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Interesting collection of questions for MisterXmedia and his insider. Was promptly deleted by MisterXmedia though.

The following is a list of question that a user from Livejournal sent to MisterXmedia.  He, just as I, was looking for answers in regards to the things that have been completely wrong on his blog.  He and I both resulted in the same fate.  We were banned.  

I sent the following post...he deleted it immediately and unfriended me. I can no longer post. LOL, he is pretty sensitive. Enjoy!

Insider/Mr. X Questions:

“Also isn't it funny that cboat is back on sony gaf... just as thurway comes out with the 8% garbage of unlocked gpu resource for kinect video processing. If they had a clue they would realise that kinect process all features on its own soc. There is no need for processing skeleton's /voice / video. “ 1/27

Q: Seems to refute your earlier claim. Can you elaborate?

“look at forza 5 1080p 60fps.. like all future 1st party games. 2nd party .. qb 1080p 60fps. All games coming up after march will see this ... I wonder why watch dogs got delayed... 1080p 30fps.” 1/29

Q: WatchDogs did not make 1080p/30fps, what happened? SSOD, COD:AW is rumoured to be sub 1080p. Can you explain what happened or if these WILL be 1080/30fps?

“Notice too that on the same day that 'CBOAT' was discredited, a new 'insider' account was created on Neogaf, and is already spreading disinformation with claims that Halo 5 is no longer on track for a 2014 release. I can tell you that it's still on course, and will be spearheading the first wave of DX12 engines later this year.” 1/30 (Anonymous MS Employee)

Q. Can you get more info from this poster? They also stated that DX12 games would be launching this year…which games would these be?

“Horizon 2 .. is really pushing the gfx level past turn10 :) .. dynamic weather is not the only addition to the game. You will be able to get out of the vehicles and enter the music festivals on foot.” 1/31

Q. Do you stand by this ‘on foot’ feature? We have heard nothing of it being implemented.

“But there is 3 high profile exclusives on the table. Sony is trying to beat the farm on one.. it is really a traditional sony franchise. But now it could be any body's. Id are all most finished there two I.p e3 will see one of these pushed this year. I think its going to be cool to go to Japan with fps this gen” 1/31

Q. E3 didn’t show this…so can you now reveal a name and at the VERY LEAST the developer of one of these titles?

"Second X1 patch give 60% speed up boost (remove 10% GPU reservation and GPU driver update). First patch give only few tweaks OS and small changes." 2/1, 2/5

Q. This revelation was pretty accurate. The update to the XB1s in the wild were updated in June, but it seems like your friend at Ubisoft had them in Jan/Feb. Why would MS not have let Insomniac have it at the same time…did they not trust them?

“also before more crap leaks... no halo 5 this year 2015 /3 or 5 ... yes beta this year.. there is another halo game coming... you can figure this out yourself's” 2/15

Q. At this point OG Insider confirms what the anonymous person leaked. If you have traced this ‘Anonymous’s’ IP can we get more from them?

“MR X " what will be the first game to take advantage of host and guest?"
Insider: "sunset and Quantum for sure. Remedy is doing some mind blowing stuff. You will see! Also Rare has got 3 games very deep in development besides sports. I can tell you I know kameo 2 is one of them. I heard another perfect dark but not too sure. Lost Odyssey is coming also. We're hoping this and a few others gets us a solid start in Japan. We are really trying to secure some exclusive content with namco as well." 2/28

Q. If Sunset is using the ‘host/’guest’ + the new XDK, why would hitting 1080/60 even be a concern? Why would Quantum Break be 1080/30fps instead of 60?

“Universal app... I guess we discussed this .. now you see how steam and all thoes apps you wanted are going to come too x1 .. there may be a few restrictions but nothing fancy. There not just metro ether and if you purchase an app there is no pay wall ether.. 32bit and 64bit binary too.. but very thoes apps need to be compiled to run on x1. No more then a few hours and a few license agreements.. I guess amazon didn't see this coming fire tv ... :)” 4/3

Q. You were spot on with this one nearly 4 weeks before it happened. Then MS announced a flood of new apps coming – further proof. Whomever leaked this info can you use that method to get your info going forward?

“Insider: Witcher 3 is 1080p 30fps on both ps4 x1 at this very point in time.. dx12 features on x1 are weather and texture based.. ps4 using ace to combat x1 dx12 acceleration features opencl / api metal.... neck and neck.. textures will have more sharpness on x1. Which one will be crowned the king of heat is the one with frame stutter. The devs did the right thing buy pushing it back for all gamers.. its to grand to rush.” 4/12

Q. Are you standing behind the 1080p/30fps for both? Rumors are swirling about a downgrade – res on XB1 and visuals on PS4. If you are retracting this can you let us know about it now. Also, the ‘why’ it has been downgraded would be great too.

