core product to market as the xbox one in particular is evolving. Its is still a product that is a concept. Its a function of all products hardware/software/cloud/video/
Something that is going to happen ..
Ms are going to push the x1 as an office protocol device. Skype apps and office 365.. could be a market revision ... because the core product of ms is office and os design plus cloud delivery.
What has impressed the ceo most is the design.
He understand passion of xbox fans and wants to push the device forward .. phil has a huge amount of leverage now.. there going after Sony but google and apple are moving into the console horizon and they know that this can shack up the industry. Xbox one will real evolve now .. get ready .. and game on :)

Insider: Xes closing is opening the door for accusations of c/c ..

The shake up doesn't affect the X1.  Well--it does actually.  Not in a big way obviously, but the loss of Xbox Entertainment Studios is a loss for the console because the original programming was a draw for some people.  Let's not pretend for the sake of damage control that losing XES doesn't suck.

MS are not calling Xbox One a core product because it is not a VITAL core product to the company.  It's division accrued 13% of the companies earnings in FY2013 according to Microsoft themselves.  13% is not nothing, but it is not 33% from Office, 24% from Windows or 26% from server and tools. Oh and lets not forget that  Xbox does not account for all 13% of that.  It is split up with Skype, Windows Phone 8, Oh and in case you want to try and refute that I will leave this source right below.  And the breakdown of the E&D division right here.  The Xbox One is NOT a major part of the Microsoft financial portfolio no matter how much you want it to be.  I am not trolling here it is just the truth MisterXmedia. 

As for the whole acquisition of Capcom I am working on some solid evidence to prove that you are completely full of crap in all regards.  Expect that over the weekend or on Monday.  

Everything below here is a little out of my range of accurate understanding so if someone wants to pick this apart you are more than welcome to do so and submit your content to the site through the "Submit Content" page.
If you go over to AMD's GPU pages they are moving away from teraflops of GPUs. Also take a look at this:

See the HD7790 Memory Bandwidth at 96GB/s and compute units. XB1's GPU BW is 200GB system wide. So lets take that and move it up the list here:
AMD Radeon
R9 280 240 GB/s (4.1 TFLOPS google) 1792 Stream Processing Units
XB1 200 GB/s X.X TFLOPS 768 spu
R9 270X 179.2 GB/s (2.69TFLOPS google) 1280 Stream Processing Units
R9 270 179.2 GB/s
AMD Radeon
HD 7850 153.6GB/s (maximum) compute units <>
HD 7870 153.6GB/s (maximum) PS4 spec GPU 20 compute units <>
From AMD:
"GCN Architecture1
(one compute unit equals 64 stream processors)"

PS4 = CU.
XB1 = SPU.

Now we know that there is two GPUs from Boyd Multerer here:

"The GPUs are really complicated beasts this time around. In the Xbox 360 era, getting the most performance out of the GPU was all about ordering the instructions coming into your shader. It was all about hand-tweaking the order to get the maximum performance. In this era, that's important - but it's not nearly as important as getting all your data structures right so that you're getting maximum bandwidth usage across all the different buffers. So it's relatively easy to get portions of the GPU to stall. You have to have it constantly being fed."

So, with that much BW to fed the GPU, I think that the 768 SPU is 128ALU per spu that puts you right at 1536ALU, and with the 2 unused SPU it's 1792 ALU. "The GPUs are really complicated beasts~" Why? One of the GPUa are GPGPU compute only! Why so much time to get up and working right?

Go right to the bottom " Can you write a compute based Graphics?
Stat thinking about it"

IN XB1 case, it's one old school GFX 768ALU GPU with 16 ROPs and one with 768ALU only for compute based Graphics no need for ROPs. From:

Andrew Goossen: "Our philosophy is that ALU is really, really important going forward but like I said we did take a different tack on things. Again, on Xbox One our Kinect workloads are running on the GPU with asynchronous compute for all of our GPGPU workloads and we have all the requirements for efficient GPGPU in terms of fast coherent memory, we have our operating system - that takes us back to our system design. Our memory manager on game title side is completely rewritten. We did that to ensure that our virtual addressing for the CPU and GPU are actually the same when you're on that side. Keeping the virtual addresses the same for both CPU and GPU allows the GPU and CPU to share pointers. For example, a shared virtual address space along with coherent memory along with eliminating demand paging means the GPU can directly traverse CPU data structures such as linked lists."

And you thought i for got? X2 console = FM5 run on a titan black PC.

gforce1981: it also fits with the Die shot of the GPU with the 128 'little' bits that are in each CU

Srenia Ia: +1 Simple SIMD similar to arm graphics with fpga built in. A prediction (an educated guess):

Future gpu (xpu) have fpga built in or are all APU's.

I base this off of Nvidia's roadmap and wanting a huge bus to connect the gpu to the cpu. Nvidia is scared that there discrete gpu market is going to disappear. It will and change the face of pc gaming for the better.

