Thursday, July 17, 2014

How do you think censoring people will end for you?

Dear Everyone,

I would like to talk about censorship.  Is it good?  Bad?  The truth is that it is probably some place in between.  Censorship to a degree is almost always going to have some merit.  For the sake of my overall point here I am only going to speak in terms of blogging and the communities that are built around them.

Blogging communities are almost always built around like-minded folks.  People who share a passion for the subject that the blog covers.  As it so happens this blog has attracted the attention of people who question the likes of MisterXmedia.  The reason for that is because I became interested in it and others took notice.  It really is that simple.  Now I've got a handful of people regularly contributing to my site and a discussion has begun about the topic I've chosen to talk about as of late.

What happens though if I start to control the message of my blog?  If I start only allowing people who disagree with MisterXmedia to post comments?  Like-minded individuals help build a community, but a community built on a lie inevitably will fall apart.  That is how I have approached starting up my own site in the last 6 months.  It is for that reason that I have never once tried to stifle the messages and comments of anyone.  Folks like to go on and on about how I have an ax to grind and I always laugh at it because if that were the truth I wouldn't be so open.  I wouldn't be making posts inviting ANYONE to come comment at my site.  Including folks from his site who seem to have things to say about what I am doing, but refuse to actually have the discussion.

So why am I doing that?  Am I trying to poach viewers from his blog?  Absolutely not.  It is because of censorship.  I am not going to censor any discussion.  If I am wrong I will happily admit it.  I have always operated that way.  The reason why I invite it to happen here is because it cannot happen there.  I would love to talk about all the things MisterXmedia has gotten absolutely false over the last 3-4 years, but the level of censorship on his site does not allow for it.  So much so that I am getting emails and messages on Livejournal daily from people who have been banned by MisterXmedia for questioning even one thing that he has said.

So me doing what I am doing over here isn't me hiding out or grinding any ax.  It is because I have opted to use my own site as a place to talk about the things others are not allowed to.  Such as when people fly under the radar of their record and pretend all the inaccurate things they said in the past never happened.  That isn't a serious discussion.  That is forming a community around a lie.  A lie that is the true record of MisterXmedia and his insider.

Censorship will work for a while, but eventually when the last person questions you and you ban them from your site you will be left with nothing.  Eventually people will have questions and will want to have answers for the things that you've claimed and never came to fruition.  You cannot keep ignoring all of them.  Or if you do you will face the sad reality that only yourself and a few loyal people remain.


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