“Assassins's Creed 4 and Battlefield 4 will get updates to unlock 1080p 60fps but I don't have much insider knowledge outside of Microsoft on that matter.” 5/3 Anonymouse1

Q. Is this still going to happen…and when?

“cod advanced warfare is 1080p... the lets save sony in the industry is up. so much to say but I really want you to see e3.. ssod is 1080p also.” 5/3

Q. Who is supporting this ‘Save Sony’ movement – which developers?

“LEAKED - Microsoft E3 2014
On the DL. This info comes from the highest source and contains near full details of Microsoft E3 2014 conference. I have had corroborations from a number of sources to its legitimacy:” 5/8

Q. This page had a number of flaws. However, this was probably the most understandable. The inconsistencies were large in number but the E3 plans were in flux…I actually get this one being ‘off’. I won’t get too deep into specifics. I would like to know why so many trusted sources were so wrong though.

“Sega and Yu Suzuki and Microsoft studio have come to an agreement to joint publish and fund the development of shenmue sequel.. people have claimed that the project has been in test phase for over 12 months.. there pushing for a living inspired reality. “ 5/13

Q. This one confuses me as the initial report left no ambiguity as to who had ownership. Later you stated that MS didn’t have ownership. Yu Suzuki stated he is looking for the right opportunity to make it and is considering turning to Kickstarter for it. Can you clarify the Shenmue rumors and what you know?

“I told you it was trailer fest at sony e3 .. they are going to drop ps4 50usd . And pack there camera in the retail..” 5/14

Q. Why did Sony not drop their price and bundle the camera? Was the MS presentation not strong enough to make them think that they needed to make this move? You stated they would do it to stay in front of the monster MS would unleash – I take it they changed their minds after the presentation.

“Master chief will have a new look .. upgrade :)” 5/22 O Insider
“Their big game will be The Last Guardian,” BS ‘Insider’ Anonymous/Tick

Q. everybody pretty much took this to mean the new Spartan was MC new look. Obviously we know that is not the case. So…to clarify, are you stating for the record MC will get new armor in Halo 5? Also, in the 5/22 post it seems clear to anyone that the new Insider ‘Anonymous/Tick’ was WAY off.

“You are in safe hands this year and - again - I can assure you that just three of the games, when revealed will be among the biggest E3 announcements ever. Even if we just had those I think we'd be the talk of E3 2014.” ‘5/26 HaloGamer’ Anonymous
“Halo 2a multi player only a few maps from 1 - 3 with most off 4 .. and surprise.” 5/26 OG Insider

Q. Would you agree Halogamer turned out to be a bust as an ‘Insider’? Also, OG Insider was WAY off on Halo MC Collection up to this point? How could he be so off on a project that had been in development for awhile?

“Insider: Cyberpunk is the word.. I still dont know myself but big smiles all across .. It could be any of these six tho from what is getting said ill know 1 hour before the show... but the final final announcement nobody will know they have been told to keep 15min of blank time at the end. there is also a mid section with blank time 10min. But from all reports the show will go over time considerably. Half life 3. Left for dead 3. Shenmue 3.. cyberpunk. Resident evil/ monster hunt”..”It could also be Fallout 4 or just cause 3. Mass effect 4…the problem is I can not give you 100% facts at this time as I dont have 100% conformation. The doors are sealed. But I have been told that they have some thing so gfx driven that uncharted will feel like ryse 1st wave gen. And I have seen uncharted 4 and its something special. The order ant the only game with 900p 30fps cinema feel :)” 6/3 *It looks like a disclaimer was added at some point.

Q. None of this came to fruition…why would not 1 of these be announced/shown if it is true? This is REALLY puzzling for me. MS’s conference was good..but not mind blowing by any stretch of the imagination..and I was there to witness it first hand!

“Omg!!!! its over for Sony this year... e3 is over before they even put a foot on stage. .. ultra mega super megaton... Game Over!!!!!! Melt downs are going to be had... phil you are a genuine genius. Name alone will sell this haven't seen it can't even think right now.. but no other game comes close.. nothing!!!” 6/3

Q. Since nothing fit this description, do you care to let us in on what should have been this announcement?

“Insider: The software team have unlocked 10% of the system resources allocations.. this will have no effect on kinect or snap or os.I have been told this 10% was allocated as a reservation for dual logic sdk which has arrived. This sdk is not final dx12 spec. But will provide every x1 game with next gen 1080p 30/60 performance criteria. As games this year will stilll be developed on 3rd party engines. In these scenarios It is up to the developers to allocate or push there game back. E3 will prove the reality” 6/5

Q. From a logic standpoint, this was the public console update release of what was given to devs received in Jan/Feb. But it seems as if this is being presented as two unrelated updates…that would mean the XB1 received 2 updates that gave 100% more power – can you clarify this?

