Monday, July 7, 2014

Cliff Bleszinki's new studio Boss Key is working on Project Bluestreak. Their name is also quite interesting!

Tomorrow we find out what Cliff Bleszinski is up to!  Also subsequently we find out just how wrong MisterXmedia is yet again!  Don't forget he predicted outright that the next game is going to be a post-apocalyptic game.  Cliff himself came out and bluntly said that was "bullshit" so we know it isn't going to be that.  The questions still remains though; What the hell is that man going to make?  I'm sure you all cannot wait to find out!
The only thing we do know about Cliff right now is that he founded a new studio that goes by the name Boss Key.  I honestly had no damn clue what the significance of that sort of name is so I decided to toss the phrase into Google.  To my surprise Boss Key is actually a gaming word that goes back a long time in PC gaming.  Hmm.  Who would have guessed!?  What is a "Boss Key?"
Wikipedia says:
"The purpose of the boss key is to make it appear to superiors and coworkers that an employee is doing his or her job, when they are actually playing games or using the Internet for non work-related tasks. This was a fairly common feature in early computer games for personal computers (discounting the Internet part, which wasn't available yet), when most boss keys were used to show dummy DOS prompts. The use has faded somewhat as modernmultitasking operating systems have evolved. However, some programs still retain a boss key feature, such as instant messaging clients or their add-ons or comic book viewers like MComix."
There is more to it than that, but what you seen there is the gist of it at least.  I highly doubt this is some secret hint at what type of game he is going to make, but rather just a tribute in name to the older days of PC gaming which Cliff came from along with many others.  Regardless it is quite a neat name if you actually know what a boss key is.

For the record I obviously had no damn clue either.  I just "discovered" this all on my own as well.

Oh yeah.  Going off of Only Twitter @bosskey we know, or at least can presume, their first project is currently referred to as Project Bluestreak.  That is literally ALL we know right now.

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