Thursday, July 17, 2014

Comment Spotlight. MisterXmedia's PM's convince a user that the site is a joke.

Well, sadly I received some pm messages in the last couple days from MisterC, and MisterX that have proven to me the site is a Joke. In their own words:

MisterX: "If you insult insider, insult me. You may not have figure it out yet. People will think you stealth troll because you constantly question Xbox power and ignore many facts from time right before e3.

I think you are in trap set by haters here and now became a double agent :)))

So, saw secret footage but no insider info? Don't believe you. Seems like a troll."

I'm positive MisterX just told me he and insider are the same. And then a follow up pm from MisterC, which made me more sad:

"Its true, I talk in general about Local cloud and cloud with computation,

You and every people that downplay X1 said eSRAM is Scratchpad, yes they correct about that , but certainly wrong in the assumption.

It is stacked
ALU stacked
ESRAM stacked
GPU stacked

MS will not ever deny"

This is after I asked him about 'stacked RAM' But we know MS confirmed it is not stacked months ago. He wrote many more posts to me for my questions, but after reviewing everything, honestly the math there is: 1+1 =1.3=4.5tf doubled to 10tf console... ::rolleyes::

It's a sad departure for me, but all the real players with any real game connections (KingFat and others) were banned by now.

I'm not banned, but I'm just not going back to this carnival any longer. Love X1. But that site does it no favors beyond making X1 fanatics look crazy.

- Atech.

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  1. I wonder why misterxmedia and mistercmedia operating with PMs so much? I thought the blog was made to discuss the things out in the open, but maybe they think to post such messages in the blog would let them look bad which is indeed the case. No real arguments there only bogus replies.

    1. Well if you want to forward them to me I will post any and all conversations you like if he is saying things behind the curtain. Entirely up to you.

  2. Wait a minute, you don't think that Misterxmedia and insider could be the same person, do you?

    Could it be?

    1. Well, I am not sure. My assumption based on the way both speak is that they are, but who really knows.

  3. I am no Insider. I just got lucky in going to E3 and I will be going to GSE in Sep.

    1. Oh nice! If you want to share pictures or information while you are there I can set you up to post them here if you like.

    2. Cool. I just upgraded my cameras so the clarity should be much better. I get 1.5 hrs pre-access to the GSE floor so I SHOULD be able to get some good video.