Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let's wait for Destiny to release before we pretend it is going to change gaming forever.

Have you played Titanfall?  Did you enjoy it?--I know I did.  How about this though; has it changed the way you look at multiplayer gaming forever?  That last one is a bit of a stretch for anyone to say.  Titanfall is no doubt a great game, but even the things it did that were so awesome were quickly lost in the minds of gamers.  I mean look at these articles that were written in the fervor leading up to the launch of Titanfall:
  • Primagames for example.  They wrote an article late last year called "Titanfall: 10 Ways It Will Change Multiplayer Gaming"
  • Venturebeat. - "Titanfall: Revolutionary not Evolutionary."
  • Mirror.co.uk - "Titanfall - video game review: A next gen experience as revolutionary as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare."
Those are just a small few, but so many others echoed that same sentiment that Titanfall was going to absolutely change the face of gaming.  Revolutionary was probably the most common word I remember reading.  So much so that it became little more than a buzzword after just a short time.  Do not get me wrong.  Titanfall is a very fun game, but I do not know that I would say it lived up to the word revolutionary at this point.  I welcome the discussion with anyone who disagrees, but I personally do not feel that way.

So what in the hell am I talking about Titanfall for when the title of this post refers to Destiny?  Let me elaborate.  Destiny is getting almost the same treatment as Titanfall.  It is being hyped to the heavens and so many people seem to think this game is going to absolutely change gaming forever.  The funny part of that is there are not a whole lot of people who have actually  had the chance to play Destiny.  How can so many people who have not played the game be so sure?

Already we are seeing articles referring to Destiny as revolutionary and that is where I start to wonder how this game can possibly live up to the hype created by the fans.  I understand completely that people want it to be revolutionary and amazing, but we've yet to really get our hands on the game other than in the limited beta.  Thus far people are saying the beta is good, but I have heard very few people come out and say the game it anything even close to revolutionary.

In the gaming world I feel like revolutionary is a buzzword and little more.  A word used by developers to sell their game and by journalists to get clicks.  Until I actually get a chance to play Destiny I am going to be a skeptic of the claims that it is a revolutionary game.  Even the footage I have seen so far doesn't sell me on the notion of the game changing the industry forever.  I sincerely hope to be proven wrong, but I have learned from the past that hype often exceeds the quality of the final finished game.

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