Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Madmax_23. Let me address your concerns one by one.

For anyone that cares to read this in case you are wondering what is going on with this post it is a reply from a user named Madmax_23 over on MisterXmedia's site.  In the past he and I have spoken.  I perceived him to be a pretty level headed guy, but this part of our conversation was where it flew off the rails for some strange reason.  I sent him links to both of the sources that I spoke with and he sent me this back.

Dear Madmax_23,

I am not going to stand for the whole "you're a troll" thing any more.  You see unlike yourself and MisterX I do no operate in secrecy.  I sent you the initial messages because I knew you had posted them in the past so I figured that MAYBE you were interested in easing a little bit of facts into the discussion over there.  I was clearly wrong.  So, as I said I do not operate in secrecy.  Since you flew off the handle and accused me of doing nothing more than trolling I figured I would share the last of our conversation with the people on this site so they can see, once again, just how the people on that site operate.  You guys are not interested in facts you are interested in feeling good about your purchase of the Xbox One.  You're interested in this false notion that MrXmedia is a safe haven for Xbox One gamers.  You're interested in reading and discussing "insider" information, but you do not want to know whether it is actually true or not.

If you would like to further any discussion you can come to this site and speak publicly where people can hold you accountable for the things you say because as far as I was concerned we were done talking which is why I opted to block you--and yet you came asking me to unblock you.  So my assumption is that you have more to say.  You are welcome to say anything you want--right here on this site.  If you are unwilling to do that, then so be it.  I really do not care.


Here is out most recent interaction when madmax_23 chose to freak out on me and say he is done talking.  The red writing is obviously my responses.  Enjoy everyone.

> I too am in the beta preview program. There is nothing you, mrx or anyone else is privy to that I am not. I now have two completely separate sources saying the exact same thing who are not affiliated with one another. 

> No problem though. i can keep climbing the ladder. Microsoft are very good about responding to privacy concerns--which is exactly what this sort of thing is. Regardless of NSA stuff if they are tracking something like temperature information they would have no REASON to hide it and deny it. 

Thanks for not answering my question. Please do your research . And answer the question!!!!!!! 

Don't bullshit around it. The Xbox does have heat sensors. THATS A FACT!!!! 

I never once said the Xbox One didn't have heat sensors.  Not once.

There are temp sensors... there isn't a chipset made today that doesn't include temp sensors. without them processors would burn up because they wouldn't know to throttle when hitting max temps. ms designed the apu. of course they built in ways to monitor it. it's stupid to think there is no temp monitoring. 
Again, I never said that the Xbox One didn't have heat sensors or even that it didn't have a way to monitor the heat of the console.  Not once.

Direct quote From Xbox Division!!!! 

"The console can monitor its internal temperature and adjust accordingly to prevent overheating" 

So which is it.. are you saying there are no Temp sensors...or there is but Microsoft and the engineers have no way of monitoring it. Jesus Christ kid! Do you have any knowledge of how computers/consoles/ or any new Hardware operates? 
I never once said the Xbox One didn't have heat sensors.  I said, based on sources, that the Xbox Ones existing heat sensors do not track data and send it to Microsoft.  Again--what I said was based on sources who said that to ME.

First off a tweet and a phone call is not hard evidence for anything. Secondly mr.x (insider) only says there testing for head room and how high temps can get. He doesn't say how. Just that there doing these tests. I don't know if i believe him. But your really starting to rub me the wrong way.

You're totally correct.  A random Tweet does not constitute a source.  But I would like to think that a Tweet from the Executive director at 343, a first party studio, would be an acceptable source for that the Xbox One does.  It isn't like they are owned by Microsoft or anything...

Well--you're wrong.  MisterX DID claim that we are the testers. I invite you to go back and read the posts where he said that we are the testers and the only we WE are the testers for temperatures is if they are tracking temperature data on our consoles.  You sir are absolutely wrong.

I do not care if you believe him or not.  It doesn't change facts.  If me presenting facts rubs you the wrong way then I guess I can live with that.

Then you say they would have no reason to hide them monitoring the Xbox. 

Your quote "Regardless of NSA stuff if they are tracking something like temperature information they would have no REASON to hide it and deny it". 

Have you looked around on the internet? Anything and everything about microsoft or xbox is getting dragged through the mud and getting over exaggerated. DID YOU NOT SEE HOW THE KINECT WAS LABELED NSA SPYWARE. Its complete bullshit. If they came out and sad anything the biased gaming media would call witch and try and burn them at the stakes. Holy shit. Are you Blind or something. 

So again.  You are upset at me?  Because I questioned something that an alleged insider said and ended up getting a response from people affiliated with Microsoft?  I don't get it?   The Kinect being labeled an NSA Spyware is 100% irrelevant to this conversation.  Regardless of what I found the Xbox One was still a great system.  The only thing that suffered from what I found is the reputation of MrX.  

If they came out and said they are tracking temperature data for the purpose of seeing if they can patch the system to provide more power the people would call it a witch and watch it burn?  Yeah, I don't think so.  If it were actually going to happen I am just about certain that it would be welcomed with wide open arms.

People like you are not helping the gaming community at all. There is only a few select sites the people can go to and get honest and helpful excitement for there Xbox one news. LIKE I SAID ONLY A SELECT FEW ACTUALLY BELIEVE THE INSIDER CRAP. SO WHATS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM TRYING TO BRING THE WHOLE COMMUNITY DOWN.

Correction.  People like me do not help the --MrX-- community at all.  I like to think that providing facts and proof of things helps more than making baseless claims about the Xbox One console.  What do you consider honest news anyway?  MisterXmedia?  Certainly you must be joking right?  A guy that admitted publicly that differentiating opinions are not welcome is what you consider honest news?  You are delusional.

I do not have a problem.  In fact I am quite happy with the way things are going.  I've done nothing but seek facts and I have garnered that hatred of you and all the more delusional followers over on that site.  As I have said to you on more that one occasion.  If me trying to follow up and get facts for something MisterXmedia says is ruining the "whole community" then so be it.  I do not care.  I was questioning MrX looooong before I was banned from his site and just because he banned me doesn't mean I am going to stop reading what he says and questioning it.

If banning folks for not falling in line is what he wants to do then he can absolutely do that, but I frankly will not stand for it here.  I actually choose to have a discussion rather than what is in ever sense of a phrase a propaganda site.

I'm done talking to people like you. You are not trying to help the gaming community but are on a revenge tactic after getting banned. I'm so sick of this ME ME ME I'm right your wrong dogshit. I go to that site for positive xbox news. NOT THE SO CALLED INSIDER INFO> your not the first person to not believe the stuff that is posted, and you wont be the last. Hell i don't believe half the shit that is posted there. But i would say 85% of the posters don't either. Its just fun to speculate and talk xbox and gaming news. Now stop. Just stop. All your doing is trolling. 

I am completely fine with you being done speaking to me.  I--AM--trying to help the gaming community.  I am just not trying to help the community you want me to by ignoring the opportunity to actually go and seek the truth about some of the things MrX says.  You can call it a revenge tactic.  I am fine with that.  If seeking facts is vengeful to you then you call it that.

The "I'm right your wrong dogshit" would stop if you, or MrX, were in fact right--and I were wrong.  If you go to that site for the positive news then you are not even the demographic of people I am speaking to.  I sent you the post because I was under the impression from previous conversations that you were a level-headed individual.  I see now I was very much wrong in that assumption.

That is very noble of you to admit you do not believe even half of what he said.  Now go try to say that on his site.  Tell me how long you are allowed to stick around.  You and many others over on that site have a serious victim complex where you feel any facts that go against what you want to be true is an attack on you.

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