Misterx: I think Nvidia is in panic mode now. They funded Start Citizen devs and will continue to downplay consoles. Big suprise is coming for them. Still time to buy AMD stocks.

Part 36. More HBM details - a 2014+ new memory type with huge bandwidth(500GB/s+). Inside Xbox One already from 2013.
by Srenia La

HBM running at same mhz as gpu

This shows a 1 Gig HBM version at 800 mhz at 102 GB/s bidirectional bandwidth. Same specs as pre speeded up GPU and "32 MB esram" of the One.

Its released right now. As revealed earlier there is other models in the 2 GB range at 2048 pins. Times two and we are looking around 512 GB/s bandwidth.

The ability of the fpga and gpu to be in sync with memory allows for a cache like memory. To feed the beast without stalls is a real issue that slowed previous games on the One. Game engines have to rethink the previous round robin approaches that you use with GDDR5. When everything is instant the previous game engines stall waiting where it didnt previously. You get lower performance using outdated game engines

Sony fanboys made fun of the One for being less powerful. The opposite is true and four gen boost in directx 12 is real.

PS... the 1 Gb I believe is a typo. It should read 1 GB according to all other inside docs by Hynix. Or is talking about per channel.

mark_dupree82: I was under the impression that Esram was pretty much treated as GPU cache before. But it seems this is real evidence of its cache nature. Question; when I hear that X1 GPU is 200GB/s system bandwidth, does this mean that it can capture all resources across the whole system at 200GB/s, but access resources higher internally? I'm learning.

Srenia Ia: HBM is divided into 8 channels at 128 MB each. It is further sub divided. The GPU is compute base in a 128 SIMD arrangment. The SIMD arrangement is flexible similar to the FMAC's in the AMD processors.

So local bandwidth is used. Not every process needs all the bandwidth. So indepent and local access to chucks of HBM with total bandwidth accesibility as well. A tile base memory system.

AMP C++ and Directx 12 is tile driven and the hardware reflects that.

The HBM Cache works in combination with ddr3 and WIO2. Bandwidth takes a step back to latency in the new model. The move engines support that. Memory in the right place at the right time. This allows for different processors to work on different parts of the tasks. HSA.

josefajardo: yep saw that and anand forums :)

Srenia Ia: Ill have to check that out. Seems everyone is talking about it now. Took them long enough. Lol. How many months has this site been ahead of the curve now...

analytic1: Funny you should say that , i was a member here 2009 , HMC , multi channel memory controller , Cadence , tensilica , fpga was all spoken about 2010 , even speculation intel would put a fpga on chip for server and amd will do the same for desk tops , <...>

Xbox one has something different and i can expect some tech in there that is of future values , i don't doubt peoples research , i only question what microsoft did do , i know what they could of done and what is being developed by other company's now relating to all this talk , the ram could well be HBM , but the only reason i question is , is because why put a big 32MB block , then i think maybe the reason was because HBM wasn't tried and tested in mainstream products so they took a small risk and implemented a small block inbetween the cpu as that was the only space left on chip , my thoughts about move engines are related to FPGA , cloud FPGA talks to console FPGA or move engine to move engine , because the move engine in the cloud is FPGA .....

I believe by September we will get some answers , it is better to know and be disappointed , than to not know and always wonder (took that quote for a post on facebook)

Srenia Ia: The 32 MB risk would be the direct 3D TSV between the cpu clusters. Something apple been doing for years but a risk on a big chip. 2.5D is a lot easier to implement and a lot more flexible.

September would be nice. :-) Even not MS already confirmed enough to developers that I'm satisfied. MS is brillant but does not operate in a vacumm. It'll all be revealed over time.
gforce1981: Think about it

You have the die shot of the xbox one and you can clearly see that there are 128 (of something) in each CU.

128 x 12 = 1536, however MS has stated that it can do 768 Operations per cycle.


So here is my theory

MS has stated that the GPU's are complicated beasts.

like others have indicated, 'what if' 64 out of those 128 per CU are the 'normal Graphics Processors' and of which this is what the 16 ROPS are dealing with.

Then the other 64 out of those 128 per CU are the "Compute Processors" (of which has not been used yet). Remember the AMD slide that said about writing compute code (start thinking about it)

So remember all of this talk about 'MONO driver' & 'Stereo driver'

Also the slides talking about Host / Guest.

this makes PERFECT sense as to what it could be about, and it makes perfect sense as to why the 'current' games are 'slightly' behind the PS4 in 'some' departments.

This could easily explain why there is 2 Graphics commands processors and 2 Compute command processors.

This also fits with 'ALL' of the comments years ago about the xbox one being like '2 gpus' taped together, also explains why they had dev kits that ere 2 x 7970's.

This also explains like the MS guy said about 'could anyone think of a situation which the console that 'appeared' to be weaker was in fact the faster console?

also on the hot chips slides (when others have been talking about on board memory and caches, well on the hotchips they only say 47mb of storage on chip, they don't mention cache or anything else.

