Monday, July 14, 2014

MisterXmedia carnival of leaks July 14th, 2014. Games announced at TGS/Gamescom. Capcom deal has changed and more!

Another post from MisterXmedia leaking pseudo insider information today so that means another Carnival of Leaks post!  Wahoo!  Let's delve into this week healthy dosage of what it sure to be a giant load of bullshit.  Enjoy!
Insider Daily. Microsoft will talk more about Xbox One memory system
Insider: Now Microsoft are going to talk hardware.. finally..
But I hear its going to be memory system including sub system's cachs.. and cpu side.. they refer to the cpu as the true next generation step forward.. cloud talks will also be brought in to light but only server side.. streaming compute cals is going to happen .. the axi bridge is all cpu fpga.. dx12 stuff is in coming also.. I don't think its going to tie all the ends up. Because license agreement are moving slower. It will prove that its more powerful then thoes other guys seem to think.. rop this tops that.. is all they will have to throw around and its because there think of oldish design ... looking forward to this... :)

Ah ha, the return of the secret sauce!  So they are going to talk about hardware finally.  I do recall him saying that they would talk about hardware at E3...which never happened.  He quadrupled down on that for the record.  I know that because I called him out on it every single time.  I was then banned from the site for being a covert Sony Pony.  Naturally though he cannot say when and he also makes sure to reference licencing agreements; meaning, "It is under a secret NDA."  This is the same nonsense he has been saying for MONTHS, nay, years now.  I hope none of you are silly enough to think that this is at all true.  Then he finishes off the paragraph by stating that we will soon know the true power of the Xbox One.  That is is more powerful than the PS4 because Microsoft used some super-secret method.

Slow week.. just hearing news and more rumours. ..
Destiny's beta is pre sdk. And this may not be big in Japan. Acti and sony might have bet on the wrong horse.. there is a real craving for rpg with evolved gfx and story not mmo fps. Its the reason x1 is going to be big in Japan. Devs over there are very open to friends word is spreading of a killer franchise coming. I wont make assumptions on these projects.
But ms is pouring big big yen into the region.
This part of his post brings me a tremendous amount of joy because it is EXACTLY what I was talking about in my recent podcast about MisterXmedia!  He is "leaking" stuff, but it is vague.  If it ends up happening he gets to claim he has inside information!  If it doesn't....we'll, it was just a rumor.  Oh well.   The part about the Destiny beta being pre SDK is a 50/50 guess based on the fact that the SDK was JUST released less than a month ago.  The Destiny developers are not a first party studio so it is highly likely that they wouldn't get the SDK early.  Seriously.  This is not a leak.  It is just a fact shrouded in the illusion of inside information.
The capcom thing is on the tab so I have heard.. its investors monopoly now. There not doing a full purchase out right... terms are stricked.
I absolutely god damn called this in my podcast!  He is now walking back the sale talk because it is highly unlikely that either Sony or Microsoft would buy out Capcom.  Not to mention that he's already said there was a deal in the works.  At this point he has leaked that there would be a sale and now he is saying there wont be.  Whatever happens he is going to take credit for it.  This man tries to muddy the waters so much that people do not know what is actually the truth.  It is how he operates.  
Gamescom.. is going to be good for x1 fans.. 1 huge aaa game to be announced. That I have heard. Roumor has it .. there could be a sega game announced .. I waa told not next gen ryo .. but a blue hedgehog.. this could change to tgs.
So, when both Gamescom and TGS come and go what is going to happen?  "Oh, it was just a rumor.  It was never confirmed."  Yet--if it DOES happen that a game gets announced the people are going to just lap that shit up because insider told them about it in advance!  
Seriously.  People need to start recognizing that he is telling them stuff that is literally common knowledge.  Both Gamescom and TGS have games revealed at them almost every single year.  This is not something new.  All he is doing is stating a fact and like always shrouding it in the illusion of insider information when it is not. 
And patents should link up where x1 internal software is evolving... hotchips also may leave more unanswered information as for what the put out.. like how ... should still be good :)
In other words.  Keep coming back until September.  GREAT THINGS WILL BE ANNOUNCED!  None of which have been leaked on his site for the record.  

Srenia Ia2013 AMD is doing die stacking in the mainstream

Pg 52 

"Die stacking is happening in the mainstream"

"It is happening now because we need it"

December 9th, 2013

So AMD had a product in 2013 with die stacking (HBM) that was in the mainstream (The One)... hmmm

mark_dupree82Imagine, Stacked Ram for GPU, Tiled Resources, DX12 with dual rendering (Star Swarm Tech), and Xbox Live Compute...........I can't imagine a game possessing them all. I'll play my Xbox outside in the front naked, with extension cords giving me the reach necessary.
MrC, what level of graphics can be delivered with 680GB/s bandwidth? Avatar in real time? Still waiting to see that game AnotherTech spoke of.

I think that is why one of rumoured Xbox One names was Xbox Infinity.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.  The rumor started because of a few naming trademarks that popped up.  Then THIS article popped up regarding it and it exploded.  It had nothing to do with Microsoft.  It was an internet thing only and was never anything more than an INTERNET RUMOR.

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  1. And the Moon landings were faked...

    1. Wow. Just, wow. That explains so much of the type of people hanging out over there regularly and believe everythign that guy says...

  2. I can't wait till the 4th xbox is about to launch on the market and all the jackass cultists following mrx are still believing the nonsensical lies fed to them. But, hey, that's why they are cultists lol. Mrx is going to convince them to drink the "special" koolaid like the good cultists in order to unlock the stacked ram and future gpu from the xbox one lol.

    All the people on that site give real xbox fans and real gamers a bad name. Just like any idiotic fanboyism...

    1. There are genuinely nice people on that site I have to say. There are also some very crazy folks over there as well. When these games conferences keep coming and going I am sure the amount of people who follow what he is saying will dwindle off more and more. Eventually people will just stop paying attention to him because he's proven basically nothing thus far.

    2. Please do not judge the majority of people there from some of the die-hard-misterxmedia-followers and conspiracy-lovers there. Most of the visitors there are just Xbox fans that needed a place to talk in a Xbox friendly environment.

    3. If you follow the posts I have written I have always made it known that I believe there are good people on that site. I am not judging everyone. I agree entirely that there are good people over there.

  3. Just so we are all clear for his games prediction for Gamescon:
    1) He said 1 AAA game will be announced. He did not say the developer, he did not say it was exclusive, he did not say the genre.
    2) He basically said another Sonic game is coming out but didn't list the platform - he also hedged his bet by saying it could slip to TGS.

    In other words, what inside info was leaked?