Thursday, July 17, 2014

Looking for your input on anonymous comments.

Hey everyone,

From time to time I just want to know what you guys want to do in regards to what goes on here.  The question I have been mulling over is whether or not to allow comments posted by anonymous people.  My impulse is that I do not want to allow them at all, but I want to know how you guys feel about it.

Should this site allow anonymous comments?  Let me know how you feel about it and what you think I should do.

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  1. Allow it. More comments equals more conversation.

  2. I always feel more comfortable when I can post anonymous or at least without signing in, just with a nickname. But maybe that's because I'm lazy.

  3. OK. It sounds from the two of you that you prefer that I allow anonymous posts and I think that is what I will do. I just do not want it to become a problem is all. I'm not interested in leaking pseudo inside information here via anonymous accounts.

    I am all for open discussion about anything, but there is going to be accountability here as well. I'm sure you all are down for that.

  4. I'm too lazy to sign when I am on my surface lol