I honestly think we as xbox one fans and gamers have a LOT too look forward.


mike_flash: DOOM

First quarter 2016.
Tiled Resources.
Procedural damage in enemies flesh and real time
60 frames.

XBox have an architecture specially prepared to chop everything you see in screen, not only textures.

First real battle: Megatextures Tier1 level hardware vs Tiled resources Tier3 level hardware.

Prepare to be amazed...

Bernd Neuke: Sony refuses PLR!
This is an information from a large German rental chain:
Sony withdraws at the time the PLR ​​of PS4 games.

You can still rent PS3, PS2 and Vita Games but no more PS4
They have to take all PS4 games from the shelf!

This is 4 the Players! xD

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  1. About Capcom: Capcom cannot bought by MS in a whole because of japanese regulations that prevent a complete buyout to foreign (US) companies. So of course to say MS will buy Capcom is nonsense.

  2. Well, I simply don't think the layoffs have anything to do with MS trying to buy Capcom. The XES seemed a little odd if they were only there to support the Xbox. MS acquired Nokia and there was bound to be a lot of overlap in positions. But I'm not an Insider so what do I know?
    I have stated multiple times that I do think there is a lot more to the technical capabilities of the XB1 than has been tapped. We have witnessed cloud demos on the XB1, we have read about 50 additional processors/mcus that haven't been explained. I do think the system will be significantly better in the future - the 3 billion in dev costs were overblown ( but it was significantly more than Sony. If they ended up underpowered vs Sony's offering then there needs to be serious accountability for grossly mismanaging funds.
    I do hope you get a certified hardware specialist to contribute to the site. I'd love to have some of thesr claims vetted.

    1. XES getting shut down it more than likely the choice of Phil Spencer I am guessing. I am betting that he was pulling his hair out at one point wanting to scream at Don for all the stupid ass ideas he wanted to do. He's basically done nothing but ditch stuff that the system doesn't NEED since he was hired.

      In terms of a hardware specialist I am always looking for someone, but that is pretty tough to get. Unfortunately the majority of those sort of people are hanging out on places like Tom's Hardware or other sites.

      If you know of anyone feel free to let me know!

  3. The crazy train never stops.

    1. Yeah, it is a little ridiculous. SOMEHOW the layoffs were all part of the plan for Xbox to take over the gaming world. It is such a ridiculous notion. The fact that anyone believes that the layoffs and shut down of XES had anything to do with Microsoft buying Capcom is just ludicrous!

  4. Misterxmedia, Mistercteam and 'insider' are so obviously the same person that i honestly don't understand how he has any followers at all. Those three personas make exactly the same spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and misuse of words. They (he) doesn't know the difference between their there and they're for example, and that's just the start. Microsoft would never employ someone at the level 'insider' would need to be at to gain such claimed information when he can't even use such basic english words, let alone construct a sentence. The word "shack" instead of shake in the above article is another example that 'insider' has little understanding of basic english, and would be interesting to see if Misterxmedia or Mistercteam has used that word in any of 'their' posts.

  5. While I agree that MisterX and Insider are very likely the same person, I think that MisterCteam is actually someone else.

    MisterX and Insider use the same vocabulary and grammar, the only difference is that Insider is using a different punctuation. MisterCteams English skills are lacking as well, but it feels different to me.

    Regarding the MS employment of Insider:

    While he focuses on praising MS stuff, he has also made comments about third parties like Activision, EA and Ubisoft. He has seen basically every unreleased multiplatform game on both systems, and of course the XB1 version looked a lot better.

    If Insider really existed, he'd be the best informed and probably most important person in the whole industry.

  6. Guys, it is time for a new insider exclusive...

  7. misterxmedia and insider are the same person.

    mistercteam is a slightly obsessed tech ignorant fanboy from Jakarta.

    Truthandfax is an idiot.

    1. True for all 3 statements

    2. In regard to TruthandFax I am not sure what I want to do with him. He's an obvious troll which is getting annoying, but on top of that he is pretty obvious about his desire to spam his blog around here.

      Which, for the record, I am not against people promoting their own sites here at all. It is just that it is blatant troll that I don't care for.

  8. Oh Lord why hath you forsaken me?

    In your eyes forsaken me
    In your thoughts forsaken me
    In your heart forsaken me, oh

    Trust in my self-righteous suicide
    I cry when angels deserve to die
    In my self-righteous suicide
    I cry when angels deserve to die

    1. Don't waste time thinking about what's wrong with you. Instead, focus on what's wrong with other people.

    2. The Lord is not a fan of System of a Down, huh?

      Do you like Coldplay? They are nice boys.

    3. There is no practical distinction between the comments section of a web page and the depths of hell. The reason I like "Coldplay", we need them there.

  9. The first two Coldplay albums are alright though?

    The Lord is probably too busy ordering people to be killed for believing in Gods that aren't him, than to care about MOR music.