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BS REPORT: Hypocrisy from MisterXmedia. Rails against NeoGAF and N4G for removing posts/comments...then does the same thing!

Hypocrisy is nothing new on the internet.  We all know that people can get away with saying just about whatever the hell they want.  The thing is though that most people will eventually get called out on it and the masses of people will usually invalidate them in quick time.  So how in the hell MisterXmedia continues to get away with openly being hypocritical I will never know.
Just go on over to MisterXmedia's site and you will see on just about any post people railing against N4G or NeoGAF.  Today I want to expose you all to some of the most blatant an egregious examples of hypocrisy I have seen in a long time.  Here we go!
Let's start with NeoGAF.  They have a reputation for being bias towards Sony.  At least right now they do.  Give it 3-4 years and we will see how they are then.  They tend to resemble the gaming world as a whole in that the most popular product at the time is usually the one that gets the brunt of the exposure.  Not even so much a bias, but rather just the circlejerk of the internet. 
First lets establish the basis where MisterXmedia has gone on and on about people deleting pro-Xbox One material on other sites and how wrong it is in his eyes.
Exhibit A:
So obviously MrX feels that removing material for any reason is wrong.  Not only that but he points out that is it Xbox One material and he is quite intrigued by the notion that it was removed.

Exhibit B:

Here is a quote from another post where MisterXmedia goes on about how NeoGAF and N4G are bias and have been "moneyhatted" by Sony.

"Misterx: Well said and i agree they are controlled by Sony, That is the same with and many boards. Sony have special people to invide the boards and spread FUD. They need to stay alive and earn some money. But that is a double edged sword and will punch them back sooner or later.

Here is a list of non-Sony ass liking members being banned just in one thread in a couple of days.
PureGone, AutumnRay,Rayge,Ushae
GribbleGrunger,TechnicPuppet,Always Bet On Batman
Arthur Bishop,SerOnionKnight, Joeki11a,Krilekk,UnnDunn,jim2011
oVerde,Team Vernia,bonus_sco, Klocker,Flatline,moriquendi32
46w500,idrinkalone,TheKaeptain, KingFire,Juan29.zapata
FINALBOSS,randiangamer, SpinningBirdKick
Subie_Greg,Cesar,prodyg, JonnyLH,jhendrix
haZethew0rld, Krilekk,Pseudo judo
antic604,Joeki11a, Icecait,Jackel7406
Rustle Da Jimmies, JammerJammy
Timemuffin, antic604
rinemy, OldSchoolNerd"

Exhibit C:

This one is the single best one I have found it puts his views on things in full display.  Take a look (You may have to click on it to view it full size).

So, why is this picture so important and interesting?  Well mostly because MisterXmedia is guilty of every single one of these things.

"This is done all the time especially on forums and comment sections to control the conversation on a given product and sometimes to damage the competitions reputation."

This is exactly what MisterXmedia's site does.  The amount of Sony Defense Force aka SDF talk on that site does its very best to damage the reputation of Sony and the Playstation brand.

"Notice how whenever a thread is made with potentially bad news about Xbox One there are immediately a bunch of junior member replies agreeing with it or posting jokes."

For evidence of this I will refer you to the replied I got in regards to my two most recent posts in which multiple users made sure to tell everyone I was just trolling or had an ax to grind with MisterXmedia.  Despite the fact that I was dealing in 100% irrefutable facts they chose to belittle me and tear me apart because my finding made MisterXmedia look bad.

Exhibit ?:  Here, I went to MisterXMedia's site and did a search for N4G & SonyGAF.  You can find MORE than enough comments from him there going on about how people on those sites are removing content for being pro Xbox One.

Alright.  Now I have provided evidence that MisterXmedia is very much against the notion of people controlling a message and removing content to do so.  He's personally gone after N4G and NeoGAF as well as many other people directly for deleting content.  

Here comes the hypocrisy!

Surely someone who is so against deleted forum comments and stuff like that would not engage in the censorship of comments on their own blog would they?  Go to MisterXmedia and do a simple search of "Deleted comments."  You will be shocked.  There are currently 105 mentions of deleted comments.  Some of which are referring to people with deleted comments on other sites, but a very large quantity of them are referring to MisterXmedia himself having deleted their or someone else's comments on his site.

Lets dig into the actually mentions though!
Exhibit A:

Even his own users are taking notice!  Here is another.

I could find so many more, but I will just finish up with MisterXmedia admitting himself that he engaged in what he agreed was called "Stealth Marketing"  He openly states that he does not allow conflicting opinions on his own site which is blatant hypocrisy!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen.  All the claims that NeoGAF is a bad place because they are deleting threads and comments are nothing more than a deflection.  A deflection from the fact that MisterXmedia openly says he is engaged in the exact same thing.  This is going to be attacked by his followers as a trolling attempt, but it really does piss me off when people pull this sort of stuff and never get called out on it.
Feel free to share this with anyone who cares to know who MisterXmedia really is.
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