Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Contrary to MisterXmedia's "inside" claims Cliff Bleszinski is not shopping a post-apocalyptic game.

The latest post from MisterXmedia today and I was curious to see what he had to say since he has been pretty quiet since E3.  As most of you know Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyB) announced yesterday that he is coming out of retirement to make a new game.  That was all the man said.  In true bottom feeding fashion though MisterX's "Insider" hopped on the chance to grab some attention by saying the following: (This is a direct screenshot from MisterX's site.)

So we are to believe that not only is this game post-apocalyptic, but he is also already working on it and whomever this person is that is MisterX's "insider" he has already seen it and it is looking "Insane."

Well I figured it was a long shot, but I decided to message @therealcliffyb to see if he would comment on it at all.  This was hardcore rumor and speculation so I know the odds of someone actually addressing it are slim, but it was worth a shot.  Much to my shock I got a reply from him within just minutes of Tweeting him.

Ah ha.  So let me get this straight.  Not only is Cliff Bleszinski not working on a post-apocalyptic game, but he flat out says the article is bullshit.  I would take that to mean no one has seen anything he's even been working on if he is in actually working on something already.  I think at this point it is safe to say that MisterXmedia is making every single bit of this up--as if you really questioned that anyway.
Nice try MisterX.  You had your fun. :)
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Insider Daily. First exclusive details of new Cliffy B game. Insane graphics
Misterx: schemnue  creator fotos with yoshida....
Sony finaly got the deal? :)

Insider: No body got the deal "yet" so next week when photos of phil hit the net of him with yo.. I guess that means Ms brought sega.. Sega have had prototypes in different formats all based around ryo. Nothing set in stone. Carney and sega go way back.. cliffy was just f@#king with neogaf.. expect more.
Last thing I heard about any game gossip before chicken gone kill me ..
Titanfall optimisation is still going on. There definitely applying new sdk features.. there trying to apply some high level AA some servers to have better resolution test phase.. apparently the server side test are going well ... no screening tearing. And better draw distance more animations. Official word soon. Maybe blogers can test this information out.
Sniper 3 had the new sdk for week and 1080p patch.
Gear of war collection is happening.
Forza h2 has had an unlocked frame rate test.. with new sdk.. it was extremely helpful for devs. But highly unlikely to see 60fps ... surface texture scatering and environmental chrome shaders. Not seen in e3 build . Looks better and better .
Gfg next month will be x aaa retail game .. don't be surprised.
GC rumour is the first showing of new final fantasy not sure which or what.. just heard sq will have a big presentation. I couldn't question enough about it.. but they also so have a remake for tgs live.
Cliffy has been shipping around a new game.. post apocalypse game.. escape one city for the freedom of another. I got told it was looking insane gfx wise . The game transitions from 1st to 3rd to 2d ... stealth and beauti with platform elements. It just felt fresh and new.. Ms are very interested in the project.

Please not this peace of info i received 2 days before Cliffy B said this. For non-sayers :)

Insider: Finally
Capcom are asking a huge price .. astronomically.
They have 4 big projects they have presented to specify interesting partys.. resident evil. And reports are real Alices model from the movie was in the game but not playable in the presentation. The game couldn't match the original game .. maybe the movie to game can ... Some Monster Hunter futuristic phantasy star multi player game. It had free roaming with partys raiding other partys citys and good and evil could join forces to take down big bosses.

They also had a game that was the successor to dragon dogma .. up and running on pr . And its was not deep down.. they also had a fps tomb rader meets lolly pop the main character was a female space pirate.. very anime.. battles with octopus tentacle monster.. its a success to some gamecube game but different approach. All gamea looked good. There was a lot of mobile talks. And other I.p were discussed.. But the terms are only 45% of the company is available and shareholders get the minority. The terms are strange for the asking figure. It seemed more of a joint company approach. Not sure if it would be beneficial for ms to obtain that slice of pie of keep feeding projects in..
Now ryse 2 Ms have put a huge chunk of cash on the table lets see what happens. Its a gears of wars thing

gforce1981AMD and NDA's

If the Xbox One has stuff from the up coming AMD GPU's that would explain some of the NDA's

From what we seen years ago there was something different about the Xbox one gpu's, like the multitasking.

New generation of GPU

Scratch pad memory

MS also clearly has a lot of offloading parts and accelerators that is defined by the HSA.
It was AMD that said Dx12 would be like a 4 generation leap.

Everyday we see more that puts Xbox one as the only next Gen system and everyday we get more evidence of why it was done like it was

My feeling is that because the Xbox one uses virtual machines means the devs would have to have used MS' API' and not had access to the metal,, this is why we can see constant improvements.

I feel that as they get better and better and eventually allow even closer to the metal shit is going to get even more real.

Remember the Xbox guys kept saying GPU's, which to me is talking about the AMD bit and the special processors, then later with the June SDK they said they allow 100% use of the GPU(no mention of GPU's then) which means more is coming

Keep up the good work MisterC



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