“Insider: The 1st megaton is xbox360/xbox og backwards compatibility coming to x1 native hardware emulation.. there doing an update this year in the next few weeks.. it was ment to be announced e3 .. but all hardware talks no go e3.. things change.And the other 2 announcement were fallout 4 trailer it fell through in the last few hours due to an agreement to announce Doom 4 at sony conference and it is timed exclusive.” 6/10

Q. When is emulation dropping? Why would an agreement to announce Doom 4 for Sony impact a release for Fallout 4? What is the correlation?

“Now bonus round .... Half life 3 and shenmue 3 are in development phase I can only tell you what is out there but its a waiting game NDAs are broken by this blog now just like the orginal ntkerl post on gaf.” 6/10

Q. You stated that both games are in development – once again I’m now confused as to where Shenmue would land.

“There is going to be a new conker 100% now. Battle toads also never made it to the show and resident evil was ment to be the exclusive 3rd party game which follows closely with code veronica story but also more of a reboot also was no show well apart from an accidental leak which I hear was abolished from the face of the internet. All up I think e3 was still a successful event for ms.” 6/10

Q. Conker…when? Battletoads never made it to the floor…why? Resident Evil…why a no show?

“Insider: Everything is pushed to gdc and tgs .. but definitely keep all your eyes on the 16th .. devils 3rd is timed exclusive.” 6/12

Q. What happened to this announcement? What did you anticipate being announced?
“Sorry guys missing from the show and due some time this year in announcements some way out to: Shenmue 3, Halfvlife 3, Ltfd 3, Gear of war 3’ Banjo 3 rare 2nd party, Conker bad nights, Rare !! Orginal conker team getting reformed, Fallout 4 gdc tgs qukecon announce this year, Ever online tgs!! Mmo, Final fantasy 7 in crisis core in form of gbike design :(, Resident evil 7 tgs !!!, Mistwalker rpg tgs !!!, Lollypop chainsaw 2 tgs !!!, Capcom mh4/5 tgs !!!, Phantasy star mmo tgs!!!” 6/12
Q. So which one of these will drop this year? I notice that you have changed from calling it Lost Odyssey 2 to Mistwalker RPG…why?
“Fallout 4 got pulled and doom 4 was moved. Half life 3 and shenmue 3 are not ready to show tgs is definitely the place shenmue bomb will drop . resident evil 7 reboot tgs. Monster hunter next tgs.” 6/12.

Q. The Shenmue question is raised again…So Gamescon will not reveal anything major, but TGS seems to be set to unveil a ton of games – is that right?

“I told you qb wasn't going to be at e3 gdc..” 6/12

Q. Actually Sam Lake did...he told all of us.

“Insider: Parasite dr3 patch delayed ..from 900 to 1080p 30 no dips 30.. not sure when the patch will land but phil is going to push for all devs to reach that level as new sdk has enough power to render ryse @1080p 60fps with ease... some games and I do mean some basic money hated sony diablo stuff will not be 1080p inless they officially get called out.” 6/17

Q. Any idea when these patches are going to release. So far the only game that received patches would be TF, and they have not admitted to increasing res.

“Insider: The problem with ssod is they have not used updated sdk yet to optimise or take effective use of tools The confusion is rip on this project .. the devs have stated to many people 1080p 30 locked. Iv seen the game. The 1080p 30 was devs side. This is the first time I have heard of 900p ... it does not make sense to drop the resolution when every other dev are getting resolution bump ups and better lod with sdk update. The game is hardly going gold tomorrow.” 6/17

Q. SSOD (in theory) should have had the power boost at the same time as Ubisoft. You are right, there seems to be a lot of confusion on this title.
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  1. Hilarious! This sums up all you need to know about MrX!

    1. The reason they were posted here is because they were censored on his site. While they will not be seen by many I think they are all valid questions and deserve answers.

      If someone is willing to put out information claiming to be an insider then I feel very strongly that people should be allowed to ask questions and/or be skeptical when the guy is wrong. That is how the whole thing should logically work. The problem is that he/they have a victim complex and they view questions as trolling or anti-Microsoft/Xbox for some reason which leads them to censor and ban folks for doing it.

      It is a really big damn shame, but it is his blog and he can run it how he chooses.