Thursday, July 31, 2014

KingFatness: The Homefront IP now the property of Deep Silver

The Homefront IP now the property off Deep Silver

Crytek, famous for their visuals in games like Crysis and Ryse has sold off the rights to the Homefront IP to Deep Silver. By all accounts so far Deep Silver will continue to make the title Homefront Revolution for the Xbox One, PS4 and the PC.

Crytek had a reputation for making very visually stunning games that were light on the gameplay side. With a new studio (but rumored to be much of the same talent) can Deep Silver's new studio Dambuster re-work the troubled title to deliver both? Was this wasted opportunity by MS and should they go after Crytek's Hunt:Horrors of A Gilded Age?

Crytek has shuttered much of their Austin based Crytek USA studio and their Crytek UK studio was reformed into Dambuster Studios )(Deep Silver/Koch Media).


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